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    Video reviews of Fury X

    Here is another one, though it is a bit of a weak review TLDNW He likes it..
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    Video reviews of Fury X

    I really enjoy Tiny Tom Logan's reviews at OC3D.
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    When I was about 6 years old, I got in a fight with my friend about who's father had a better lawnmower. A few days later I realized even as a stoopid kid how idiotic that was. To this day I have no loyalty to any brand, product, company or even sports teams, movies and all media. Anyone...
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    U.S. Planes Spy On American Phones

    Don't shoot the messenger man I'm just posting what others wrote I did not say I believed it. I'm sure they are not storing Youtube videos, games, movies, music or worthless large files. Just billions of phone, emails, texts, whatever ..log files basically. Who knows. That complex is suppose to...
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    U.S. Planes Spy On American Phones

    When your Nation is almost 20 TRILLION dollars in Dept. Cost is no issue. There is enough expansion to hold ALL the data in the world.. and ALL data that will be produced for the next decade. Canada as well! woot...
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    U.S. Planes Spy On American Phones

    but really, you nor anyone on really knows whats really going on. The truth is it's probably a grey area somewhere in the everything. But you know it's not like lack or privacy and mass spying will ever decrease now right? so that is a problem imo...
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    U.S. Planes Spy On American Phones

    Actually this is Google :)
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    U.S. Planes Spy On American Phones

    Before Edward Snowden you would have said the same thing. Turns out even conspiracy theorists were being conservative. Now it's all normal. What else is the Government lying about for our own good? Building 7 Man! :)
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    U.S. Planes Spy On American Phones :)
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    U.S. Planes Spy On American Phones

    Americans love the Status Que. It's to hard for most to actually get up and make changes. How would you or anyone know when they start tracking someone? What are the red flags? You don't know. No one does. Only they do and I know it changes from person to person, agency to agency. And what...
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    I’m Terrified of My New Smart TV

    Big Brother is indeed watching.
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    U.S. Planes Spy On American Phones

    Welcome to the USA. Police and Surveillance State. It's for your safety. We are Professionals.
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    FBI Shuts Down Silk Road 2

    Better criminalize Booze, cigarettes, prescription drugs, fat, sugar..etc..etc. Alcohol alone has caused more death and misery that ALL other drugs combined. I agree though ALL drugs should be decriminalized. The 12 BILLION dollars a year spent on this stupid war on drugs can go to better...
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    People Trust The NSA More Than Google

    The NSA IS probably Google.. They are both the same so I trust and hate both equally. Even if they are separate they sleep together enough that they both stink.
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    List all the GPUs you've ever owned

    Oh one of these bragging threads ..again..
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    Twitch Bans Sexually Suggestive Clothing

    Brainless whores with big tits always go back to the old guaranteed source of $eX, Tit$ and A$$. I'm ok with it lol
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    Twitch Bans Sexually Suggestive Clothing

    like most female celebrities
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    Twitch Bans Sexually Suggestive Clothing

    Here is one of the biggest sluts on Twitch. go look at her big fake tits and blond hair before she's forced to put on a shirt haha all she talks about is sex and sounds like a guy.. she says she likes it in the ass..nice lol. seriously
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    MPAA Reports The Pirate Bay to The U.S. Government

    A few I have not heard of in there thanks MPAA lol
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    Google Inbox Users Can Now Invite Others to Join

    The NSA thanks you for helping beta test its new improved email service.
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    Sexually Attractive Male Heroes In Games

    I guess you guys have not heard of Ad Blockers? Adblock Plus Ghostery NoScript Many others. no $$ for shit websites
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    Sexually Attractive Male Heroes In Games

    This is relevant. IF Men acted like FEMINISTS!
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    Virtual Reality Is The Future Of Porn

    VR and Porn that might sell millions right there. Forget games. Brilliant lol
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    Google’s Nexus 9 Tablet Brings First 64-bit Computing to Android

    NSA's Google’s Nexus 9 Tablet Brings First 64-bit Computing to Android Spy Platform. Fixed
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    $5 Per Month For Beats Music?

    I would not pay any money for any music again in my life. I'm completely bored of it. Games and movies up next.
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    Apple's iPhone Soars While The iPad Languishes

    (39.3 million iPhones over the past three months, along with 12.3 million iPads and 5.5 million Macs) Rumors of Apples demise are slightly premature. As usual. lol
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    Microsoft CEO Speaks About Women And Raises

    I forgot, also use sex or the promise of sex to achieve your goals. Number #1 way many woman get "a-head" in life.
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    Microsoft CEO Speaks About Women And Raises

    "And you're going to have to go tackle it one step at a time. Like any other thing where you're trying to make progress in business, what do you do? You set goals, you achieve them, you set higher goals, you achieve them, and keep it front and center." Not if you are a new wave white...
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    Sony Unveils V 2.0 of PS4 OS, Biggest Update Yet

    That reminds me I have not turned on the PS4 since trying out that stoopid kids game with the flying super goofball and purple lights. I'm betting there are a few hours of updates for the game and system at least. Biggest complaint, still waiting for some good games to play...what a lousy...
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    Bayonetta 2 Reviews LOL @ Polygon "Review"

    Gaming journalists Patricia Hernandez of Kotaku and Ben Kuchera of Polygon have published articles in which they have a conflict of interest All is much clearer.. He is an SJW queer feminist...
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    Bayonetta 2 Reviews LOL @ Polygon "Review"

    Destructoid 10/10 GameSpot - 10/10 Joystiq - 5/5 Edge- 10/10 IGN - 9.5/10 Game Informer - 9/10 Eurogamer - 9/10 Polygon - 7.5/10 "I'd be broken out of it by another cheap shot of T&A. I would be wrecking a flock of angelic or demonic enemies, sliding in and out of witch time almost...
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    AMD Appoints Dr. Lisa Su as President and CEO, Read Steps Down

    Well I hope AMD does not go "TITS UP" Then again I remember people talking about how AMD and Apple were about to die 15-18 years ago. Nope..
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    Lindsay Lohan Bulks Up Lawsuit Over GTA Character

    no worries, she will pose nude, model, do porn or sex scenes in some lame ass movie or blow someone for more cash soon enough
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    Microsoft's Nadella Does An About-Face On Women And Raises

    Exactly. Feminists and SJWs have tuned this around. He was taken out of context. Only an idiot could not interpret what he meant.
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    Google Has A Street View Camel

    now they can find out all the camels personal information and see what it likes to eat, thinks, fucks, shits and where it lives to serve all camels better
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    Google Received Over 144,000 'Right To Be Forgotten' Requests

    Great, now the Government and dweeb, nerds at Google are in charge on access to information and censorship. What could go wrong?