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    Looking for a very specific switch for a wireless project.

    Cisco SG300-10MPP comes pretty close... 8 1Gb POE+ ports and a total POE budget of 124W (just short of your requirement). 2 1Gb SFP ports We've had a SG300-10P running in a very basic metal outdoor enclosure for several months, summer was fine but it has not yet seen a winter (Michigan)...
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    Anyone upgraded their HP A-series 5800/5820 from Comware v5 to v7 yet?

    I wonder which models got Comware7? We run the JC101B, and I do not see a Comware7 image available for it. Good to know there's at least one other person on here running Comware! lol
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    Drawing network map

    You could just get really, really good with Visio...
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    Need to simulate various latencies and bandwidths in virtual network

    Vyatta can do this as well, or VyOS now I guess. I believe the shapers can even be applied to bridge interfaces.
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    20-24u wallmount rack suggestions

    I used a smaller version of one of these for a project and thought it was pretty nice. It's all perforated metal, the sides are easily removable but locked in place when the front door is locked.
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    Perforated 1RU Blanking Panels?

    Wouldn't perforated blanking panels sort of defeat the purpose? I've never seen them.
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    Modify HTTP traffic on the fly

    At first read, I assumed you could use specific criteria to trigger a task with Squid, but I don't see a way to do it. My quick research led me to this though, looks pretty interesting...
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    Help with fiber setup

    I didn't look up your switch, but the optics just need to match on both ends, if your power connect will take SFP modules, they don't need to be dell specific, its all the same stuff.
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    Help with fiber setup

    A non-dell SFP will likely work in the powerconnect just fine. There are SC Cisco 100BASE-FX SFP's on ebay for ~$30, seems like it's worth a shot for the simplest solution.
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    Networking 2 homes

    I certainly wouldn't worry about it in the OP's case, but it almost definitely IS against the ISP's TOS. For instance, my provider is Wide Open West, from their TOS:
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    While doing a routing lab for CCNA...

    lol, I saw your message prior to edit and was racing to reconfigure in PT, you beat me to it. I think this wont work in my IOU example because it needs a third device to generate the ARP request, the router wont do it on it's own. Glad you posted this, I learned something. Thanks!
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    While doing a routing lab for CCNA...

    RTR1 e0/0 - Physically connected to RTR2 e0/0 no ip routes, no ip default-gateway RTR2 e0/0192.168.2.1/24 - Physically connected to RTR1 e0/0 lo0 no ip routes, no ip default-gateway RTR2#sh ip int br Interface...
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    While doing a routing lab for CCNA...

    It's packet tracer BS, I just recreated in IOU and it does not respond, as expected.
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    While doing a routing lab for CCNA...

    But the switch doesn't have a return route, it can't ping, why can it route through it? (Not the OP, btw). I think it's a goofy packet tracer thing. [Edit] I take that back, I recreated in PT, and it CAN ping The switch seems to be guessing it's next hop, even though it's...
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    Structured Cabling Question

    Thanks for confirming my thoughts. All uplinks are on diverse path fiber port channels so we're good there, another good reason for not running copper between floors. Oh, and the floors are small, runs are definitely well within the 100m spec.
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    Structured Cabling Question

    We have a low voltage installer running all new CAT6 throughout a two-story building that's being remodeled. We've asked them to patch all drops on the first floor, to the first floor IDF, and all second floor drops to the second floor IDF, seems simple to me. They're telling me that they...
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    Wiring 3x Redundant Power Supplies

    Ahh, yep... I googled PS6510x power consumption to verify that single psu was insufficient, and somehow came across this, which verifies your suggestion. Thank you
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    Wiring 3x Redundant Power Supplies

    Hey guys, quick question - we have an Equallogic PS6510x with triple redundant power supplies rated at 440W each, the building has two circuits, each on an independent UPS. From what I understand, the EQL draws around 800W, and thus relies on two power supplies being online at any given time. Is...
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    Finding the right Command Line Arguments

    Not sure if this is the best way, but it works for me for other purposes. First create /tmp/special-chars file containing "!@#$%". Then you'll set a variable to be read from the contents of the text file containing the special characters, and use that variable in place of the special characters...
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    Your cable modem may be used as a hotspot

    Yeah I noticed this the other day while looking at Comcast's internet packages, many of them offer "Access to over one million WiFi hotspots at no extra cost." Nice. No thanks.
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    What "Contraband" can IT actually detect?

