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    NVR build - question about 2nd LAN port

    What hard drives are you recommending? The specific surveillance ones that WD and Seagate are selling? Do you recommend using those in a NAS that has a surveillance package such as Synology and QNAP? I implemented a "large scale" surveillance solution a year ago. Synology Survelliane...
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    Free network mapping/inventory software?

    Lansweeper or Spiceworks
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    Alternative to Meraki APs

    For all of the people that say there is no support for Ubiquiti. I have used the chat feature in the Unifi Controller a few times and it was good. I got real people chatting with me, opened a ticket. I had a guy emailing me every few days to check on the progress of my issue. I manage 2...
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    small business 10g switch

    We put a 12 port Netgear at a client in January. It has been running their whole network fine since then.
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    Small office (Quick books) hardware advice

    It's not even worth it anymore. Just setup a Quickbooks Online account for them. Less maintenance, less worry about backup, and they will be able to use on mobile devices and eventually input stuff while they are on job sites to save extra steps. I am running a similar setup for a client of...
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    Using 2 routers to create isolated internet connection

    Plug 2 routers into the ISP router. One router will be your network, the 2nd router will be the subtenant's network. But I think you are talking about something different. You want to put a router in the secure room that is inside your network. This is a double nat, which works, but can...
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    Can you recommend computer finder software

    There is a free version of Prey that he can test to see if it does what he needs. Prey | Track & find stolen Phones, Tablets and Laptops
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    Wireless Access Point Recommendation

    I setup 2 Unifi Controllers, one for a client who own about 50 apartment buildings. One for my small IT company. I then made them available over the internet and created DNS records. On both systems, I am able to centrally manage dozens of WAPs and sites. They...
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    new home hardwiring question

    Wire it like any business environment. Put a switch in there with slightly more ports than the patch panel(s). Plug all of the patch panel ports into the switch. A consumer grade router will honestly be fine, but if you want to step it up, try a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter, they have some rack-mount...
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    Anyone else keep a backup wifi router?

    I work for a small IT company, so we have about 5 old routers in a box at our office at any given time. We also have another 5 or so firewalls. So if something were to die, I would just grab something to replace it the next day.
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    Network slowed down!

    There is a 5GHz band steering option on the Unifi APs. You should be able to get 867Mbps on the 5GHz channel. Ubiquiti Networks - UniFi AC (Model comparison at the bottom) They also have an airtime fairness option you can test out to see if it helps. What router are you using? You may need to...
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    Wifi Router not working after Comcast Outage

    It is probably a coincidence. Log into the router and reboot it?
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    IP Camera DVR Software

    A Synology or QNap NAS has built in survelliance software. The Synology includes 2 licences for free, not sure about QNap Maybe you can find a used one for cheap somewhere. Also you can try something like AngelCam if you have decent internet upload speed We are making security cameras smart |...
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    Upgrade router or get range extender

    Depending on your house. Something like this: could work really well. Or not... I have seen about a 50/50 success rate. We have installed powerline equipment in some houses and it barely works. Other houses it works really well and is solid for years.
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    Exchange SSL and .local issue Vipre Email Security

    I think I have done all of this. I would word it differently: Generate CSR Buy Certificate Install Certificate Assign exchange services to new cert Create internal DNS zone for Create A record for pointing to the internal address of the mailserver...
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    Exchange SSL and .local issue Vipre Email Security

    I am trying to get Vipre Email Security working on an Exchange 2010 server. [Let it be noted that their support has been very unhelpful in resolving this matter] So here is the issue I am having...
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    New house networking - need advice on network, hardware and entertainment system

    Any reason why you don't just buy an actual rackmount NAS? It almost sounds like you would be better off putting an actual rack in the basement, and putting everything it in, rather than having a bunch of stand-alone boxes.
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    Fake Ram

    Here is the original Crucial ram from years ago: Here is the Crucial ram with the Qimonda chips on it: All 4 sticks show FFFFFF for the serial number. But it works, and was cheap, so I don't care. :)
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    Fake Ram

    I got some Crucial DDR2 ECC Registered ram for an old server off of Amazon. It has Qimonda chips on it. Also, the stickers are slightly different than the 2 existing sticks I already have. Honestly, If they work, I don't care if they are "fake" because it was less than half the price of the...
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    FrontEnd / BackEnd Exchange

    How do people setup exchange environments with multiple servers, yet one url to get to your OWA or your Activesync? No cert is installed. I installed the microsoft self-signed into the trusted root authority on a computer for testing. If I OWA to the 2007 server, I get an error. I can OWA to...
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    FrontEnd / BackEnd Exchange

    Can I install the same SSL cert on both servers? What should I do with autodiscover?
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    FrontEnd / BackEnd Exchange

