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    Playstation VR Thread.

    Camera is separate for around $50 but the headset and controllers are part of the same kit iirc.
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    PC Gaming Show at E3 will have AMD on the stage.

    Sony confirmed the Neo today but did not say much else other than it will not be at E3 this year.
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    Lawmaker Wants Porn Blocked On Cellphones

    The tech sector is definitely growing here and seems to be on a fairly good pace. There is the NSA Data center in the salt lake area, Adobe just south of the Salt Lake Valley, Utah Valley (Provo, Orem, American Fork, etc.) is seeing a lot of tech growth mainly in development and i think there...
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    Lawmaker Wants Porn Blocked On Cellphones

    One of the reasons I would like to finally move out of Utah, we have far bigger issues and our state leaders would rather focus on porn and suing movie theaters... *smdh*
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    I have the Radeon Pro Duo in hand

    Thats pretty impressive IMO
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    AMD Radeon Pro Duo Announcement @ [H]

    From PCGamer: I do agree with the train of thought that AMD dropped the ball on not getting this out for reviewers and in a few other areas like price. But I don't think this is another round of AMD singling out Kyle/HardOCP
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    Windows 10: Halfway Through January 2016; worth it yet?

    Yea I've just been changing the default and removing the edge shortcut from the Task bar and replacing it with IE.
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    Windows 10: Halfway Through January 2016; worth it yet?

    We upgraded all the PCs at work to 10 and so far its been great, the users love it too. I also run it on my home rig as trying to get windows 7 to play nice with a 950 Pro SSD was a bigger headache than it was worth. I will say my only gripe is the Edge browser, that stupid app tries to take...
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    AMD’s Flagship Radeon Pro Duo Graphics Card Unboxed .

    Yea haven't been a fan of them lately either. Other then that, pretty cool they were able to cram all that in there.
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    Buy 980 Ti or wait for Pascal?

    I was running a 980 Ti until Monday morning and had the drivers that were released on 03-28 and had the drivers that were released before that point, no issues to speak of. I have been one of the few that has had a generally good experience with Nvidia and AMD drivers. I wouldn't let driver...
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    Buy 980 Ti or wait for Pascal?

    Wasn't really expecting them to announce anything as I was unaware of the conference until just a few minutes before it started. If anything my thought process was more of a "let's watch this and see what is announced, maybe a new graphics card announcement?"
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    Buy 980 Ti or wait for Pascal?

    I keep seeing posts saying: "This summer" "This year" "A couple of months",etc for the release of a consumer grade pascal based card graphics card. Yet we have not received any official announcement of a card let alone an official release time frame for said card. So maybe I'm missing something...
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    Obsession With "Female" Digital Servants Needs To Change

    I seem to recall reading something stating that she would be returning to do the voice of Shodan in SS3
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    MSI Reference 980 ti

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    MSI Reference 980 ti

    Sadly no as this was purchased before they were offering that promotion
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    MSI Reference 980 ti

    Added pic and warranty info
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    MSI Reference 980 ti

    Have this guy for sale: MSI GeForce GTX 980TI 6GD5 V1 - I have the original box but iirc I do not have any of the original accessories, if I do in fact find said accessories I will be sure to include them in the box. Never overclocked, will check warranty status tonight. Works...
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    New Corsair Carbide 400C

    Nice looking builds you two have there. That is a good looking case.
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    Fat guy in a little coat; water cooled Node 304

    I would suggest one of the silverstone SFX units personally. the 600W version has 2 6+2 pin PCI-e connectors I use the 304 for my rig ant work, nice work so far :) Edit: the 450W has the following also PCI-Express Connector 1 x...
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    FS: Windows 7 Pro Keys -- best prices, volume discounts, Windows 10 Upgrade!!

    It only upgrades to the equivalent version of your win 7 install, so home > home, pro > pro, etc. 7 ult upgrades to pro.
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    Fire Sale

    O.o Wish this had been available last week when I bought a 5930k..... Trade? ;)
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    WTB: 980ti Other parts to finish build

    Found a few items bump
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    WTB: 980ti Other parts to finish build

    Found everything I needed, thanks for the help!
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    WTB: Windows 10 Key for New Build

    Buy a Win 7 key from [Ion] and do the free upgrade
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    Is there any future in AMD, cpu, video cards, stocks?

    THIS. See the same in the video card subforums, sometimes I wonder if these posts are troll/flamewar bait....
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    MATX X99?

    Kinda hard to find but there is also the EVGA X99 Micro 2 which has USB 3.1 iirc
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    PM Sent
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    Titan Black Value

    Thanks :)
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    Titan Black Value

    Well in that case then by all means mods please feel free to lock/delete this thread
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    Titan Black Value

    Thinking of moving from the Titan black I am running to a 980ti or something else. That being said I wanted to try and get a feel for the value of a used Titan Black as my research into ebay/amazon pricing and local sources isn't providing a reliable range that these sell for. Would 400-450...
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    FuryX users = Dust in the wind on these forums

    I was going to rebut your price quote as a short while a go the 295X2's were available for as low as $699 but it appears stock has dried up and people on amazon and ebay are charging at least double the price.
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    Better jump on this deal before they are gone guys! :D

    Utah is bad when it comes to anything for sale second hand. The car/car mods market here is horrible and sadly the electronics market isn't much better. I can buy parts for my subaru outside the state and pay less including shipping costs :p
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    7970 to Fury?

    +1 for a 3XX series card, and with black friday/Xmas approaching there are good deals to be had. I was going to buy a 390or 390X until a friend of mine hooked me up with a different card.
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    Titan Cooling

    Thanks! So far its still working great and was very lucky to come across this.
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    Titan Cooling

    The Kraken is a good idea, I forgot about that. Well I finally plugged it into my system and well, it works. I played fallout 4 on ultra @1080p for about 2 hours. Temp never went above 80C and no issues thus far. So I guess I lucked out. Was going to buy a 390X or something but I'll hold on to...
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    Titan Cooling

    So a friend of mine got a few titans from a tri-sli setup that was cooled with a Koolance WC kit/Backplate. it appears the system leaked at some point as you can see traces of the coolant dye. Anyway, he gave me one that he installed the stock cooler back on but was not able to install 100%...
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    Memory Speed

    These require ECC UDIMMS and will not work with non ECC RAM? I only ask because many Z77 based boards List the E3 Xeons as supported but don't show ECC UDIMMS being on their supported memory list. I could be seeing/reading something wrong here. I'm also a little out of touch when it comes to the...
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    Memory Speed

    So I made a thread about a workstation I was seeing if it was worth investing money into. I had an opportunity at work to buy an 1155 based server so I jumped on that and now for the fun part :p I have a Xeon E3-12XX V2 series CPU running @ 3.2 iirc (Posting from work and not able to verify...
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    Fallout 4 optimized & CF fixed drivers

    Lets not forget 5150Joker :p