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    DDoS Products/Solutions

    We have an Arbor Networks Peakflow SP unit that I priced and installed ~6 months ago. It receives netflow statistics from our edge peering routers and not only gives usage information but when it detects the start of a DDoS attack(usually within 15-30 seconds of the attack starting). It will...
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    Help Wiring a DSLAM

    I oversee network engineering for a small FTTP telecommunications company company, we use the VDSL DSLAM's to serve last 1000 ft in large MDU's so we can serve IPTV and high speed internet to users where it's too costly to pull all new fiber in.
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    Best Label Maker?

    I have a Rhino 5200 labeler and it seems to work fine, I'd rather have gotten a Rhino 6000 but overall it gets the job done.
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    Help Wiring a DSLAM

    I have a TA1248V(VDSL2 Flavor) sitting in my lab now. We have several hosts and clients deployed in large MDU's to provide high speed internet, sub-1000 foot loop lengths we easily see 100 Mb down and 50+ Mb up train rates. Should be testing some VDSL2 bonding in the near future and curious to...
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    Network pics thread

    We deploy calix, started on the C7's and moved to E7-2 and 20's. Using a lot of 716GE-I's now, moved away from the outdoor ONT's. Will have to get some pictures, for now here's a few. 1. This is from a few years back when we were staging our Microsoft Mediaroom Deployment while finishing our...
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    Metered PDU's for Server Racks

    We use APC in our data center, they work great, metered and can switch ports on/off remotely. We've bought several of them on used from Gruber Power in the past.
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    Ruckus wireless mesh network?

    I just installed a Ruckus ZoneDirector 1006 and 2 7962 AP's (1 in each office location). One of our locations is 7,500 sq foot retail/office space and 7,500 sq foot warehouse in the back. I ordered two 7962's for this location alone and it ended up that just 1 covers the entire space and about...
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    Does anyone know of a university where my IT certifications count towards credits?

    While I was going through my Bachelors my college switched to a Cisco Certified Academy. I already had my CCNA at the time and so it allowed me to "test out" of the CCNA classes, 4 semesters of classes for free. The college didn't want to just give me the credits, they had no choice it was a...
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    Barebone Servers - Newegg Edition

    I bought 4 1RU servers from ABMX a few years ago, cost was low and haven't had an issue with any of them in over 2 years.
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    Building a scalable VM deployment

    Non-Profits can get Windows 2008 Enterprise for next to nothing which would give you 1 Physical License and 4 Virtual Licenses. Did a virtualization project for a school using Hyper-V earlier this year, 7 TB SAN, 2 Servers, software for $35,000 so it definitely can be done.
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    Do you remember your first graphics card?

    Voodoo 3 3000, still have it somewhere around here.
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    Capstone Project Idea

    Pick a city of between 5,000-10,000 people, do a physical plant deisgn for a PON Based FTTP system. It's easy as hell to throw the devices into a visio diagram but there is a lot of work to the physical plant design. Are you going to run 1:1 fiber to the plant and put all your passives in CO...
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    Offsite backup service for SMB

    I've been using JungleDisk with Amazon S3, overall I've been pretty happy with it, it's fairly cheap. JungleDisk now offers the rackspace storage cloud as well. I'm staying on Amazon S3 as many of our linux machines run s3cmd and backup to the same amazon s3 account. We also use Mozy Pro, it...
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    Anyone here use Nagios?

    We use it at work, looking to switch to zabbix or groundworks opensource. Nagios 3.0 has added quite a few functions. Currently we monitor only 110 devices and 220 services but we heavily customized our nagios installation to alarm based on snmp-traps which reduces the load on the server as it...
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    If you have a /19, your own ASN and are connecting to three upstreams why would you go with a cheap solution at the edge? I'm all for open source but if it's that important go with something field proven such as a Cisco or Juniper box instead. We use Cisco 7206VXR's at our edge, looking at the...
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    Dear Network & Security...

    Another option would be Adtran's NetVanta line, the CLI is called AOS but it's almost exactly like IOS, their switches/routers have quite a few features and the price point is about 1/2 of what you would spend on a comparitive cisco switch/router. They also offer free training/tests for their...
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    This is how your server room should look

    Zip ties = evil, unless you leave them really loose they will slowly dig into the cable and cause the cable to fail(especially if it's fiber). We use wax-string in all of our data centers, used to use zip ties but wax-string fits any size cable bundle and it's cheap. That and the telco guys...
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    The Network Challenge

    Count me in
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    Is this quality network cable?

