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    Steam Controller $5

    Tempting tempting....hmmmm...wish they'd specify that it doesn't put your games on the tv, it's just a normal controller. A little misleading advertising.
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    AMD AM2+/AM3 HSF removal

    THIS. I never boot my machines up when I remove the HSF. Just twist it a few times back and forth until it breaks free. Works better when cold.
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    Post your AMD unlock pass/fail here! v. 2.0 + How to unlock (Please limit discussion)

    I edited my post (#172), running unlocked so far at stock Athlon II X3 435 unlocked to Phenom II B35 (no L3)
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    Post your AMD unlock pass/fail here! v. 2.0 + How to unlock (Please limit discussion)

    Well, I didn't want to take my CPU cooler off. I bought my CPU in May 2010.
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    Post your AMD unlock pass/fail here! v. 2.0 + How to unlock (Please limit discussion)

    ---MANDATORY INFORMATION--- Processor: Athlon II x3 435 Unlock pass or fail: FAIL Motherboard: Foxconn A7DA-S 3.0 CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper TX3 Voltage: 1.440 ---ADDITIONAL INFORMATION--- CPU Stepping: unknown (purchased May 2010) BIOS Version: P07 (newest) Stability test application(s)...
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    Newegg $25 off $100 dollar purchase

    It did that for me, too. You have to calculate shipping first. Then apply the code. For some reason, that fixed it for me.
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    Newegg $25 off $100 dollar purchase

    Picked up a Foxconn A7DA-S 3.0 AM3 mobo and 4GB of Patriot DDR3 1333 for $72 AR and AC. Awesome! Got my tracking number, too!
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    CrazyPC Going Out of Business Sale

    Was going to order the Scythe Katana 3 to upgrade from my stock AMD HSF, but they want $10 shipping. That negates the 50% off since I can get it from Amazon for $23 shipped 2nd day air. EDIT: nevermind, it's not Prime eligible. So, it's still the best deal. Just can't justify it. I'm cheap.
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    AMD Athlon II X2 210 for Windows Home Server "Vail"

    I thought I'd chime in. My server specs in sig; runs great. ~400-500 mbps over gigabit. EDIT: Server specs for the blind: AMD Sempron LE-1150 (45w single core 2.0GHz 256KB L2 - basically the second slowest "normal" AM2 chip AMD ever made). Gigabyte GAM68M-S2 2GB Patriot DDR2-800 Windows...
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    Fun with Google Instant

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    Samsung EcoGreen F2 32MB Cache 1.5TB $69.99

    bastage, I love newegg too, but I've bought hard drives from both newegg and ewiz recently (within 6 months) and ewiz's packing materials are FAR superior to newegg's.
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    Apple to end free iPhone case program September 30

    Maybe it's just me, but I got an iPhone 4 and used it without a case for the first week I had it. Never had a dropped call. I've still never put anyone on mute or anything either. In fact, it's been the best phone I've ever owned. Maybe I'm lucky.
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    BFG Completely Liquidating, no more RMAs accepted. Project Manager blames Fermi

    I'm really going to miss the semi-annual free upgrades thanks to their warranty and thanks to their incredibly fail-tastic fans.
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    FCC Now Defines Broadband As 4 Mbps

    I have FIOS 25/15. When I go visit my parents, they have Uverse, but the lowest internet they have, which is 3 mbps. It's like going back to dial up again. What? You can't download updates from Windows update @ 2 MB/s???? It'll take all freakin day! :P
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    Apple Friend Bar Gives Customers Someone To Talk At

    THIS VIDEO IS BROUGHT TO YOU BUY CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL!!!!!! ::ears are now bleeding::
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    FREE Music For You!

    awesome thanks!
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    Redbox Testing Higher Priced DVD Rentals, Offering Games

    My wife and I are redbox fans. We watch ~2 movies a month. In a square mile around my house there are about 6 redbox kiosks. We both have an iphone app that lets us rent the movie at a specific box and pay for it on the iphone, then just pick it up. I've never had to wait more than 3-4...
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    Which Is The Stupider Line To Be In?

    GO BAYSIDE! :p:D
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    Law Firm Offers to Defend 'Hurt Locker' Sharers

    You didn't read the article. And what "record"? This is a civil suit.
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    Seasonic M12II-620 PSU Drawing

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    Warm WD15EARS 1.5TB SATA 3.0Gb/s for 79.99 after rebate

    It's mild. I got a 1.5 Samsung EcoGreen from Ewiz shipped for $82 last week. That's not including the 1% bing cashback I get too.
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    Seasonic M12II-620 PSU Drawing

    me me me me me!!!! :D:D:D
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    BFGTech Exits Graphics

    NOOOOO!!!!!!! Thanks to their lifetime warranty, I haven't paid for a GPU since 2003. Maybe that's why they went under? I started with a TI4200, it crapped out so I got upgraded to a 5900XT-OC. That fan died, so it then I got a 6800 vanilla. That lasted me for a while. They then had a...
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    15% off code for ewiz

    Picked up a 1.5TB Samsung EcoGreen for $80 shipped. Can't beat that!
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    Overheated AXP 3000+

    Bad board. Look for bulging capacitors.
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    3 Pack HDMI Cables @ $5.99

    /obligatory I only buy monster post
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    Ubuntu 10.04 Hit by Major Bug

    good thing I haven't downloaded an iso yet. Guess I'll wait...
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    Newegg- High speed corded "Massager" for mom-$32.79 FS

    I got that email and thought "WTF???" to myself. Glad I wasn't the only one. If I gave that to my mom, she'd be so embarrassed! Newegg....for shame. ;)
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    Hitler Is Pissed About Parodies

    It says "the EFF might sue us for damages" Uh...the EFF are the good guys.
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    $1 domains till may 31, 2010

    I wish you could buy more than 1 year in advance. I hate having to renew every year. Then if you get a new CC # and forget to update your account info: BAM - cybersquatter.
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    $1 domains till may 31, 2010

    I think it is dead. showing $3.99 for me. I would have bought at $1, but it was impulse. not willing to shell out $4 after being promised $1. :(
  32. F Deals 4/14

    The minute newegg has another 1TB gree HD with a free dock, I will buy!
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    iPhone os 4.0

    iAd is stupid too. Hey devs, you were incorporating ugly, yet profitable ads in your free apps. Now, sacrifice 60%of the revenues to us and be forced into this ad system that your must force your programs to accept. Otherwise your apps will be rejected. If I was a dev, I'd be pissed. It's a...
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    iPhone os 4.0

    Thanks for posting my quote larger. It needs to be. My current phone is an iphone 3G. It might be my last iphone. I'm sick of being stuck in a constant loop of locked-down control.
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    iPhone os 4.0

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    DIY HDD Bench Sander

    One slip and you have a nasty sand paper burn. Need to mount it sideways.
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    WTB: 1TB HDD, Cheap Laptop, LGA1156 CPU

    Another PM sent on the laptop
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    WTB: Green 1TB HDs

    I'm looking for 1 or 2 Green 1TB HDs. Any brand, but prefer WD. Warranty would be nice (so, I'd prefer an OEM drive). Green is important as these drives will go into a NAS. Thanks! PM me with price and quantity. Ebay/Heat under "fuelvolts"