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    Waterblock options for MSI RTX2070 Ventus 8g?

    No full cover block, but I adapted an older Swiftech MCW50 block for my 2070 Ventus.
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    New RTX 2080 Ventus 8G Crashes With Multiple Games, no GPU O/Cing..

    My MSI RTX2070 Ventus came wrapped in plastic cellophane. Your card might have been a return. It's normal for the card to boost oc to those numbers. Although mine a 2070, it hits that 1800 to 1850 oc too.
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    Need some advice about 1440p gaming with RTX2060

    You are currently running a GTX780, correct? I guarantee you we see a huge boost in performance going to a RTX2060. When I went from a GTX760 to a GTX1060, I was blown away on how I could up the settings quite a bit in most games. Even in TSW (trainsimworld), I was finally able to crank up the...
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    Need some advice about 1440p gaming with RTX2060

    With a GTX 1070 in my system last summer, I got the following fps in F1 2017 Ultra settings at 1440p. GTX 1070 Low 56 fps Max 84 fps AVG 72 fps RTX 2070 Low 85 fps Max 126 fps AVG 103 fps You can see, that I gained around 30 fps in this game. In TrainSimWorld. max settings...
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    Need some advice about 1440p gaming with RTX2060

    I have a RTX2070 paired with a I5 4670K and love the combination. I use an Acer Z321QU 1440P 144hHz display. Battlefield 5 (DXR off), Battlefield 1, World of Tanks, World of Warships, F1 2018, are a few of the games I play and I avg just around 100 FPS at 1440P max settings. Only in some cpu...
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    MSI RTX 2070 Ventus watercooled with Swiftech MCW50 (New mounting hole dimensions)

    Here is a better pic of the card with the MCW50 mounted.
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    How long should a good quality PSU last

    I've been running a ENERMAX Noisetaker EG495P-VE SFMA 485W since Dec 2004!
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    MSI RTX 2070 Ventus watercooled with Swiftech MCW50 (New mounting hole dimensions)

    Also, if you recall, they updated the pump head assembly and gave it free to original owner's of the MCP600. The original design had some issues and they replaced the thrust head bearing with a ceramic design. It made it bulletproof, as I can attest to. I estimate that my pump has been running...
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    MSI RTX 2070 Ventus watercooled with Swiftech MCW50 (New mounting hole dimensions)

    DDR6 doesn't run hot enough to require ramsinks. I also, carefully pick out a card that will work with a universal block. They must have separate heatsinks attached to the PCB for the power components and not the main cooler. I always have had multiple 80 mm fans blowing directly on the card...
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    MSI RTX 2070 Ventus watercooled with Swiftech MCW50 (New mounting hole dimensions)

    Thanks. My MCW50 has been on a Radeon 9800 Pro, 8800 GTS, GTX760, GTX 1060, and GTX1070. Also, I'm still using the (2003) MCW5000 on my current CPU. I had to make a bracket for it too. I figure, why upgrade those components. They were solidly made and work! My Swiftech MCP 600 pump has been...
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    MSI RTX 2070 Ventus watercooled with Swiftech MCW50 (New mounting hole dimensions)

    The RTX 2070's have new mounting hole dimensions. Going all the way back to the GTX 8000 series, the dimesions were 58mm x 58mm. With the RTX 2070's, they went to a wider dimension on the width. Now the dimension is 74mm x 58mm. I have been using a Swiftech MCW50 waterblock since 2004 and...
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    I shouldn't really just browse Ebay.. New video card won

    I upgraded to a 1070 from a 1060 6Gb for a small amount of money back in May and it was well worth it.
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    MSI GeForce RTX 2070 GAMING Z Performance Review @ [H]

    Newegg has a Gigabyte RTX 2070 up from third party seller. $599
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    Acer Predator Z1 Z321QU or LG 32GK850G

    Not anything objectionable. Just a bit of the typical VA glow or contrast shift. A bit in the upper left corner and a touch at the bottom. Definitely less than my previous Acer K272HL.
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    Acer Predator Z1 Z321QU or LG 32GK850G

    Looks good to me. Uniform with no visual dirty patterns.
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    Acer Predator Z1 Z321QU or LG 32GK850G

    I decided to go with the Acer Predator Z1 Z321QU. I bought it off Amazon and got it today. I have never had an issue with my previous Acer monitors and I really liked the features that this one offered. I'll report back after some more usage, but so far this thing is awesome.
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    31.5" 2560x1440 165 Hz VA G-Sync - LG 32GK850G

