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    [Steam] Little Nightmares (free till Jan 17)

    I "didn't win". Did anyone see anything that suggested it was something other than a straight up giveaway? Talk about a dick move.
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    HOT ! Various 1TB NVMe with coveted E12 Controller $135 aprox retail

    I used the 480GB MyDigitalSSD in my son's Ryzen build, and it doesn't disappoint. Phison did a great job with the E12.
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    Whole Foods Cuts Workers' Hours after Amazon Introduces Minimum Wage

    Why should he? I'm not a fan of Bezos, but he took all the risks involved in starting a company, so he's due the rewards. Employees accept a stable hourly wage or salary without taking in any of those risks. Big risk = big reward OR big failure.
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    YouTube Is Trying to Prevent Angry Mobs from Abusing "Dislike" Button

    Awww, did someone's widdo fee fees get hurt?
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    Americans Are Lining Up to Work for Amazon for $15 an Hour

    Lefty Adam ruins his own argument every time. Sadly, he probably believes the BS his writers hand him,
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    Google Takes Its First Steps toward Killing the URL

    1984 here we come. ++good comrade.
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    How Velocity Micro Went From Cabinet Sales to PC Building

    I've still got one of those cases sitting in my attic from my 2nd build. It was THE case to have back ithen.
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    The Ora R1 Is a $8,600 Electric Car from China

    At least you could swap a small block V8 into a Vega.
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    China Releases Footage of First Far Side Moon Landing

    And here I thought it was the Nazis.
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    China Completes Successful Soft Landing on the Far Side of the Moon

    All this time and no "all your base are belong to us" jokes?
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    Mastercard and Microsoft Team up to Give Citizens a Global Digital Identity

    I'm thinking this would enable them to take it a step further and tie it into a WORLD social score.
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    Boring Company's LA Tunnel Blocked by Community

    He hired Simon the Digger from Gurren Lagann.
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    Official Nintendo Mario Kart 8 Livestream Features Cursing and Employees Getting Fired

    He's a company representative. I have a feeling that being a Japanese company, Nintendo won't view his "worldwide company representation" very favorably since it will have an impact on Nintendo's image, which could have a negative impact on sales.
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    Ubisoft to Publish Hieroglyphics Translator

    A variation on "Would you like to buy a vowel?".
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    Vortx Blows While You Game

    Did I just hear you say "prior invention" lawsuit"?:shifty:
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    Phone Phishing Scams Are Becoming More Sophisticated

    This is why I always look up and call whatever institution the caller claim to be. My bank calls me about fraud with a call back number? I call them using a known good number, even if I entails waiting and being forwarded.
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    The DEA Awarded a Contract to Retrofit License Plate Readers into Speed Signs

    Don't fool yourself. It's about both Government will have its cake and eat it too.
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    FBI Forced Suspect to Unlock iPhone Using FaceID

    Next you're going to tell us that the 1st Amendment only applies to muskets, and the 2nd Amendment only applies to printing presses.
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    EU Wants to Scrap Seasonal Time Changes

    I'd rather keep DST and scrap standard time. More light in the evening is a lot more useful.
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    Elon Musk's Flamethrower Tested

    What a disappointment. I was hoping for something that would at least clear my sidewalk this winter. Looks like at the very least I need an XM42, but with the XL18 I could be a hero and clear the neighbor's walk at the same time. Decisions, decisions.
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    California City Blocks 5G Over Cancer Concerns

    This just in: The #1 cause of cancer in the US is California.
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    Madden Tournament Shooting Survivor Files Lawsuit against EA and Venue

    Well said. It's the GUY who pulled the trigger. The infuriating thing is that they'll blame anything and everything except the guy. They'll blame guns, video games, the venue, security, etc..
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    Apple “iPhone XS” Leaked

    "You're pricing it wrong". Think iPhone XSessively XSpensive.
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    4 Dead - 11 Wounded at Jacksonville FL Video Game Tournament

    As an American, I have an answer. It is always too soon to start talking about gun control. Guns are not the problem; people who misuse guns are the problem. What's next, knife control? Oh wait. The real quesfion here is; when is it too early to start talking about SELF CONTROL?
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    Scientists Now Know Why Blue Light From Computer Screens Contribute to Blindness

    They'll probably want to ban the color blue outright because it's California. Oh wait, CA loves the color's red they hate (yes, I went there).
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    Preorder the New AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper Processors Today!

    Air coolers that require three 200mm fans.
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    Mozilla: Google Has Made YouTube Slower on Edge and Firefox

    Becoming an all encompassing Googlopoly. Creating the Alphabet Matrix We are the Google, You will be Alphabetized. Resistance is futile. They're trying to bring forth the Googleverse. They're taking over all that is popular, and making it function far better, or only on their wares so that we...
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    Amazon Now Lets You Finance Gaming PCs and PC Parts at Zero Interest

    It makes sense if you're wise enough to factor the payments into your monthly budget so you don't miss a payment. I do it all the time with Lowes and Home Depot for tools and materials for home repairs/projects that I can't afford up front. As for CCs; I don't charge more than I can pay off when...
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    Europeans Press for Digital Tax at G20 Meeting

    I've been trying to explain this to people for awhile now. All costs of doing business are passed on to customers in one form or another; whether cost of product, or in taxes to cover government incentives/subsidies/tax breaks (both customers, and non-customers pay for government...
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    Aquaman Official Trailer

    I'm surprised the SJWs didn't turn it into "Aqua Woman" or "Aqua Person".
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    Study: Humans Show Racial Bias towards Robots of Different Colors

    I blame Robama. Everything was fine until he was activated.
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    Ransomware Technique Uses Your real Passwords to Trick You

    There's no shame in loving Anime! But they may threaten to tell them you're a hentai freak!
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    New Research Shows That Owning an iPhone Is the Most Common Sign of Wealth

    Nothing says wealth like checking your EBT balance on your iPhone.
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    3D Printing Some Lung Parts

    This is cool and all, but I need them to get busy on cartilage replacement. Imagine how good joint replacements would be if they were "OEM" parts that were cultured from, and maintained by your own body.
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    Microsoft Re-Releases The IntelliMouse

    Now they need to bring back an updated Trackball Explorer.
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    Amazon's "Pivot" Program Takes Employees to Court

    If it's just to keep the slackers in line, then I applaud it. It sucks when you have to take up the slack for loafers; especially when they're from one of the ever increasing "protected classes" that "can't be fired". Now if it's to make people compete with automation, then that's entirely...
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    EA on Women in Battlefield V: Accept It, or Don’t Buy the Game

    So we get to kill Feminazis? Crap, now it's actually somewhat of a selling point.