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    WTB: LGA1150 Motherboard

    Got a Xeon e3-1270v3 that needs a home. ATX and mATX only; ATX preferred. Asus/Asrock/Gigabyte/MSI Any chipset but H81 considered Would prefer under $100 Thanks!
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    Just got my 34GK950F-B

    I received my used EVGA 1080Ti this weekend and once I got everything configured right, GSync at 144Hz has worked lovely. This monitor is just SOOOOO satisfying with the right hardware backing it up!
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    Just got my 34GK950F-B

    Update: I'm a dope. The DisplayPort cable wasn't inserted all the way. Using now at 120Hz...per the TFT Central review, that's the max for DP1.2.
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    Just got my 34GK950F-B

    I just got one yesterday and paired with my 980Ti. I neglected to do my homework though...apparently 980Ti supports DisplayPort 1.2 only. I couldn't get the display to recognize the connection at all! I switched to HDMI and luckily that works up to 85Hz, but that's well short of the 144Hz I...
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    AMD Exposes More Weakness At E3

    Seeking Alpha posts many opinion articles similar to this one - some good, some bad - from various writers. Search AMD and you find these last few articles: AMD Exposes More Weakness At E3 - Mark Hibben • Today, 11:20 AM • 74 Comments How Intel's Pain Is AMD's Gain? - Alpha Max • Mon, Jun. 13...
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    When do you retire a PSU?

    I have an Antec TruPower 430W from like 2004 that still runs, but: No SATA connectors Only 4-pin EPS12V connector, not 4+4 No VGA cable of any kind Sub-70% efficiency I suppose it could work with an older PC, but I have no need for something that old.
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    Question on speaker "break-in"

    A theory running around about speakers (and some other types of products like TVs) is that they don't perform optimally out of the box. There's a period of time during initial use when the components adjust themselves slightly and become...ugh...better synced with each other? Their physical...
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    OCZ Prepping 1kW Unit

    From AnandTech: There's a picture but I can't post it.
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    Best Nvidia drivers for NFS: Carbon?

    Always use the latest official drivers unless they give you issues.
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    FS: Lapped E6400

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    FS: Lapped E6400

    My Heat: This is a week 24 E6400. I've lapped it to 1500 grit. I've had it for about 1 month running at 2.8GHz (350x8) at approximately 1.425V. The stock HSF is included, unused. Asking $195, shipping included. No trades, no negociations...
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    FS: E6400 Retail CPU, Maze 4 GPU Blocks, Watercooling Pumps

    I'm interested in the 6400. Have you tested it at 400x8 using Orthos?
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    OCZ EvoStream

    True but it exceeds 75% at all times.
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    FS: Sony 19" G410 CRT (problems)

    My Heat: I have a Sony 19" G410 for sale. The monitor is slightly defective because the display has become slightly blurred and green-tinted. Again, the defects are very slight and if you're simply looking for a cheap, large display, you'll be happy...
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    OCZ EvoStream

    I know it's modular but I was expecting at least 80% efficiency like the GameXtreme.
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    FS: LeadTek 6800GT AGP (oc to Ultra speed)

    My Heat: The picture is from LeadTek's website. My card has not been modified, but it runs at Ultra speed (400/1100) with absolutely no problems. I've never pushed it higher so it may go much faster if you try it. Asking $100 non-negotiable...
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    OMG, I hate Intel my Core 2 ONLY does 3.6Ghz

    If your IP address wasn't banned before, I'm sure it will be soon. I don't think Kyle appreciates you registering another name to argue in the same thread that got you banned in the first place.
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    Low 7950 performance in Serious Sam 2?

    No the sound is fine using X-Fi.
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    Low 7950 performance in Serious Sam 2?

    I get 8300 in 3DMark06 with Core 2 E6400 @ 400x8 (3200MHz) 2GB PC6400 Gigabyte 7950GX2, stock clocks Games like BF2 and HL2 fly over 60fps at 1920x1200 with 4xSSAA and 16xHQAF. But in Serious Sam 2, I don't do nearly that well. If I play the second demo from the main menu, I get...
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    nVidia users: Post your driver settings

    Please post what setting you use in your control panel. If you use different settings for benching (3Dmark), please post them as well. I'm trying to get a sense of what I should have set. I don't know what half of the settings do, like "mipmap optimization."
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    E6300/965p DS3/ 7950gx2 issue, need help

    Uh-oh, I'm waiting on my E6400 from ZZF to setup my DS3/Gigabyte 7950GX2 rig. Better not be problems!
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    I'd like to share my Conroe experience with you all

    Reminds me how nerdy we all are ;)
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    Upgrade path: need help!

    I have no problem with waiting if I think it's the right choice.
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    Upgrade path: need help!

    My specs now: X2 3800+ (can reach 2.5GHz stable) MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum (nForce3) 2GB OCZ PC3200 2-3-2-5 Leadtek GeForce 6800GT AGP I'm debating between two different upgrade paths here: Option #1 = Core2 Duo E6400 (hopefully reach 400x8 or so), Gigabyte DS3, 2GB g.Skill PC2-6400...
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    HP LP2465 Released

    Is this old? I don't remember anyone spotting this:
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    Just bought Dell 2407! Details Inside!

    Others have had similarly bad picture quality using X360 over component. As for color, it looks fine on my 2407 but you might try turning up digital vibrance if you use an nVidia card.
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    WTB: Socket 754 3400 Or Higher + Agp Video Card

    Want to make an offer for a LeadTek 6800GT that does Ultra speeds?
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    FS/FT: many many things x800GTO2 / REDLINE / A64 3500+

    Want to make an offer on a LeadTek 6800GT AGP that does Ultra speeds (and probably higher)?
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    WTB/FS THREAD:6800 AGP GFX CARD, 60-200 GIG SATA H/D, DVD BURNER (Black,16x),and more

    Want to make an offer for a LeadTek 6800GT that does Ultra speeds?
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    8-way SLI and Crossfire Power Supply (PSU) Roundup @ Legit Reviews Great read. I feel really satisfied knowing I picked up the OCZ GameXStream 700W last week!
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    Should i exchange my 2405 for 2407?

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    My Samsung 204B Review

    I bought the 204B at Best Buy just to try it out (really waiting for the Dell 2407). BF2 and UT2004 play great with plenty of speed and no noticable ghosting. Color looks great too. Oddly though, the screen has a strange effect where looking from an upward position makes everything a little...
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    2407 release date

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    2407 release date

    I might be wrong, but the 2407 is currently about 100,000 yen on Japan's website, which is under $900.
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    temporary vertical green line on brand new samsung 215tw

    Once is a fluke, twice is a problem IMO.