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    New Samsung 4k for everyone.

    Bought those cables since they were posted here as working ... Would you have any amazon link for the 18Gbps certified cables? Thanks.
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    New Samsung 4k for everyone.

    I need some help. I have the 48JU7500 and when I try to switch to fulle chroma 4:4:4 I get green dots all over the TV. I use the AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable and the Nvidia 970.
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    Dell Perc 6/i -- Still a good option for budget RAID 5/6 home server?

    The Dell Perc 6/i is an excellent card and very cheap, but as stated above the drawback is the 2TB disk limit.
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    Man Killed For His PS4

    Yap, 10 years ago on a PC.
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    Oculus Rift to Produce Only One Version for PC and Android

    Extend you arm and wave around. Check how long can you do it and report back with your brilliant ideas.
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    Oculus Rift to Produce Only One Version for PC and Android

    The first competitive games for VR headset will be cockpit simulators (driving, flying, ..). If you are serious about a game you don't need to look at the controls, so you will be fine. Especially in racing games. Can't wait to try out the final version of the Oculus.
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    Battlefield 4 Loves High Speed Memory

    +n Yap, I can smell it from here!
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    Students Can Get Microsoft Office 365 For Free

    Yeah, learn something from Google FFS!
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    Students Can Get Microsoft Office 365 For Free

    Smart. You do it like the religion organizations, you indoctrinate them while still young.
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    Facebook Users React To The AMD FX-9590

    but but ..., it's cheaper!
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    Sony Aiming for Sub-$400 PlayStation 4 Price

    You do realize that there is a much bigger gap between PC and consoles then it is from a console to a cell phone?
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    Sony Aiming for Sub-$400 PlayStation 4 Price

    No it's not equivalent, is way way faster then any AMD CPU/APU. AMD doesn't have a good power-to-compute ratio CPU/APU (they lag at least 5 years behind Intel in this aspect) and with PS4/Xbox the custom made design was not to made to make it faster it was made to make it consume less power can...
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    Sony Aiming for Sub-$400 PlayStation 4 Price

    If I'm fine with the graphics a today 300Eur Pc can produce I will be fine forever. We PC enthusiast spend a lot of money on hardware because we enjoy new shiny stuff and what we see on consoles was available 10 years ago on a PC and leaves me totally indifferent.
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    Sony Aiming for Sub-$400 PlayStation 4 Price

    400$ for a PC with an APU CPU? You got to be kidding. People are building HTPC for 200-300eur.
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    Why Metacritic Should Be Irrelevant

    Just check SimCity 2013 reviews, whoever gave it more then 6/10 is not to be trusted. P.S: I bought this piece of garbage, but at least I got BF3 for free and up until now I played BF3 way more then SimCity.
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    Half-Life 2 Gets Official Support for Oculus Rift

    Porn and gaming are the biggest force behind PC standard evolutions. all hail the titties!
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    U.S. Finds Porn Not Secrets on Suspected Spy’s PC

    Only in the land of free!
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    Intel Starts The Countdown To Haswell

    I did exactly that, but be ready for a lot of work and debugging. Especially if you, like me, will try to build a HTPC with XBMC/File/torrent/router/switch all in one solution.
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    How Does The PS4 Differ From A High-End Gaming PC?

    So, with this super-awesome technology will the consoles be able to play at 1080P@60FPS? You know, something that a high-end PC are doing for almost 10 years now.
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    Post your Smoothie/ipcop/etc. specs

    Solved. Maybe there will be another poor soul bashing his head trying to fix this problem, so here is what I did. Switched to Windows 7 64 and tried IPCop on VMWare player. Still not good, 20-50ms latency to the first nod, but better. Then I tried m0n0wall and bingo, 3ms latency again, so I...
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    90 Year Old Grandma Using An Oculus Rift

    Spot on, but for racing I'd say it's more then just that, with true VR you can better judge the corner depth and angle, you can also look to the corner apex instead to guessing where it is.
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    Post your Smoothie/ipcop/etc. specs

    Hi guys, I just build my first HTPC/Router and after installing IPCop I was not happy about my connection latency. My Asus tomato firmware has a latency of 3ms to the first node, but IPCop running as a virtual machine on my Ubuntu host has a latency of 15-80ms to the same node. Latency inside...
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    Microsoft's Adam Orth Resigns Over Twitter Tirade

    P.S: I don't like Microsoft, nor do I like the always on-line policy, but the last thing I 'd like to see is the freedom of expression being jeopardized by drama queens. This story tells me that people prefer being lied in the face, as long as it is a polite lie.
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    Microsoft's Adam Orth Resigns Over Twitter Tirade

    He wasn't speaking for Microsoft, he had a personal opinion. Sure you might not like it, but why on earth would you blame Microsoft for it? for crying out loud, just because I work for some company I can't have a personal opinion on the net (right or wrong)?
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    Microsoft's Adam Orth Resigns Over Twitter Tirade

    I don't understand this world. He was sarcastic in a funny way. Who is the drama queen that gets offended by this? Of course the only reason for always on is to combat piracy at the expense of legal users, everyone with an IQ above 10 gets it, yet people gets offended when someone speaks about...
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    Crowdfunding Raises $2.7B Worldwide Last Year

    This is good news indeed. Let's get rid of the publishers, they are the cancer of creativity.
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    EA Crowned Worst Company In America

    Because people care more about Mass Effect 3 ending then food ownership or environment.