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    WTB: Microsoft office key

    I'm still looking for a key myself, if anyone happens to have multiple keys.
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    Can anyone recommend an inexpensive PDF editor?

    Thanks! I've never heard of it before, but it looks really good. My wife said she's used CuteFTP before, is that the same company?
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    Can anyone recommend an inexpensive PDF editor?

    I have Adobe Acrobat X, but it's pretty long in the tooth. Mainly used to fill out forms for kids schools and other stuff like that. I've heard good things about Foxit, but it seems like everything is going to a subscription service. I'm looking for a stand alone. Anyone have any good...
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    WTB Legit Microsoft office key

    I'm not sure about that VIP-SCDKEY site. Looks sketchy...
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    WTB Legit Microsoft office key

    Had to upgrade my computer and now I need to get a new key. Had 2016 so if anyone has a 2016 or newer key let me know.
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    WTB DDR4 laptop memory

    The current 8GB stick that I have is a samsung 3200AA SA1-11 1Rx8. This computer has 2 slots with 1 slot taken by this stick, so I'm looking to pair this up. The other laptop only has one slot so I need 1 16GB ddr4 stick. I'm not sure if the speed matters, but the current stick in there now is...
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    WTB DDR4 laptop memory

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    FS: Surface Pro 7+ i5-1135G7 w/kb $579, Quadro A2000 $399, 14" M1 Max $2999

    Which processor does the SP7+ have in it?
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    Microsoft Office Professional 2021 for Windows: Lifetime License $49.99

    The original article came from
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    Microsoft Office Professional 2021 for Windows: Lifetime License $49.99

    I literally just came across this article from thestreet saying that MS is offering Office forever with no annual fee: It'll send you to buy it from here...
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    WTB unlocked iphone 11 or 12

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    WTB unlocked iphone 11 or 12

    Let me know if you have one lying around collecting dust.
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    Oh Snap, Won Newegg Shuffle....To Buy or not to buy

    Man, I wish I could "win" the chance to buy one of this over-priced cards.
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    What exactly is the deal with GPUs

    Well it looks like Intel will enter the GPU market after all
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    FS- Aune T1 Mk1 tube headphone amp/dac

    Doh, I just saw the "MK2" in the description. My bad. Here's a bump for ya!
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    FS- Aune T1 Mk1 tube headphone amp/dac

    Is this the first or second gen version?
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    GPU Bestbuy drop happening now

    And that's what I get for doing work instead of checking this forum this morning :inpain:
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    Thanks Elon you screwed us

    Seriously, wouldn't this be a great time for another player to enter the GPU market?
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    Where is this urgency for new GPUs coming from?

    Still rocking a 1070. Plays all the games I throw at it just fine on a 3440x1440 monitor. Even BP'77 looks decent on medium settings, although some heavy fight scenes drop my fps to under 20. Was going to upgrade to this gen, but oh well.
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    GPU Prices dropping?

    At these insane prices it could be enough for Intel to develop more enthusiast stand alone GPUs to compete with and take market share.
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    Every desirable video card model is now OOS tonight. Unreal.

    Need intel to start making dedicated gpus.
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    What's with these prices? Just trying to find a simple card for wife and i'm floored at the pricing.

    It's too bad intel can join the fun and make a dedicated gpu just to give us another option.
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    Since RTX3090 is unpurchable, I bought the next best thing! Please dont be jelly!

    Hey maybe you should pic up another 210 and run it in SLI :D
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    Every desirable video card model is now OOS tonight. Unreal.

    So funny, I was literally just thinking the same thing!!
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    WTB iphone XS - 11

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    WTB iphone XS - 11

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    WTB iphone XS - 11

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    WTB iphone XS - 11

    Anyone looking to sell an iPhone from the past year, year and a half? Wife's iPhone 6 has been awesome, but the battery life is a couple hours at the most (big surprise, right?) Looking at either an XS/XS plus or an 11 on AT&T. I can provide my heat info if need be.
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    WTB amd fx-8350 or fx-8370

    Whoops! Thanks for letting me know about the title!
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    WTB amd fx-8350 or fx-8370

    Anyone out there have an old AM3+ chip laying around collecting dust? I'm looking to drop this into my son's gaming rig. Currently he has an fx-6300 and it's just not quite up to the task. Looking to upgrade the mobo/ram/cpu at a later date. This will be a stop gap until then.
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    FS: Gigabyte 6600 XT OC (New, MSRP)

    Do you happen to know if the pixel 3A can be unlocked and used on AT&T?
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    FS: Topping MX3 DAC/AMP

    This is a great dac/amp. If I didn't have one already I'd snatch this. Bump for you.
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    FS: LG V30 Phone

    This work with AT&T? I don't know anything about US Cellular.
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    Dell Inspiron 5675 @ BestBuy

    My cousin, who lives on the other side of the country was looking to get his son a computer and he asked me what I thought about these two gaming rigs from BB...
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    Bump for an awesome set of Sennheisers. Personally I can't understand why the OP would want to sell these.
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    Best sub $150 smartwatch

    There are so many watches out there my head is spinning. I'm looking for something that will give me text and email messages. Be nice if the batter lasted at least 3 days. Doesn't have to be stylish but not ugly either. HR and fitness stuff not a necessity, but wouldn't mind having it. Any...
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    Best sub $150 smartwatch

    Posted in wrong forum. Please disregard.
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    Dell XPS 13 (9350) w/ Windows 10 Pro

    Just to be clear this is the non-touch screen version right?
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    AMD Zen Performance Preview

    I'm still rockin a Phenom II 1045t. I'm hoping that Zen will be the chip that I feel like I can finally upgrade to.