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  1. pitingres

    WD Blue vs Seagate Barracuda, trying to choose a 2TB HDD

    For your write-rarely purposes, it's not going to matter, and 5400 vs 7200 RPM probably won't matter either. (And I've seen reports that some of the WD drives actually spin faster than advertised; I don't know if that particular Blue is one of them.) Left to myself, from those two, I'd...
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    How important is USB 4.0 at this time?

    USB-C is the connector system spec that defines the connector and cabling requirements. it's up to a Rev 2.2, according to wiki, but I'd be gobsmacked if you would be able to find any rev labeling on <fill in any device here>. USB-C doesn't mandate that the cabling be capable of anything...
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    5600X Overclocking advice

    What I question is where you get that 51% number from. It must be a scenario specific to something that you are doing, because it doesn't match up with any reviews or benchmarks that I've seen anywhere else. In any case I'm not interested in arguing with you. You make one post bashing...
  4. pitingres

    additional RAM causing crash?

    I'd try a couple things: one, pull the added "silver" sticks and re-run memtest just to make sure your original kit is stable. Two, pull the original gold sticks from one machine, put in all 4 sticks of the new silver, and run memtest. I suspect it's the mix, possibly along with the...
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    additional RAM causing crash?

    You have B and D channels dual-ranked, but A and C not. While this configuration ought to work in theory, I don't know how well it will do in practice. In addition to memtest to make sure you don't have a bad stick, I'd maybe try turning off XMP (or DOCP or whatever Asus calls it) and see if...
  6. pitingres

    Is DDR5 going to reach CL ratings as low as DDR4?

    As I've said elsewhere, you can't look at CL numbers in isolation without also considering the memory clock. Higher clocked memory necessarily has larger CL numbers because the clock tick is shorter. CL numbers are in clock ticks, so the actual delay has to consider the tick duration as well...
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    Average read/write speed needed for gaming for the next 5 years

    Could you briefly summarize? I loathe having to sit though all the video blather.
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    5600X Overclocking advice

    No, this is false, or at best misleading. The 5800X3D is not half the speed, single thread, of a 13900K, unless you're looking at some very specific benchmark that favors the Intel CPU. They are much closer. One site (techpowerup) concludes that the 5800X3D is about 7% slower single thread...
  9. pitingres

    5600X Overclocking advice

    Single thread on the 5800X3D is hardly "poo". It's marginally slower than a 5800X, when you exclude cache effects, because the clock is a little lower. I personally don't consider a few percentage points, that you can't detect unless you're watching the fps meter, to be a big deal. Whether...
  10. pitingres

    Do mobo antennas ever need to be upgraded?

    Antenna design depends mostly on the wavelength (frequency), and has little or nothing to do with the encoding. So the answer is no, they don't grow obsolete - unless an entirely new frequency band is opened for wifi, and the chances of that happening are slim.
  11. pitingres

    Anyone actually have a 650 or 650E Board yet?

    I have several Asrock boards, including an X470 Taichi Ultimate, and a number of B450 Pro4's. I have no complaints about the hardware. The BIOS can be obscure in some places, but nothing worse IMO than gigabyte or the others, just different. I can't comment on bundled software because I never...
  12. pitingres

    5600X Overclocking advice

    Keep in mind that 3200CL16 and 3600CL18 are exactly the same CAS latency; you can't compare timing numbers in a vacuum, you need to apply the transfer rate as well, because timing numbers are in clock ticks. A 3600 (1800MHz) tick is faster / doesn't last as long as a 3200 (1600MHz) clock tick...
  13. pitingres

    Using DDR5 with XMP profiles on AM5?

    Same transfer rate? because if not, the numbers aren't comparable. GIven same transfer rate, I'm not sure it would matter unless there's some reason to believe that one is much more tunable than the other. The actual timing difference is a fraction of a nanosecond.
  14. pitingres

    5600X Overclocking advice

    Or a 2x16 setup with dual ranked DIMM's. I'm 99.9% sure that they were demonstrating the benefits of dual ranking, not some intrinsic benefit of 4 sticks. 4x8 is guaranteed dual rank, while these days 2x16 is not; and Zen 3 is the first Ryzen with a controller that can reliably run 4 sticks...
  15. pitingres

    What are some good value x670e motherboards, or boards with good features in general?

