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  1. djoye

    Elden Ring (From Software RPG)

    I'm 78 hours in and still have a ways to go because I want to purge at least all of the story-related bosses. I really hate games that are artificially difficult, the kind that are either difficult for the sake of being difficult (cheap) or are difficult because of poorly-designed mechanics...
  2. djoye

    Amazon Prime Video app 5.1 on 7.1 speakers problem

    I really wanted something from Denon or Marantz because my Denon AVRs have been awesome, but they didn't have anything for proper HDMI 2.1 gaming back when I settled for this Onkyo. This is my Onkyo ownership list of fails: TX-SR605 - HDCP handshake issues TX-SR608 - Cold solder developed...
  3. djoye

    Amazon Prime Video app 5.1 on 7.1 speakers problem

    I'd certainly like to know how the Denon behaves. I found out that this behavior is that of the Onkyo AVR. Any Dolby 5.1 signal it receives, it outputs as 7.1 and sends the surround to the rear speakers, which is absolutely wrong in my opinion. It doesn't do this to DTS 5.1. I confirmed this...
  4. djoye

    Amazon Prime Video app 5.1 on 7.1 speakers problem

    I flipped through all the playback options (Direct, Dolby Surround, DTS Neural, etc.) to see if the behavior changed and it doesn't. If I play a ripped 5.1 movie from Kodi on the Shield and I use "Direct" mode, the AVR shows that 5.1 channels are active. If I playback a Prime video in Direct...
  5. djoye

    Amazon Prime Video app 5.1 on 7.1 speakers problem

    Recently I've noticed an issue with Prime video where the 5.1 audio is forcefully upmixed to 7.1 and the side surround audio is sent to the rear surround speakers with nothing coming from the side surrounds. I've noticed this when running the Prime video app directly from the TV (LG G2) and from...
  6. djoye

    Death Stranding Catapult

    It's only in Director's Cut. I know the DC upgrade was $10 or something in the past, on Steam when you already owned the base game.
  7. djoye

    Elden Ring (From Software RPG)

    Picked this up on sale and have 80 minutes on it. Been a while since I played on of these games and just started worrying about losing progress after dying. How do I get to the Hunter's Dream to spend my Blood Echoes? Also, performance seems perfectly smooth at 1440p; i7-9700K+RTX3090.
  8. djoye

    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Official Thread

    I think my performance issue may have been the game running in windowed fullscreen with vsync; sometimes I forget about the "Display" options. It seemed to perform better in real fullscreen without vsync, which is how I typically run games.
  9. djoye

    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Official Thread

    I have a 3090 at 1440p on an i7-9700K, enabled all RT features and set it to RT Ultra preset, game looks like it's barely running 30FPS. I dropped options from Ultra+ setting down to Ultra, performance might have improved, but it wasn't very noticeable. I closed the game, checked the performance...
  10. djoye

    God of War: Ragnarök

    I thought I was going to run off on a little side quest to help that guy but it turned out to be at least three hours of me clearing the area. I thought it was really strange to be that far in the game and have an area of that size appear.
  11. djoye

    God of War: Ragnarök

    Aside from it basically being a continuation of the last game, I'm enjoying how the game accommodates us lazier gamers. I chose the default/middle difficulty and I've noticed that the bigger fights have checkpoints. Die at a certain point in the fight? Start with full health from the last fight...
  12. djoye

    EAX emulation without a Sound Blaster card is here

    It has actually been a while, but you can now play most (all?) EAX-based games with a combination of OpenAL Soft and DSOAL without a Sound Blaster card. Relevant sites: -- <- DSOAL's...
  13. djoye

    God of War: Ragnarök

    That's some excellent marketing right there. I must resist the urge to buy, but maybe it's worth it. I snagged a PS5 on launch day and then played Forbidden West ASAP... before all of the nice patches, but it looks like Ragnarok has all of those display options on launch. If you buy a PS game...
  14. djoye

    Fallout 4

    I only use FO4SE to run a mod that fixes physics over 60FPS. I'll be surprised if they fix that on PC without just capping the framerate at 60FPS.
  15. djoye

    Resident Evil 4 (remake)

    I'm hoping they've maintained the melee goodness because I don't remember seeing any sweet roundhouse kicks in the trailer. Somewhere between RE4 and RE6 I remember having to abandon ammo because I kept using melee and knife after stunning enemies with a leg or headshot.
  16. djoye

    Is Windows 22H2 officially released already?

    I'm showing 5.4 seconds, my last boot was from being powered down. I don't think my boot speed decreased after 22H2. I did "upgrade" to Windows 11 22H2 from a USB key built using the MS ISO tool. Not a clean install, just didn't want to wait for the update to be pushed through Windows Update...
  17. djoye

    Who come up with this: Shaving CD?

