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    The 'new' G92 GTS is probably going to beat the 'new' GT.

    I'm not sure if nvidia edited their page but I'm looking at the page again and it says: "HD DVD / Blu-ray Video Playback on NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT is classified as Excellent. HD DVD / Blu-ray Video Playback on NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Ultra, GeForce 8800 GTX and GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB/640MB are...
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    Casual Collective invites

    vanxis [at] yahoo . com Thanks :D
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    How to upgrade Win XP Pro to MCE 2005

    Officially there's none. But BartPE works, altho it may not be legal to perform such an upgrade. Dont think there's any other method tho.
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    HTPC noob - new setup and other questions

    Alright, my specs: AM2 X2 2300+ 45W Asus M2A VM HDMI 1x 1 GB Kingston Value RAM 667Mhz 400 GB Western Digital Hauppauge PVR 150 MCE Kit Toshiba Regza 42A3000E Windows Vista Ultimate Harman Kardon AVR5000 5.1 DTS receiver - At first I bought the Biostar TF7050 but I realized it...
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    Audio output selection

    I have just bought a Hauppauge PVR 150 MCE for my HTPC, and I have plugged it in to an Asus M2A VM HDMI motherboard (690G chipset). This motherboard has 3 ways to output audio, S/PDIF, analog, and via HDMI. I'm running Windows Vista Ultimate. I'm connecting my satellite decoder's audio output...
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    HTPC noob - new setup and other questions

    Excellent, thanks. Now to start shopping :)
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    HTPC noob - new setup and other questions

    Thanks for your reply! Thing is, I'm still gonna play alot of SD DVDs and I'm abit worried that the PC can't upscale as good as a dedicated HDMI DVD player. Is that perception wrong? Still need to know if the PC DVI output enough to display 720p?
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    HTPC noob - new setup and other questions

    Hi guys, I'm gonna be getting a HD ready LCD TV soon and I'm thinking of setting up a mini HTPC to play HD video (not necessarily bluray or HDDVD). I've alot of questions so I hope you all can share with me if you know. Firstly, my TV will only have one HDMI input (Regza) so I'm not sure...
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    Optimal Viewing distance

    Heres something useful... On a related topic, would viewing an LCD monitor too close have any health effects on the eyes? Our moms have always been telling us to not sit too close to the TV, but thats a CRT which has slight electrons (I think) emitting through the glass.
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    Can I play 4:3 games on a 19 inch 5:4????

    I thought it was rather obvious, in probably almost all games, you can choose the resolution, and again probably all will allow you to choose 1280x1024, which is 5:4.
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    all the panels: size, response, panel type

    This thread further cements [H]ardforums as the no.1 resource for LCD displays. Kudos to you.
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    Samsung 215TW or 225BW?

    For $100 cheaper, I'd go for the 225BW. It has an inferior panel to the 215TW, but for your purpose of only gaming + web + office, its sufficient. Also, heard that the 215TW has significant input lag, so that is a deal breaker for gaming. I myself have a VA panel, and it pleases me to no...
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    why does my dvd movie play still half screen even on a widescreen?

    I think this begs the question, why do they come up with DVDs with the 2.35:1 aspect ratio, when there are no TVs or monitors that actually has that aspect ratio? It really defeats the whole purpose. On a side note, what aspect ratio does the cinema normally show?
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    is 2407WFP has the same panel as the S-PVA 2007WFP?

    I don't think the general consensus is that the 2007 S-PVA is much much worse than the 2007 S-IPS, its just that when someone buys a 2007, they have the S-IPS in mind. If they so happen to get a S-PVA instead, alot would bitch about that, but I don't think even they would say its much much...
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    Want to know the best 20-21" Gaming Monitor..

    IIRC, a glossy coating is actually a polarized glass or something like that, which does somewhat enhance the picture quality. Glossy does look better, but I still need the anti-glare.
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    Viewsonic VX2025wm arrived! First impressions and pics

    Look a few pages back, someone described how. What version of forceware are you using?
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    Widescreen - worth it?

    Watch a normal WS movie in a 20"WS and a 20" 4:3, and see which one gives you more movie space. IMO, if your monitor is mainly used for movies, WS is definately the way to go. Getting a 4:3 screen will definately be wasteful, as your money goes into giving you bigger black bars at the top...
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    Viewsonic VX2025wm arrived! First impressions and pics

    Desktop @ 1024x768 Centred Episode 1 @ 1024x768 Centred Episode 1 @ 1024x768 Streched Episode 1 @ 1680x1050 full sweet res BTW Mr Zodiac, a screencap using fraps or printscreen wont work in showing you the scaling quality coz you will just see a normal 1024x768 screenshot...
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    Viewsonic VX2025wm arrived! First impressions and pics

    I just got my VX2025WM 5 days back, loving every inch of it. I have a 7900GS with 92.91 forceware, and honestly I expected scaling to be broken based on the comments here (not the more recent ones), but I was pleasantly surprised. Centred scaling and Locked fixed aspect ratio works as...