    The point would seem to be to cater to the vast majority of desktop users who want an AM5 CPU, and aside from that, only need a GPU slot, an m.2 slot or maybe two, and maybe a SATA port or two. I would have done all but one or two of my builds on A320 or A520 except that A320 was crap, and...
  16. pitingres

    Any zen 4 owners have super long boot times?

    I have to admit I'm puzzled by the emphasis on boot times. Who cares? Don't shut your machines down, sleep them. Deep sleep / hibernate doesn't (shoudn't) take much more power than power-off, if any more. I reboot the "office" laptop maybe once every couple months when there's an OS update...
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    Best SSD currently ?

    You can't ask for "best" without indicating what metric is most important. There's no such thing as a part that is fastest in all measurements, cheapest, and most reliable, all at the same time. For my workload the best PCIe 3.0 SSD is probably the Samsung 970 Pro. Best as in cheapest per...
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    Best SSD currently ?

    At the moment, I see 1 TB 980 pro 1 TB 970 pro 128 GB PM843 256 GB 860 evo 3x 1 TB Crucial MX500 2x 500GB Crucial MX500 480 GB Crucial BX500 250 GB Toshiba RD400 500 GB Mushkin Raw 1 TB SK Hynix P31 1 TB HP EX920 1 TB EX900 Pro (a Biwin unit) 240 GB Team L5 Lite 3D 2x 480 GB Team L5 Lite 3D 128...
  19. pitingres

    Build Help: 790/690 on 13900k or AM5?

    You won't be going AM5 then, as it's DDR5 only. Or were you just saying that you are sticking with 32GB memory?
  20. pitingres

    New main drive for oldish laptop. PCIe-3

    Subjectively, for most users, SSD's are a commodity item just like soap -- as long as you buy an established and/or well-reviewed brand, it's unlikely that you will notice any difference among drives. So, the question is what does she do with the computer? Users who do a LOT of writing, or who...
  21. pitingres

    PSU fan direction question

    Most ATX power supplies have an intake fan on bottom or top, and most cases seem to encourage fan on the bottom. Exhaust will generally be out the back. No idea what rack PSU's do; maybe the assumption is that the case air is already hot and the PSU wants outside cool air?
  22. pitingres

    Timings - CL16 @ 3200Mhz = CL18 @ 3600Mhz?

    3200CL16 is exactly the same CAS latency as 3600CL18, 10 nanoseconds. CL is listed in clock ticks, and faster transfer rates have higher clocks / shorter clock ticks. The formula is (1000/(MTs / 2)) * CL gives CAS latency in nanoseconds. MTs is the transfer rate in MT/s, universally...
  23. pitingres

    Why I will probably buy 7700X instead of 5800X3D or even 7800X3D [please tell why shouldn't I]

    It appears that running 4 sticks of DDR5 is very problematic for current memory controllers, so I'd say no. If you were to do anything along those lines, it would be buy 2 new sticks and sell the old, probably for a loss.
  24. pitingres

    X570 Realtek vs Intel LAN

    If you're going to run at 2.5gbit, I'd probably pick the Realtek. If you are running at the traditional 1gbit, either should work. I have zero problems with my 225V (3rd rev), however the rest of my LAN is 1gbit. The 225V at 2.5gbit may still be seeing some throughput consistency issues...
  25. pitingres

    Rx 6400 LP?

