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  1. carlbme

    Iptorrent Invites

    I've got 3 invites to hand out.
  2. carlbme

    Microcenter has dropped price ...AMD 5800x $429

    As someone in Tampa, I agree. That's oddly enough one of the few things I miss from when I lived in KCMO. Need a MicroCenter in central FL somewhere.
  3. carlbme

    What is an Ethernet cable? Here's how to connect to the internet without Wi-Fi and get a speedier connection

    HA! It gets worse. Had an all hands meeting at work where they were discussing a new huge campus they are building. One of the things the one C level guy said is how much more modern and up to date it'll be. One of the major benefits is that is that ALL the buildings will be 100% wireless...
  4. carlbme

    Solarwinds - Supply Chain Hack

    Sadly our company is moving more and more towards Solarwinds. Despite the crazy need to patch it so quickly now and actually having some of the initial backdoors in our systems. No clue why they don't dump it.
  5. carlbme

    Ubiquiti tells customers to change passwords after security breach

    Yup, went and changed my password and enabled 2FA. Always something. *sigh*
  6. carlbme

    FS 2020

    Bumping this up. Now that they've released VR I'm looking at finally getting a VR headset. Any one tried this out? Worth the price of admission to get a headset? (Debating on Pimax 8KX or the HP Reverb G2).
  7. carlbme

    2080 ti on EVGA b-stock for $1350

    I purchased one of the 2080ti's from there in the days after the 3000 series announcement for $482 with shipping and taxes. This is insane.
  8. carlbme

    ASUS Intros ROG Strix White Variants of its GeForce RTX 30-series Graphics Cards

    Meh, let me know when the white editions bring back the white PCB.
  9. carlbme

    Solarwinds - Supply Chain Hack

    Yeah, first calls were last night. Patch immediately. Scan for signs of intrusion. End of day today the leadership came down and said they no longer have faith in the patching. So nuke everything and rebuild with the version that is said to be good. It's going to be a long few days.
  10. carlbme

    Solarwinds - Supply Chain Hack

    Yup, been a shitty day at work. But I guess I'm happy I don't work at more of the higher profile places.
  11. carlbme

    Microsoft Internal Documents - Permanent Work From Home

    Most places don't care about Institutional knowledge. Do you have the skills to use Product A to do Job Function B? Yup....good!! Can you do it cheaper than what we currently pay our employees?! Even better!
  12. carlbme

    Microsoft Internal Documents - Permanent Work From Home

    My company initally sent us home at the begining of March. Intially it was stated the end of April would be the return to the office. Then it was June, then it was September, then it was the first of the year. Just today they told us it'd now be April of next year. I can't stand working from...
  13. carlbme

    Microsoft acquires ZeniMax Media and Fallout maker Bethesda for $7.5 billion

    So since they own both Bethesda and Oblivion, does that mean that we might get a new Fallout game from Oblivion?!
  14. carlbme

    After Ampere Launch Survey

    Snagged a 280ti for $375 the other day. So going to run that until BigNavi announcement. Then figure out which one I want to go with. I'll sell this one for about the same price or so and purchase the new card when I see benchmarks for them and availability.
  15. carlbme

    EVGA B-stock 1080ti $349

    Grabbed one of the B-Stock 2080Ti's. I was going to wait for the 3080. But due to likely short supply initially and then reading up on miners already starting to grab butt-loads of them for crypto. So figured what the hell. $566 (after taxes) would work for a year before they are in stock enough...
  16. carlbme

    EVGA B-stock 1080ti $349

    It doesn't look like it. According to the set-up FAQ it says cards purchased that have a 3 year warranty. But all of the B stock only have a 1 year warranty, meaning that they don't qualify.
  17. carlbme

    1 year Playstation Plus subcription $30 - cdkeys

    Purchased this but then they put my purchase on hold and emailed me telling me to send them a copy of my photo ID. A quick Google search showed that this is sometimes normal. But responded with nope not going to happen. Thankfully they processed my refund immediately.
  18. carlbme

    Thermaltake Pacific Hard Tube Bending Kit - $39.99

    I got an email confirming my order. Plus another one when it shipped. