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    FS Qty. 2 XFX Radeon HD 6950 2GB (HD-695X-CNFC) w/Accelero TT II

    I have two of these: XFX Radeon HD 6950 DirectX 11 HD-695X-CNFC 2GB XFX Radeon HD 6950 DirectX 11 HD-695X-CNFC 2GB 256-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card with Eyefinity - I'm the original owner and used these in crossfire up until a week ago when...
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    future proof strix 980 ti for 3 high res / refresh LCDs

    edit - It just dawned on me the new monitors would support a displayport input so disregard the futureproof portion I'm long overdue for a gpu upgrade. I am currently running two HD6950s with a triple (60hz/1080p) monitor setup (two LCDs using regular DVI cables, the third is using an active...
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    Sudden Triple Monitor Issue - The display settings could not be saved

    If the odd monitor out works via any connection other than displayport then I'd think perhaps the displayport adapter may be the culprit. Do you have another to swap out and test?
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    ISPs Mad That FCC Wants Faster Broadband Deployment

    Despite being an IT professional I've lived in a rural area my entire life. In 30+ years NOTHING has been done to bring broadband to my area. It's so bad I've simply dubbed the area the Bermuda triangle of technology. My township has a population of 2400 folks. I'm two miles from residents...
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    Canadian Town's Sole Internet Provider Is Shutting Down

    The town has 500 people in it. You could likely stand up a 50ft UHF antenna with the equipment you need to get this to work. I live in a rural farm area with about 2000 people and I'm stuck paying 60/mo for a 1mb connection. Too far for DSL too far for Cable and every satellite provider...
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    The Perils Of Getting Fired In The Digital Era

    Mortgage, kids, utilities, car payments and BOOM no income. And companies can't fathom why folks snap and go off the deep end 'Falling Down' style. My advice - never give a employer 100% because they'll want 110% and give 0%
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    Nvidia Wants To Own The Graphics Card Market

    So Nvidia hasn't learned anything from Origin, Raptr, and others. We don't need another "community experience" especially one that forces up to be a part of it.
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    Fall 2015 Solid State Drive Technology Update @ [H]

    Awesome write up just the right amount of detail and length to sum it all up. Thanks for the time and effort.
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    The Life And Death Of An Amazon Warehouse Temp

    Wow really shocked at what I read as cold hearted replies ala "Whatever dude just as long as my shit shows up on time." Just wow. I assume you didn't take the time to read the entire article. This guy worked his ass off trying to support his family and was met with unfortunate...
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    Chattanooga Offering Internet 10X Faster Than Google Fiber

    I'm so sick of these types of statements "Few home users will be able to take advantage of that much bandwidth..." Yeah because we should always install the bare minimum when it comes to infrastructure. God fucking forbid we try and future proof anything!?
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    PC Does What!?

    I would say these rank up there with the "Dell Dude" :D
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    Intel Named a Most InDemand Employer

    How the FUCK is HP ranked higher than Intel!?
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    5G Wireless Test: Faster Than Google Fiber

    In other related news everyone is enjoying their new 5G devices with their 3rd eyes and ears.
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    Netflix: The Future Of Video Looks A Lot Like Netflix

    There needs to be greater broadband penetration in rural areas before this catches flight. Also read the fine print NOTHING is truly unlimited in terms of data caps. Crush their network long enough and you'll get their attention real fast. Forget about this already...
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    AMD To Cut 500 Global Jobs

    227% increase in CEO compensation -31% stock return Time for popcorn while we wait for the implosion. source
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    Clean Your Damn Console!

    I purchased a "premium refurbished" console from Gamestop a year or two ago and it wasn't quite this bad but it was a contender nonetheless.
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    Make $1000 A Week Standing In Line

    I'm sure he claims all that money on his tax returns too :D
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    'Romeo' The Robot Distracts Suspect In Police Standoff

    When I read "distract" I immediately thought it either tazed him or gassed him. I was half right. “The vehicle did take gunfire from the suspect but in the end, through efforts of the robot and gas, they were able to take him into custody,” Stout said.
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    Xbox One’s Unlocked 7th Core Isn’t Much Of A Boost

    but but but... the POWER OF THE CLOUD!!!
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    Yelp Reviewer Must Pay Contractor $1,000

