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    NEC 23" IPS EA231WMi
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    Catalyst Control Center Profiles Won't Work

    I could be doing something wrong and if so I hope someone will enlighten me. I can't seem to get profiles to work with the Catalyst Control Center. I'm using the 5.6s now but I've never gotten profiles to work. I setup the settings the way I like (say for instance, max everything out) then...
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    Mac OS on Home-Built PCs?

    Does Apple's announcement that they'll be switching to Intel processors mean that I'll be able to load Mac OS on my home-built system (native)? Even if I'm running an AMD chip?
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    Anti-Aliasing Toggling Off in Windowed Mode

    Anti-aliasing (and other settings like V-Sync) are turning off when I alt-enter from full screen to windowed mode in my games. (Specifically, Everquest 2 and EVE Online.) The settings do not re-activate when I alt-enter back to full screen mode. Pulling up the ATI Control Center shows the...
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    Stretching and moving screen with new control panel?

    With the old control panel I could make adjustments to my screen size. I could stretch and nudge the screen up/down left/right. I don't see where I can do this with ATI's new control panel. Anyone know?
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    Clive Barker's Undying

    The scariest thing about Undying is the frequent (and long) loads.
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    Drinking Games?

    Not drinking, exactly. Zonk.
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    Post your Speaker setup PICS!!!!!!

    I bought the projector for $2200 back in March, but you can get it now for $1700 at Amazon. I run it at native resolution, 1024x768. Mister X - great idea, in fact a full-size fridge is just off-camera, behind where I was standing when I took the pics. :cool:
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    Post your Speaker setup PICS!!!!!!

    You can just see the left-front and center sats here. You can see the left-rear sat here. Here's a pic of the screen without the flash washout.
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    Abit AV8 Rev 2.0........When?

    I'm able to run my RAM at SPD just fine. I am having the temperature reporting problem and I suspect that the AGP lock is not quite working right, even though I have a rev 1.1 board. I had occasional BSODs when attaching a second iPod via USB, attaching it via Firewire fixed that. Even so I...
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    Inexpensive Dual-Layer SATA DVD Burners?

    My search for a SATA DVD burner with dual-layer capability for less than $100 has so far come up empty. There are plenty of the IDE variety. Any idea how much longer I'll have to wait?
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    Argh...stupid Audigy 2 ZS >= 0

    I use KX Project drivers with my Audigy 2. Highly recommended.
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    New 3500 AV8 box is stable and no issues

    Good thread. I'll chime in that my similar setup has had no problems either.
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    Doom3 Stutter Issue

    I had a similar problem and discovered that it was FRAPS trying to write a movie to the HD. Quickload default is F9 for Doom 3, and F9 is also the default key to record a movie.
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    Numerous sound problems in games (aka, I hate Creative)

    I've switched to KX Project drivers for my Audigy 2. Highly recommended.
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    5.1 Dolby Digital ouput with Doom 3?

    I am using the Digital out of my Audigy 2 to get 5.1 audio in Doom 3. My speakers, however, are Creative Megaworks 510D. Creative soundcards connected to creative speakers like the 510D allow for 5.1 audio in games via the digital out. I do not like Creative's drivers, however, and use...
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    Mouse Framerate Metric?

    That was it! Switching to the PS/2 input and then updating the sample rate to 200 gives me smooth freelook. Much obliged :)
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    Mouse Framerate Metric?

    Are you sure it's device manager and not contol panel? I didn't see anything under either, although my mouse control panel is Logitech. Also, why would Half Life be smooth while UT2003 isn't? I do think you're onto something, though, after reading this. Edit: Got it after switching to...
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    Mouse Framerate Metric?

    No, how do I turn up the PS/2 rate? Is the USB rate slower than the PS/2 rate?
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    Mouse Framerate Metric?

    I've used USB, PS2, a USB-PS2 converter, and used mouse smoothing in UT2003.
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    Mouse Framerate Metric?

