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    Amazon Launching Local Takeout Service

    FCC? I thought it was the FAA.
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    Extremely frustrating lag spikes Run this test on your home IP address for a day or two, and then look at the charts, once you have them and they show a lot of packet loss, thats all the proof you'll need right there.
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    The second worst thing inside a computer....

    Well there goes my lunch...
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    Post your Workstation 2012

    Still the same as 2011, not much has changed. Starting a new job at the end of the month, so things will change eventually. (Crap phone pic):
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    Using PC to phone with POTS

    Hello all, I hope I have the right forum for this. So here is the scenario: I have to dial into a conference soon. I have the option of using a regular phone, but I'd like to use my PC if possible. I have my laptop hooked up to my landline, it can dial out just fine. (In fact I can call my...
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    Network pics thread

    I came.
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    Post your workstations 2011

    THAT CHAIR. I MUST HAVE IT. Where did you find that? Edit: Might as well post mine while I'm in here: (Sorry, its a crappy cellphone pic.) The other PC you see in this pic is now in my Entertainment center and I am using both monitors on my main rig. I really need to go with some 24"s, screen...
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    Question about my IP address.

    Private Networks: - - - These are IPs used internally, basically within your home or organization. When you're talking about the internet and "connecting to you", you generally want to give them your router's WAN IP...
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    DMVPN/mGRE Video Multicast Question(s)

    So even though its multicast, the hub would have to send 3 individual streams to 3 spokes and use x3 bandwidth on its end? I thought it would just be one stream from the hub to the 3 individual destinations?
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    CCENT/CCNA [H] study group

    Think about it this way: You have two routers that lead to the end networks 192.168.x.x You have end networks off R1 that is /24 & /24 You have end networks off R2 that is /24 & /24 When the routes are advertised to the WAN they both...
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    CCENT/CCNA [H] study group

    You should have checked on mine :(
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    CCENT/CCNA [H] study group

    The first one is usually when you have a point to multipoint or point to point without the use of sub-interfaces. The second one is if you are doing a frame relay connection via the hub of the frame-relay network is using sub interfaces i.e.: R1 Physical interface Serial 0/0 - uses no...
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    CCENT/CCNA [H] study group If you're looking for labs to do, this place has a ton of them. edit: bah didn't see your post AMD_Gamer :D
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    Moose's FS thread! Cisco gear!

    Awesome stuff for building a Cisco lab at an awesome price too!
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    CCENT/CCNA [H] study group

    When I worked at an internet provisioning company, the manager insisted on a CCNA because he knew that to get it required a good amount of knowledge of networking and the concepts, we had no Cisco stuff in the work at all. It was all HP, and Dell stuff.
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    Does a switch really need to be this complicated?

    LOL a 5 computer small business and they had 3560s? Someone must either have a really bad IT guy or some deep pockets. For 5 PCs a simple router and a switch will do fine. Those are more for like large businesses with tons of users, those features are more for when you're dealing with larger...
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    Network+ Study Book

    lol I spent about a week studying for my net+ just so I can memorize terms. Was easier than I thought.
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    House Panel Approves Broadened ISP Snooping Bill

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    House Panel Approves Broadened ISP Snooping Bill

    So if the government is going to continue this way, well, lets put it this way: The internet is going to become a virtual Fallout 3.
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    Best Buy Holding Disabled Girl's Laptop Hostage

    FailBuy at their usual money making shenanigans once again. If I had a dollar for every time they shaft customers...
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    CCENT/CCNA [H] study group

    Some kits on e-bay are nice, some of them are rip-offs. Some of them will come with tons of learning material though. However if you already have your learning material and just need a lab, buy the stuff separately. You'll end up saving $$$ that way. Some people also seem to sell cable...
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    Scary moments in system administration

    I was working at an internet provisioning company and I brought down an entire exposition wing of internet access during an event. It was servicing about 200 customers that were paying $1000's to use the internet that weekend simply because when I was messing with DHCP settings on a router I...
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    Are these PSU's Any Good?

    I would honestly have a colonoscopy over a Dynex. We carried Dynex 480Watts in our store, we sold about ~15 of them and 10 of them came back bad. They were so light you couldn't even bludgeon someone to death with it.
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    Router Recomendation
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    Please help! Router problem...

    Well I wouldn't say its shot just yet. Does the router get the settings from your ISP ok?
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    CCENT/CCNA [H] study group

    NAT and ACLs are the hardest for me at the moment. STP, once you comb over the concept carefully and lab it out, do debugs, etc, it becomes an easy concept to grasp. Yes IP routing is pretty easy its just "ip route to get here + subnet mask go here, or go out here" RIP is basically "the routing...
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    I put my cell phone in the microwave and I was able to call it, is this bad?

    I put my cat in there to dry her off after giving her a bath. I'm afraid that would be the last bath she'll ever take. Or the last thing she ever did for that matter. I'm sad...
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    need help linking routers

    Check your IP addressing scheme. Make sure they are all using the same subnet like - not one router using as LAN and the other and then configuring alternate gateways on the AP router. Make sure only one router is dishing out IP address. If the...
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    CCENT/CCNA [H] study group

    Well I'm mainly doing ICND2 stuff for my CCNA right now.
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    Well, I think my router may be dead now (E3000)

    Sounds like it got bricked. Same thing happened to me to when I was trying to flash a crapgear with dd-wrt.
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    CCENT/CCNA [H] study group

    Grats AMD_Gamer! Well I have my CCNA booked again for July 25th. Balls to the wall studying this time.
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    $1,100,000 Cisco VoIP/Switch Upgrade

    OMG n3rd pr0n
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    CCENT/CCNA [H] study group

    Its hard, no trick questions, very detailed, study the questions carefully. Just study the stuff, and make sure you have a clear understanding of everything. And grow a third testicle, you'll need it after the test rips one off.
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    CCENT/CCNA [H] study group

    Well, I took my test. Got a 785/1000. At least I know what to expect now. I got like 3 questions on there about sub-netting and that's it.
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    CCENT/CCNA [H] study group

    Taking my CCNA tomorrow. Using this for subnetting. Easy to remember, and you pretty much can work out subnetting in seconds with this.
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    Looking for direction in creating my position (small business)

    You could say you're the CTO? Chief Technology Officer?
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    CCENT/CCNA [H] study group There is an awesome table there that is easy to memorize to write down and you can keep referencing it during your test and you'll basically be able to do sail through any subnetting question.
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    Before I contact Microsoft...

    Its not "hijacking" your connection, its busy using it and uses a hook and windows thinks its another user trying to use it so it will stop you from using it. Just tell the software to stop using your connection and you can DC it.
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    Chinese Gamers Face U.S. Troops In Latest Game

    Why do the AI U.S. troops look so incompetent in this game? Oh wait...