    The company provided services without legal merit (a license). Therefore all judgments should be null and void. What that lady did wasn't pretty but there is no way in hell she should pay $1,000 to a company that ILLEGALLY provided those services!
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    White House: Broadband Is A Core Utility

    There is no f'n way Michigan has 85-95% "broadband" coverage (25mbit or greater). Very little is available in the thumb very little in the upper half of the lower peninsula and in the upper peninsula its almost non existent. Yes there are quite a few WISPs but I don't know of a single one...
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    Drone Crashes At Movie Premier, Injures Baby

    How in the hell do you crash a DJI? Exhausted batteries had to be the cause.
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    Internet Growth Slows; Most People Still Offline

    Although I understand your views on basic human needs however speaking as an older fart with kids I feel Internet IS just as valuable as electricity and running water. In fact it should be treated as a utility IMO. Why? For the simple fact practically the entire world's worth of information is...
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    BitTorrent Traffic Share Drops To New Low

    As some have pointed out before I feel this is simply due to the fact there are many alternative mediums now to acquire media.
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    HP Plans To Cut Another 25,000 To 30,000 Jobs

    I worked there for 5 years (in enterprise services) started as a contractor proved my worth was offered a full time position and not 2 years after was technically fired (HP would call it transitioned) back to contract. I lost about 30% in total compensation including my health benefits for me...
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    295x2 presented to OS as "crossfire"

    Death - that's good to know. I'm a few series behind (dual 6950s) which is why I'm asking. Bout to pull the trigger on something new in the next month or two.
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    295x2 presented to OS as "crossfire"

    Yeah I was thinking it would act like a dual cpu motherboard. If the software doesn't support multiple processors it would simply only use one. I'm primarily interested in knowing if this card would run into the same hurdles as a standard dual card crossfire setup in terms of working...
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    295x2 presented to OS as "crossfire"

    I'm curious if a single 295x2 is presented to the OS or displayed within Catalyst as "Crossfire" enabled? If "ABC" game does not support "crossfire" then are you going to only see one GPU on this card active?
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    crossfire setup 2nd card inactive

    anyone know if the SLI / Nvidia side is having similar issues? I'm interested in building another rig soon and was originally thinking of getting two 290's but if this is going to be an ongoing issue I'll either go to one card or switch brands if need be.
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    crossfire setup 2nd card inactive

    First let me say nearly every game DOES utilize both cards. It just recently I've had a couple new titles not utilize both cards (Elder Scrolls Online and Rust). Setup is Windows 7 64bit running two 6950's stock bios and Catalyst beta 14.2 (did same thing with 13.8 btw) I've tried...
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    AM3 reviews where art thou?

    I've been here quite a while. I come and go and visit infrequently due to work and life. So I apologize if I'm missing the obvious here. But I'm wondering where the hell are the AMD motherboard reviews? I'm looking through the motherboard reviews today and I saw the last AM3 review was...
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    what would you choose?

    you're talking about the new crossfire where you'll no longer need the interlink cable and it just automagically happens over the bus? yeah that is pretty neat
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    what would you choose?

    I guess that depends on how much money you have LOL p.s. I'm shocked at all the bacon haters here
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    what would you choose?

    frame pacing / stuttering are terms that kept coming up in my research of said topic. I can say I've seen this first hand with my (current) twin 6950's but only in Skyrim. This was back in the early 13.xx driver releases. Since beta 13.08 its been resolved for me. I would however be pissed...
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    what would you choose?

    I did some reading before deciding to post this poll albeit most that information was a few months old. Which is why I decided to ask here (for an updated response). However the result appears to be the same (single vs crossfire). So let me ask this - does the issue lie mostly with the game...
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    what would you choose?

    You have $500 to spend. Primary focus - gaming. a) two 4gb r9 270x's in crossfire (like this sapphire b) single r9 290 4gb and why. go
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    new build woes / sporadic no posts

    last update I finally RMA'd the board and replaced it with an ASRock 990FX Extreme 3. This was the board I intended to go with originally then I cheaped out and paid the price. Zero issues with this board popped it in and BAM everything is a go. /thread