    I'm just grasping at straws here, but I notice a distinct lack of smoothness in some games even though FRAPS reports a steady 60 FPS. For example, the original Half Life is silky smooth at 60FPS but UT2003 and Doom 3 are less smooth. I only notice this when looking around with the mouse...
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    Vertical Sync in CPU Games - 30 or 60?

    I notice the exact same thing. I'm using a DLP projector.
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    POLL: LCD or CRT for DOOM 3

    I posted in another thread that text on my X800 Pro is not as sharp as on my 9700 Pro. At these scales it is something to consider. Even so, it is quite legible as I am working on it now, and gaming and movies much more immersive on the big screen.
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    POLL: LCD or CRT for DOOM 3

    Here ya go: You can see the projection screen on the right. The flash washes out the image -- here's a shot without the flash. The PC is behind the shelves, which display my game and component boxes nicely, plus hold the projector and rear speakers. The La-Z-Boy provides...
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    POLL: LCD or CRT for DOOM 3

    76" Carada screen with an NEC LT260K DLP projector @ 1024x768. From my La-z-y Boy.
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    Dolby Digital in Games

    Remember, a Creative soundcard to Creative speakers will get you surround sound in games, digitally. I use an Audigy 2 with Megaworks 510D speakers. Creative's software sucks, so I use drivers from KX Project instead. Highly recommended.
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    800 Pro Blurry Text

    Clear type is on. I remember noticing how much improved the 2D was on my 9700 Pro compared to my GF4 Ti4200. Now the quality seems to have reverted with the 800 Pro. May be the 9700 was just exceptional? Both are Sapphire. The 4200 was Visiontek.
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    800 Pro Blurry Text

    I'm using an NEC LT260K projector on a 76 inch screen :) I don't think the difference would be that great on a standard-sized monitor, but at 76 inches the slightest drop in quality is noticeable. I'm using a 400w PSU from PC Power and Cooling.
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    800 Pro Blurry Text

    2D quality on my 800 Pro seems inferior to my 9700 Pro. Anyone else notice blurrier text?
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    3500 64

    I've also got the AV8 on the way for a 3500 system. The AV8 was recommended in the Ultimate Doom 3 System to boot.
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    CPU Limited on Athlon 2700+ ?

    They are all good cards, but I think the X800 Pro is shown to be a better overall performer than even the 6800 Ultra here. It's also smaller and less power hungry. I may be putting this in a SFF system so that's a plus. (I've built two Shuttle systems, one for my mom and one for my aunt and I...
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    CPU Limited on Athlon 2700+ ?

    Thanks for the feedback. I decided to pick up an X800 Pro from Newegg. :cool:
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    CPU Limited on Athlon 2700+ ?

    Thanks for the linkage. Anyone out there with a similar setup to mine upgrade from a 9700 Pro? What was your experience?
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    CPU Limited on Athlon 2700+ ?

    I built my current system in January '03: Mobo: ASUS A7N8X CPU: AMD Athlon XP2700+ Memory: 1GB Corsair PC2700 Graphics: ATI Radeon 9700 Pro Sound: Creative Soundblaster Audigy 2 Monitor: NEC LT260K Projector Screen: Carada 76'' 1.33 to 1 in Brilliant White I play at 1024x768 because...
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    x800 XT? Or 6800? I'm so frustrated...

    The 6800 would be a slam-dunk if it weren't for screenshots like this.
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    Whatever Happened to the BIOS-less Motherboard?

    I remember quite a few months ago (maybe a year+) there were stories of the BIOS replacement on the horizon. I haven't heard anything since. Anyone know what the status of this is?
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    Bizarre Audigy 2 Driver Issue (CMSS 2 and 5.1)

    I ditched Creative's drivers for those provided by the KX Project. I highly recommend them.
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    Needing a mobo with these specs, is there any yet?

    So who's going to be first out the door with a 939 mobo with dual 16x slots? How about nForce 4 with Soundstorm 2? :)
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    A7N8X - XP2700+ reporting as 1500+

    Thanks for the replies. The FSB was stuck at 100 as reported in Windows, even though the BIOS was showing 166. Flashing to 1008 (which has an older date than 1007 - weird) fixed it.