    I assume you would not recommend this monitor. ;^) I'm considering it or the Acer. The LG gets a bunch of good reviews. I guess you got the lemon of the lot.
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    Acer Predator Z1 Z321QU or LG 32GK850G

    Either of you with the LG experience G-Sync flickering issues?
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    Acer Predator Z1 Z321QU or LG 32GK850G

    Thanks for the helpful insights. I wish I lived closer to a retail store that had these monitors, so I could look at them first. Closest Microcenter is over 140 miles away.
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    Acer Predator Z1 Z321QU or LG 32GK850G

    I'm getting ready to upgrade my monitor. Currently I have an older Acer K272HL. (27" VA 1080 60HZ) I want a 32 inch 1440 VA 144HZ panel with G-Sync. Right now it's a toss up between the Acer Predator Z1 Z321QU or LG 32GK850G. The Acer is a bit cheaper and has the curved screen. Fairly...
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    My First Watercooled Rig

    Nice work for your first time. That is one clean and tidy setup. You need to put a window in that case. No need hiding it.
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    When will prices drop?

    Price for the Zotac GTX 1070 one year ago. Nothing 'Sweet' about the current prices.
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    Nvidia Geforce FX 5800 Ultra

    Here are some pics of my Leadtek Winfast A300 Ultra. At the time, I couldn't wait to get my hands on one. It has a minature boom box look to it.
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    Is the mining thing slowing down?

    Looks like this miner is bailing >
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    How often do you replace your case fans?

    Most of my Papst case and radiator fans are 16-18 years old and still running great.
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    Yet another 655B death

    My Swiftech MCP600 is still going strong after 14 years. Never had an issue once they replaced the pump head with a ceramic bearing face back in 2003.
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    Geforce 1080 or Voodoo 1080? (VOTE)

    My user name was based on all the 3DFX cards I owned. Although my first one was a Voodoo 2 by Diamond Monster. The Diamond Monster 3D II. I ran two in the sli setup known as the MegaMonster. This allowed me to game in 1024x768. I was in Glide gaming heaven.
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    $10 off Origin Store code to give away Spliffstarr.
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    $10 off Origin Store code to give away

    I have one Origin Store $10 off promo code for purchases over $29.99 if anyone is interested. First to reply after 3PM Mountain time gets it. It's only good until the end of the month, but $10 off games such as BF4 will help your wallet.
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    What's your average PSU lifespan?

    My Enermax Noisetaker EG495P-VE has been powering my system through numerous upgrades since 2004.
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    Second Secret Project on Voodoo5 6000

    Wow! That work is pretty impressive.
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    MSI P6N SLI-FI / Platinum (650i) Thread

    Almost 2 years since I purchased my board and I don't plan on replacing's that good. :)
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    Does anyone still play BF2142?

    For Star Wars fans and those wanting a little twist in the gameplay/maps/weapons,etc., check out the First Strike Mod to BF2142. It was pretty fun and a nice change. Although servers and populations were lacking, the latest version (1.2) will be released soon and it's...
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    new Samsung 2253BW! check it out!

    My 226BW had a $30 rebate from Samsung. I sent them the proper stuff back in mid December and got the check the first week of February. :) So I had no issues with the rebate process. Their site keeps you updated with the processing status too.
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    new Samsung 2253BW! check it out!

    That 1:1 pixel ratio sure seems nice. I wish my 226BW had that. I can't stand the scaling issues I have doing it through Nvidia's control panel. You watch a video clip and it gets undone or certain resolutions get stretched no matter what. You then have to restart the computer in order to set it...
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    I'm in.
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    3dfx People - Check this out (pics)

    I remember reading this article and thinking my onboard Matrox Mystique is depriving me of more things than low frame rates. :D
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    3dfx People - Check this out (pics)

    My name says it all. Running a game in Glide with my first Voodoo 2 was gaming bliss. Still have that card. :D I also had two Diamond Monster 3D II's in SLI. It was called the MegaMonster. Voodoo 5 5500 served me well for a long time too.
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    Quick Samsung 226BW Question

    18 11/16" W x 11 11/16" H
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    Nvidia Scaling broken since 169.04 - Any solutions?

    The scaling doesn't work with my 8800GTS 640 unless I apply the 'Overscan' fix. And even then, I might have to restart my computer when it gets disabled by certain videos or programs. Very annoying.