    Multi-mode is almost always orange, 10-gig mm fiber is baby-blue and single-mode fiber is usually yellow. We color code in the CO's. Red/black/green are reserved for DC-power so we try to not use those for anything else. Blue are usually ethernet, gray for phone and put cable tab's at...
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    CCNA prep

    Must agree, where you graduate from might get you into the door at a place but that doesn't ensure you'll stay employeed there. Adtran is a very big company, lots of smart people, however, all of the product engineers that I have met are generally on the Tier 1 and lab side of things, gophers...
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    Mail Server options

    I just switched our company over to google apps for domains. Overall it hasn't been bad, it's great for those that use the web interface, the people that wanted to stay in outlook don't care much for it. The biggest issue is the lack of folders and the use of tags when using IMAP. If you...
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    Network pics thread

    We use 2-post racks in our telecom CO's. The racks are rated to hold 1,000 pounds each. As long as you use the recommended lugs to hold the rack to the floor and good brackets. I have been in a few IT places that didn't have proper floor-mounts on 2-post racks just to have the racks tip-over.
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    Good cable testing equipment

    How long until they all trash CDP/EDP and get on the bus with LLDP? Another vote for the link runner, we have one of those and a Fluke CableIQ. Overall the tech's take the LinkRunner alot more than the CableIQ as the LinkRunner can do ping/dhcp testing at the same time. The CableIQ seems...
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    Asterisk - Some Questions

    I would stay away from snom 300 series phones personally and instead look at the Aastra 5xi line. I've deployed over 1,000 snom 3x0 phones in various businesses and while they are nice the company and the technical support they provide is dismal. I have to go through my distributor for support...
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    connecting two locations via dark fibre...30 miles!

    You should be fine, make sure you get db readings when you hookup the XENPaks so that you have a baseline in case you run into issue down the road.
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    So, if you had three spools of fiber...

    Depends on the count and type of fiber. If it's a higher count ribbon fiber that is for outdoor use I would probably use it on our fiber network. If it's 2-4 count outdoor then I would use it for drop material for customer installs. If it's indoor & low count then I'd sell it.
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    In the market for a wireless N router

    I've had my DIR-655 now since right after they came out and while some of the early firmware versions had issues I have been pretty happy with the performance on the most recent firmware. I was rather bummed out that they removed the bridging features from the firmware back on the 1.08...
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    Just got my 1st Gen Drobo: Unboxing & Review

    I've been happy with the one that I just got. 4 - 1 TB drives and droboshare. I have a client that we just took on, 2 of their 3 fileservers were infected with the most spyware/trojan/virii that I have ever seen. The old net admin thought giving the guest account domain admin privileges was a...
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    Just got my 1st Gen Drobo: Unboxing & Review

    Sandman, did it take drobo forever to ship your's? I just got a 1st Gen(didn't want or need firewire) and it took them a week to finally ship the thing even though they showed it was allocated and when I called they said they were in stock and that it should have shipped the day after I...
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    VOIP network nightmare ????

    Are the phones marking packets with DSCP or TOS? Is TOS/DSCP being checked and respected on the D-Link switch? Possibly remove network elements? Move the IP Phone up the chain and see if the issue goes away or not, so bypass the switch, bypass the smoothwall? Mirror a port on the D-Link...
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    Structured Wiring in steel framed house

    If memory serves correctly the blown in insulation get's part of its R-Value by trapping air between the pieces. The general rule is that once it's blown in you don't want to disturb it, as you step on it the air is compressed out and the insulation looses it's effectiveness. More a heads up...
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    Microsoft Office Server

    Are you looking for something like a Terminal Server with Office installed? Users login to Terminal Server and run Office Apps in a RD window?
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    Alternative to Kerio Winroute?

    I remember using winroute back in 97/98 to get some dial-up computers online. I would recommend going with a hardware firewall or a linux firewall/router solution. Even the basic linksys RV line should do everything that you have outlined if memory serves right.
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    As others have already said, we use it on our internal DNS servers as forwarders and it works okay, we have additional filtering options. I would not make it a central component to ensuring network security but it does add a layer and keeps the untrained from trying to access sites that we have...
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    Anyone use Nagios?

    We use nagios to monitor our network, from the core all the way to the CPE. Different devices get alarmed to different people/places. SNMP works like a dream now, took a lot of late night/early morning false alarms to get it that way but in the end it has been worth it as opposed to not...
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    Google Apps Premium feasibility.. ?

    We looked at Exchange, Zimbra and Google Apps when we were evaluating. Exchange 2008 is a beast and the exchange vs zimbra glossy's that microsoft had sold zimbra for us. Zimbra was nice but their pricing was weird and no systems engineer that I talked to could give me a straight answer on...
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    Firefox 3.0 Doesn't Like my DIR-655

    Weird, I have a DIR-655 Version 1 and FF3 works fine. My DIR-655 is on Firmware V 1.11, not sure if it matters but that's the only thing that I can think of.
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    Google Apps Premium feasibility.. ?

    My company just converted from IMAP/POP3 to Google Apps. We have 25 employees, google apps costs us $1250 per year. We compared GA vs exchange over a 3 year life span as we assumed that in 3 years we would want to upgrade to something newer on the exchange side. We also were trying to plan...
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    recommend web filtering

    You could switch to opendns and sign up for an account. If you register your IP addresses you can setup blocks for various types of websites. I've used this before then the customer only needed 1 or 2 websites blocked and they didn't want to pay for anything more in depth.