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    Fs Amazon Gift Card *sold*

    Looking to exchange $100 Amazon gift card balance (code only) for $90 PayPal friends and family. Got this for Christmas and the thing I want to buy isn’t on Amazon. Depending on heat, will go first and so on. Thanks! Heat:
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    WTB 3900x found

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    F/S: 3900x Sold

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    WTB 3900x found

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    WTB 3900x found

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    WTB 3900x found

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    WTB 3900x found

    up, last piece i need for my build :)
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    WTB 3900x found

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    WTB 3900x found

    Looking for a 3900x for $350 shipped to NY. Saw a couple of them but both times I was too slow, so thought I’d make a post. Don’t need the cooler just the chip. Thank you!! :)
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    FS: Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Hero Wifi + AMD Ryzen 9 3900X, Older complete systems & more

    That’s understandable, good luck with sale :)!
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    All sold

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    DAN A4-SFX: The smallest gaming case in the world

    This might be a longshot but does anyone have temp data with a 3950x in this thing?
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    I'm selling the ROG Strix B550-i ITX Motherboard!

    Ebay fees are going to sting.
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    Man, I want this card
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    Recommendation for itx motherboard

    Going to be getting a 3900x with a Noctua NH-L12S. Need help deciding on the best motherboard for this combo. X570i or b550i? Oh, also will be using 64gb ram any help is much appreciated!
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    SOLD: $1099 - Macbook Pro 2016 w/ free extras

    I’m trying melk I’m trying. Thanks for the free bump :)
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    SOLD: $1099 - Macbook Pro 2016 w/ free extras

    Price drop night bump
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    SOLD: $1099 - Macbook Pro 2016 w/ free extras

    Just a pm away if you do. Also, I added some extra photos because people were asking for the condition of the laptop. I would say it’s a 9/10 on condition. I took .5 off for 2 tiny little scratches on the bottom of the laptop, very hard to see without looking for them. Another .5 because an...
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    SOLD: $1099 - Macbook Pro 2016 w/ free extras

    Price drop, $1260
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    SOLD Plum NIZ 82 EC Keyboard, ANSI Layout, 35g Capacitive domes, Non-RGB, No Blueooth

    Have a brand new NIZ 82 capacitive keyboard. You can find more information about it at the link below. This is the black, non-rgb, non-bluetooth variant that is currently sold out. I opened the box to take pictures and press on the keys (super satisfying). If you like a super loud clacky, heavy...