    What video capabilities do you need out of the second box? HD 6450's are cheap and work perfectly well for desktop and 1080p youtube video, even if they are older than dirt. Dunno how they'd do at higher resolutions. I see low profile RX550's out there which are rather better if you need...
  26. pitingres

    Recommend your current "best value" M.2 NVMe drive

    Your best value is to leave it alone. There are certainly situations where NVMe subjectively beats SATA in real life: moving multi-gigabyte files around, for instance. Boot times might be a second or so faster, maybe. Game loading times for very large games might be a little better...
  27. pitingres

    How to SAFELY remove HSF from Ryzen AM4 socket motherboard

    The paste used on the stock Wraith coolers is known to turn into glue over time. As others have posted, your best bet is to warm it up, and then be patient. I've had to unlock the CPU and remove it on the cooler, to make it easier to get a very fine blade into one corner to encourage the...
  28. pitingres

    What are the differences between Asus and MSI BIOS? (Z790)

    And you can't rely on it, because the BIOS options can change with updates. Maybe not so much for the Z790, as 13th gen the end of the line for that chipset. I have an Asrock X470 and the current BIOS settings and layout are very different from what's in the 4 year old manual.
  29. pitingres

    Best bang for the $? 5500 vs 5600 vs 5600X vs 3600X for OFFICE work loads

    Notwithstanding all the hate on the RX 6400, that might be an option if OP doesn't have a video card. It's significantly better than a 1030 for $140-ish (US). Significantly worse than a used RX 580, of course, but one can't always find the latter.
  30. pitingres

    Best bang for the $? 5500 vs 5600 vs 5600X vs 3600X for OFFICE work loads

    What graphics card are you going to pair the CPU with? none of them have integrated graphics. Assuming that you have decided on a GPU, I'd probably go along with the rest and vote for the 5600.
  31. pitingres

    Best exhaust fan?

    Unless there's an airflow restriction, such as a radiator or a crappy closed-off front panel design, yes, an airflow-optimized fan is probably preferred. Keep in mind that there's relatively little difference between a static pressure optimized and an airflow optimized fan. These are...
  32. pitingres

    Best exhaust fan?

    Airflow optimized is probably the better choice. The rear grille doesn't impede the airflow to any noticeable extent; it's not like trying to push air through a dense radiator.
  33. pitingres

    Do NVMe's SSD's today provide real-world performance advantages over SATA SSD's?

    That's going to be a problem when there's 16 GB of ram in the computer, and you still need lots of room for game engine code, framebuffers, game logic data, etc etc. VRAM adds another 8 GB or so, but a lot of that is needed for GPU processing, and it's no help when you are dealing with sounds...
  34. pitingres

    Do NVMe's SSD's today provide real-world performance advantages over SATA SSD's?

    Caches it where? You mentioned 24 and 40 gigabyte files, that's not going to work with a typical 16GB RAM desktop. Even caching an entire 4+ gig phrase file might be an issue, given everything else that a game engine might want/need to keep in memory. Caching stuff you won't need is a waste...
  35. pitingres

    Do NVMe's SSD's today provide real-world performance advantages over SATA SSD's?

    Multiple things. Often it's CPU setup and processing time swamping out transfer time. Very frequently, the I/O is random, not sequential; worse, the random I/O is often issued sequentially, so queue depths are very small. NVMe drives aren't all that much better than SATA drives at handling a...
  36. pitingres

    Upgraded from 1700x to 5600 and now mobo does not post

    Before you revert, have you tried a plugs-out, battery-out CMOS reset? Try that, install the new CPU without booting the old one, and see if anything happens.
  37. pitingres

    seeking advice on AM4 motherboard for aournd 100 bucks

    Have you tried updating your X370 board's BIOS? MSI B450 Pro Carbon if you can find one at a good price; MSI B450 Tomahawk; Asrock B450/450M Pro4; Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite are all decent enough B450's. I suspect you might have a better chance of finding the Asrock Pro4 at a good price, they...
  38. pitingres

    Going from 10900 to 13900 worth it?

    The bit that caught my eye was: Are you having performance issues with hunt showdown? because if you aren't seeing issues, I'm not sure why you would want to upgrade...
  39. pitingres

    Is DDR5200 an OK speed for 13900K build? Or consider 5600 or 6000?

    Since I'm not interested in spending 51 minutes of my life listening to someone talking, anyone care to summarize?
  40. pitingres

    Is DDR5200 an OK speed for 13900K build? Or consider 5600 or 6000?

    Get the cheap stuff. A 4% memory speed difference probably translates to under 0.5% of system performance difference, if even that. You'd need a direly cache-busting program to see a real overall difference.