    It's already cold there, those particles aren't escaping anywhere!
  18. djoye

    Overwatch 2 - Official Thread

    I really have to wait in a queue just to get to the title screen? Is there no longer offline training with bots or was that actually online? I did get upgraded from owning OW1 if that matters, but this is pretty dumb.
  19. djoye

    Possible Major Issue with Windows 11 22H2

    +1 for something with Credential Guard.
  20. djoye

    Windows 11 HDR Calibration App

    I guess I haven't played Resident Evil 8 in a long time, because I played yesterday and noticed something wrong with the HDR calibration in the game. I thought that maybe it was affected by this calibration tool, but it looks like it's affected by Auto HDR. RE8 first launches some intro videos...
  21. djoye

    Windows 11 HDR Calibration App

    Wow, this makes HDR usable on the Windows UI. The UI is no longer washed out with HDR enabled.
  22. djoye

    RTX 4xxx / RX 7xxx speculation

    I'm skeptical of the RTX 40's supposed performance improvement over the 30. Is that theoretical improvement with DLSS 3 or is that real raw power? Can't wait to see real benchmarks. I could probably do a 4080 16GB, but I should try to resist.
  23. djoye

    WSUS Windows Update Downloading stuck at 0% - My Solution

    I'm posting this here because the items I find in a Google search are often related to resetting Windows Update on the workstation/client side, but this was a WSUS server issue. I had a couple Windows updates stuck in the downloading phase at 0%. After having trashed...
  24. djoye

    HTPC - no more?

    Small devices have certainly caught up. I bought a Shield (2019 model I assume, small cylindrical version) and it has been capable of streaming 4K Blu-ray rips over my wired network, Dolby Vision/HDR, Atmos, etc., it's nice and it's small enough to tuck away with the wires so it doesn't take up...
  25. djoye - Newegg's new GPU-only site

    Make Newegg eat it. Weren't they basically forcing people to buy extra items to get a GPU during the supply issues?
  26. djoye

    Are all software platforms going to cloud?

    The future is cloud-only services and subscript-based licensing. This probably lets them charge you a large sum of money without breaking down what you're actually buying.
  27. djoye

    Horizon Forbidden West

    VRR seems to be working nicely. I only played a little bit in each mode and even the 30FPS resolution mode will use VRR appearing to run smoother than pre-VRR, however, I've been playing Breath of the Wild on Switch, so anything that can hold a solid 30FPS is currently impressive to me.
  28. djoye

    Good experience with NZXT pre-built

    The PSU is definitely something I didn't look at because it was nested down there hidden away, so I don't know what it is, however, no proprietary connections on the PSU or motherboard. Next time I'm at the in-laws' I'll have to remember to look at the PSU. I'm just thrilled that everything can...
  29. djoye

    Good experience with NZXT pre-built

    My niece wanted a gaming PC and specified a budget ($1500), I didn't want to even think about or have to deal parts availability, so I considered pre-built. I remembered either JayZTwoCents or LinusTechTips mentioning that NZXT did well with their pre-builts. I referred my niece to NZXT's...
  30. djoye

    Wired Controller for PS5?

    I've had a PS5 since launch and it's super quiet. I'm guessing you might have been traumatized by a PS4; I had a PS4 Pro and its fans would cause it to resonate with the shelf it was on; I could hear it over loud audio. I have not played a disc-based game on PS5, so I can't speak for noise from...
  31. djoye

    Dying Light 2

    I've been enjoying this. I wouldn't say that the graphics are awesome, but I'm mostly impressed with the lighting and shadows. RTX3090 at 1440p, DLSS balanced with everything cranked and I'm probably getting around 90 FPS with rare dips. I took the screenshot below because the lighting feels...
  32. djoye

    Dell Alienware AW3423DW 34″ QD-OLED 175Hz (3440 x 1440)

    Based on this video it sounds like there's some internal conflict at Samsung regarding their own branded QD-OLED displays.
  33. djoye

    Horizon Forbidden West

    It's a small required part. There's no underwater combat that I know of, you have to hide to avoid confrontation, but I don't think you can defend yourself under water. I didn't find it frustrating.
  34. djoye

    Alan Wake Remastered

    LOL. I can't wait to forget that Alan Wake 2 was released until someone bumps the thread from a year after its release on the Epic store.
  35. djoye

    HDMI 2.1 AVR Recommendations (2021)

    I'm interested in the TX-RZ50 or the TX-NR7100, but I like Audyssey Dynamic EQ since it adjusts the EQ settings for the volume level you're listening at. With Dynamic EQ disabled, you basically have to crank the AVR to max to get the full effect. I've read that DIRAC doesn't have a similar...
  36. djoye

    Official PS5 Thread

    There was a Ratchet & Clank update yesterday that appears to have greatly improved the game's VRR performance. I initially played Rift Apart in the 30FPS fidelity mode on a 60Hz TV and the performance was consistent. I now have a 120Hz TV* and I thought that the 120Hz/40FPS mode felt strange in...
  37. djoye

    HDMI 2.1 AVR Recommendations (2021)

    Do you all have any sources for AV receiver news? Seems that Onkyo is still the only one with a 2.1 AVR with more than one proper HDMI 2.1 input on it, surely Denon has something in the works but I'm not seeing any news on what Denon has for 2022. I'm looking for a 9-channel AVR with at least...
  38. djoye

    Help with an older Creative SB X-Fi on Win10

    I've surprisingly not had much resistance from my X-Fi after all these years. When you do a Windows feature update or upgrade (ex: 10 -> 11), you typically have to reinstall the driver packs or you'll lose the EAX functionality (ALchemy won't do its job). However... EAX is now, or is in the...
  39. djoye

    Amnesia: Rebirth

    I'm glad this is free because I can't justify buying scary games I won't play. I'm stuck in that stupid submarine on SOMA.
  40. djoye

    Does HDR impact FPS?

    HDR is fine in Windows with games, press Windows key + ALT + B to enable HDR when you want to play games or watch HDR content, press it again to disable HDR when you want to use basic GUI stuff. Some games will auto-enable HDR, but apparently HDR in an operating system is more complicated than...