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    KWh charges, national survey?

    That isn't necessarily true and depends on local laws and rules. For instance, in some states, you have to specifically sign-up to be a power generation station in order to sell back power at the going rate, otherwise you give the power company your excess for a very minuscule fee. And setting...
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    KWh charges, national survey?

    Mine is free, because solar. So long as I keep everything under 8 kWh I'm generally good so long as there is sun at least every three days. I recommend everyone invest in solar if able, even a small offset is better than nothing.
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    Boinc on Freenas 11?

    Is it possible to just use the normal FreeBSD instructions? Not familiar with FreeNAS, so don't know how much FreeBSD is left underneath. Alternatively, this person claims to have gotten it to work with their instructions under version 11, though he states it's still in a Jail. Even more...
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    1 Million point challenge

    Just added Universe@home to the million club. Now for some others. Pi cluster is working out wonderfully.
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    1 Million point challenge

    “Only” 7. Gotta step it up I guess...
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    My Best Friend and Supporter

    I'm so sorry for your loss Grandpa. She sounds as if she were the light of your life and an absolutely amazing person. I'm so glad her quality of life was good at the end, and I'm sure you took amazing care of her. If you need anything, you know where to reach me.
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    Anyone else want a He-Man game?

    Interesting, because He-Man is a pretty awesome character. Anyone else want to see a He-Man game based off of the comics, or even the show?
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    BOINC Pentathlon 2015

    Two Titan X's and a 290X are now dedicated to Einstein. Let's destroy the competition.
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    Titan X review with BOINC times?

    Relly? I got results from an individual named Brilong with a K10 though! I'm so confused now! Either way, thank you for letting me use your awesome results to compare by. Any tests you guys want me to include in this or other (*cough* 390X) reviews, let me know. I'd be happy to get the DC...
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    Titan X review with BOINC times?

    So Brilong, I may have used one of your K10 systems to pull Primegrid tiems from... But I'm going to start including BOINC WU times in any future video card reviews I do for another site that's not this one.
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    DreamSpark Question

    Make sure that you're using the key that was provided to you upon "checkout" during the Dreamspark checkout process. It is indeed "unlimited", though with caveats.
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    Bill Targets Pornography Viewing On Government Computers

    Its already against policy and you likely get fired for looking at porn anyway. So what's the point of this? Over legislation?
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    Final Mouse 2015 is released

    It's definitely not built poorly at all. They use glossy plastic that appears to be cheap, but it has a purpose though. I've got one that I'm reviewing, and so far the experience is positive.
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    Is BitDefender always SLOW?

    That's interesting because I run Bitdefender with MBAM and it runs just fine. No issues whatsoever. Are you sure the other programs were uninstalled properly? It sounds more like a problem with your systems. I have it on all my systems and it works just splendidly. No slow downs like you're...
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    AMD Zen CPUs?

    Wut. That's because things are built with certain tolerances. For example, engine components are specifically engineered to be able to withstand a certain amount of stress for so long, but that doesn't mean that they can't be stressed further, just that they aren't guaranteed any further. That...
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    Congratulations to RFGuy_KCCO! Hard DC'er of January 2015

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    Final Mouse 2015 is released

    You can likely change it in game, though because of no software there is probably no way to change it in your OS.
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    servers urgent

    Agreed, thigh even Azure could be a contender for that.
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    290 does it in about 30 minutes with 8400 points as well.
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    Congratulations to Gilthanis! Hard DC'er the year: 2014

    Delayed congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I'm actually excited about Intel's compute stick, which should provide a decent measure of performance for watts consumed. I already have Zotac's equivalent running and the GPU is surprisingly competent. Bay Trail ain't so bad!
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    That's an incredible achievement! Congrats!!!!!!!! Now to celebrate, right?
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    FS/T Stuff!

    Back Bump
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    This seems like a novel approach to observation. The problem they may have is the quality and type of cameras and just what each camera type can actually detect. They may have to build models for analyzing data from each type of smartphone based on the camera module in them. But, that shouldn't...
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    So they finally fixed their OpenCL apps now? Excellent!
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    Dell U2715H (new standard gamut model, successor to U2713HM)

    It does not. Just plugged a 290x into it and it does not support the full resolution via hdmi. Kind of disappointing.
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    Xbox One bundle question

    That advertisement, though doesn't explicitly state it includes Destiny, is geared towards Destiny. They want you to get that game, but can't list it or even mention it due to Sony's exclusive advertisement deal at the moment. So yes. Get it!
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    ANDROID as OS for PC or notebooks ???

    All of that only works if you have google apps for business to manage those chromebooks. That's another cost per user to setup. So doesn't that negate some of those savings? The ease of setup does sound appealing, and is much simpler than setting up a windows box. But I feel that even with...
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    EA Access - Xbox One Exclusive - Early Games - Discounts - Free Games*

    Will try tonight! Thanks for the info. It's internal storage though. Thanks again!
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    Xbone and PS4 are both HDMI only?

    And then do audio through the optical out. Done! Solved!
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    I agree that there shouldn't be a union of mining and BOINC like there is. It dilutes the system of the science. Initially it seems that bitcoin utopia is an attempt to use the BOINC network to mine. Yes it is for a great cause, and the money is donated to science projects, but what direction is...
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    Nomination: DC'er of the Month - September 2014

    Multiple personalities? I think we need to identify the nice one before we nom...
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    first 16GB DDR3 UDIMM & SO-DIMM modules

    That Mac Pro does use UDIMM's and I had OWC ram in there. It was ECC UDIMM, though not that density. So yes. It's unregistered.
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    EA Access - Xbox One Exclusive - Early Games - Discounts - Free Games*

    Hmmm, downloads seem to freeze the system. Can't even load BF4 at all. Rivals looks to be fun though.
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    GTX X80

    Though the 880M has GDDR5.
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    Congratulations to tjmagneto! Hard DC'er of August 2014

    Holy bananas! Congrats! You deserve it with all the hardware and great banter you contribute. Now to enjoy that vacation!
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    34" 21:9 UltraWide Displays (3440x1440) - LG UM95/UM65 & Dell U3415W

    Because it passed through the appropriate certification authorities there first?
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    DC Vault 2

    It appears Constellation is down for the moment.
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    280x, 1500W PSU, 990FX

    Bump, great trader.