    Solarwinds LEM/Trigeo sends us these alerts everytime a USB device is connected to an end user's computer: It also allows to whitelist a device beased on the USB Device ID like Ciggwin mentioned.
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    WRT54G running DD-WRT vs Cisco RV016 (consumer vs commercial)

    Care to elaborate? We've run C2960's at branch sites for years with no trouble, so when it came time to refresh our corporate access layer, the stackable 2960X and XR line made a lot of sense over moving straight from 3750's to 3850's. We've made a significant investment in the 2960 lineup now...
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    simple ssh tunnel for web browsing without proxy settings ?

    No, because you're just configuring the listen port, whether that's 8080, or 80 doesn't matter. You still need to point your browser to localhost in order to use the tunnel. One way to do it would be to point the traffic to a destination site, instead of the remote proxy server, then browsing...
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    Busy time for OpenSSL users

    I love that Centos has an interim package out but my Redhat boxes don't have an update available yet.
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    Busy time for OpenSSL users

    Thanks for posting this, I've been checking all of our stuff for the last four hours. That site has a command line utility for checking internal servers as well which turned out to be pretty handy. I ran a nmap of the networks I was interested in, filtering for only...
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    Bonjour, Inter-VLAN routing and tears...

    Lol, wish I had noticed the mdns service when I was looking at dhcp-relay. For future reference of others, would that command be simply: "set service mdns reflector" ?
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    Bonjour, Inter-VLAN routing and tears...

    Assuming you have the ERL performing your inter-vlan routing, maybe you can use the dhcp-relay option to forward broadcast traffic in EdgeOS/Vyatta, similar to Cisco ip-helper. It appears to have a relay-options port setting for specifying what port to listen on. Something like this: configure...
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    Network pics thread

    That's far too much Windows for a 10Gb link.
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    need GenControl alternative for Windows 7

    I think you can just shift+rightclick and 'run as different user'.
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    need GenControl alternative for Windows 7

    You rock, thanks dude!
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    need GenControl alternative for Windows 7

    I did some testing with the new version, it's definitely an improvement, but I'd recommend enabling authentication in the server registry settings. As it stands now, if the admin PC terminates the application abruptly, the session remains out there for anyone to connect to. In addition, anyone...
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    need GenControl alternative for Windows 7

    Awesome, thanks for the confirmation!
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    need GenControl alternative for Windows 7

    Maybe this was corrected in an update, as I've been running 1.4.0 for some time. But we discovered today that this tool has been occasionally leaving tvnserver running on remote PCs with no authentication. An nmap of our ~400 hosts reported 31 PCs running VNC that do not have the full service...
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    Moved to Linux as primary OS.

    Not quite the same as the built in appstreaming, but this works pretty well for me. I just install the ThinLinc shell on a Win TS, and put together a shell script named outlook on the linux client, that contains the following lines: --- cred="$(cat /etc/security/creds/win-username)" rdesktop...
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    What's the best social engineering or phishing e-mail you seen?

    I'm a net admin for a credit union, we've received very specific targeted phishing attempts with spoofed sender addresses from American Express, right down to using actual local employee names and very similar fake domain names. We process all suspicious email manually, and there have been a few...
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    Excluding a portion of interesting traffic from Cisco cryptomap

    I've never tried it, but I expect that a deny line that preempts the permit line in the matched access-list should work as an exclusion, for example: access-list 100 deny ip any access-list 100 permit ip any
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    detecting dhcp server

    Once you're done, enable Dynamic ARP Inspection and DHCP Snooping so you don't have this problem again.
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    Network pics thread

    lol, this is my power bill for August, the first month that I fired up my IBM pSeries and SAN at home. Guess what? I shut it off for September... lol
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    Someone affordable quad gigabyte nic?

    You could save your $200, and use a real server OS... :-)
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    Someone affordable quad gigabyte nic?

    I have one of those intel cards as well, works fine in Linux and in ESXi, FWIW. I haven't touched Windows 2012 though.