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    Anyone use Mint Mobile?

    I've been using them for 3+ years now. I have the cheapest 4GB plan and prepay for a year at a time. Never had any issues with them. I don't think I've ever gone over the 4GB's I pay for, I predominantly use wifi and don't stream any music or video. I download all the music beforehand and them...
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    Best advantage of running IP Passthrough on main AT&T router/modem with Fiber and using your own router ?

    If you are blocking all incoming connections then the only advantage is to be able to read the logs and see what has been blocked. And I think now you have double NAT going on - not an advantage.
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    XBOX ONE X: A viable 4K UHD Disc Player?

    The Atmos license is only needed for headphones. The Xbox will bitstream the audio to a TV or receiver for decoding. And Youtube encodes and plays videos in AV1 as well.
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    Serverless wallet?

    What is a wallet?
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    Subscribe and save on Pixel 6a

    Yep if you use a lot of cellular data then it is a good deal.
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    Subscribe and save on Pixel 6a

    If you don't need a lot of data then Mint Mobile is the way to go for $15 a month or $180 a year.
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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022)

    they are $15 from Mint Mobile but I understand the refund.
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    iPhone 14

    more like a streaming advertisement that had been prerecorded.
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    iPhone 14

    I have a 12 so I'll wait another year. Nothing announced this year or last to get me to upgrade.
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    Anyone using a smartwatch as a smartphone replacement?

    They have always used eSims. When you set one up it gets its own phone number.
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    Can't update 2009 Macbook Pro

    When I went about this to install El Cap on my 2009 Mac I kept these notes. However, I downloaded the ISO from Apple, they are still there, and used a Mac to create the bootable USB. How To Install El Capitan to USB...
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    Oculus Quest 2

    This is nonsense as well. Other may collect it, Facebook weaponizes it.
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    Gift ideas for wife Gameboy/Gameboy Advance

    $15 flashcart and all the games
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    Gamestop: Firecuda 530 1TB - $110

    Knowing GS, you will be able to buy it bundled with a PS5 only.
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    Playdate thread

    I thought the crank was to provide power to it instead of plugging it in. Didn't know it was a pseudo joystick.
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    Best long term software support for unlocked cell phones

    Not true at all. You can submit a refund via and get a refund within 48 hours. I did it when I accidentalily subscribed to youtube via Apple for $15.99 instead of directly from Youtube for $12.99 and got refunded in 2 days. No issues at all.
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    Games for my mother?

    She already has a Tesla but you want to teach her how to operate a stick shift in a muscle car? This will end well.
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    Games for my mother?

    What games does she have on her ipad?
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    SonicWall TZ570

    Yeah but then modern medicine goes and rips off their customers with high bills and low service, only to maybe help manage your problem so they can keep billing you as you come back forever.
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    HDMI 2.1 AVR Recommendations (2021)

    My Marantz says HDMI 2.3 so I must be covered for all the formats for years to come. Gotta love marketing!