    I have an Exchange 2007 server. I created a Virtual Exchange 2010 server. I migrated a user from the 2007 to the 2010. Mail flow is fine for the user; I can connect with Outlook to the user and all works well. I can't connect with ActiveSync or OWA to the user that I migrated however. The 2010...
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    ASA 5505 add 2 internal computers to 1 external IP address

    Thanks for all of your help previously.. I was able to get it to work on our device. Now I am trying to do the same thing on another firewall running ASA 8.4(3) It is all different. Here is what it currently has: How can I make it do the same thing I did on our firewall? with ""...
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    ASA 5505 add 2 internal computers to 1 external IP address

    I am dumb... I got it to work by first removing the conflicting NAT and clicking Apply. Then I was able to add the new ones with no errors.. I am kicking myself for missing such a simple step.
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    ASA 5505 add 2 internal computers to 1 external IP address

    So I have to use command line? Will the GUI give me an error later?
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    ASA 5505 add 2 internal computers to 1 external IP address

    I couldn't get it to work. I keep getting a message that my rules overlap.
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    ASA 5505 add 2 internal computers to 1 external IP address

    I found this on another forum.. It looks much more similar to my config.. I will mess with it and see what happens.
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    ASA 5505 add 2 internal computers to 1 external IP address

    I have this: name Computer3 name MyComputer name RemoteSupportAppliance name Server name Camera name Exchange name Computer2 nat (inside) 0 access-list inside_outbound_nat0_acl nat (inside) 1
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    ASA 5505 add 2 internal computers to 1 external IP address

    ASA 7.2(4) ASDM 5.2(4) Flash 128 MB ASA 5505 Memory 512 MB
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    ASA 5505 add 2 internal computers to 1 external IP address

    I can do this. But I don't know how. I can remove some of the 1:1 NATs. Can someone send me a example of how I can take 1 public IP address and point to the following: Point ports 80 and 443 to Point port 3389 to And port 8080 to ?
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    ASA 5505 add 2 internal computers to 1 external IP address

    I will try again. We have 5 public IP addresses. We have 4 NATs set up The Device IP uses one public IP So I can't create another NAT from a Public IP to the other internal computer I want RDP access to. How can I get RDP access to this computer without a 1 to 1 NAT, and by using the Public IP...
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    ASA 5505 add 2 internal computers to 1 external IP address

    I can't think of a better way to phrase this. We have 5 static IP addresses One is taken by the Cisco ASA 5505 itself, and is used for VPN One is used by our domain controller that has some Antivirus software that remote computers connect to. One is used by our remote support appliance (Bomgar)...
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    Business SAN -> iSCSI

    We are looking at using Dell AppAssure, especially if we keep it all Dell (MD3200i, or EqualLogic)
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    Business SAN -> iSCSI

    I can configure a PowerVault MD3200i with 24 300gb 10k SAS drives for $10k that's 7.2TB. Way more than we need. What does the EqualLogic, or VNXe, or NetApp give us that an MD3200i wouldn't?
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    Business SAN -> iSCSI

    Property Management 90% of business is 9-5 but it is 7 days a week. But, being down for a few hours isn't going to be a huge hit. We got an EMC quote that seems more reasonable EMC VNXe 3150 Dual Processor 12x 600gb 15k SAS $12500 Dell Sent a new EqualLogic Quote for $31k Dell EqualLogic...
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    Business SAN -> iSCSI

    These are the 3 servers that I think we could turn into hosts R710 2 Xeon E5530 2.4ghz Family 6 Model 26 Stepping 5 32 GB R710 2 Xeon E5504 2.0ghz Family 6 model 26 stepping 5 8.0 GB R610 1 Xeon E5530 2.4ghz...
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    Business SAN -> iSCSI

    Dell told us to run at least 3 hosts. We have old servers that would be re-purposed. It seems like to get one of these "setups" you have to throw in $30k. What is the next level down? What do you lose? I think we are looking at some redundant servers, redundant switches, and ESXi somehow...
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    Business SAN -> iSCSI

    I have a lot of questions to just get a basic understanding of what common, needed, etc to visualize a bunch of servers. The case in point right now is a company with 100 users, 10 servers, in house Exchange, SQL, WebServer, Terminal server, a few business applications (running on SQL server)...
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    Share a network file to certain local users?

    You have to go to "local users and groups" on the "NAS" and all all of the users as local users. Open an explorer window, go to tools -> folder options -> then the View tab. Scroll to the bottom and uncheck "Use Sharing Wizard" You need to give Full Permission to the Everyone user on the...
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    Windows 7 mandatory profiles not working

    I tried editing the ntuser.dat as described in this article as well: It didn't help.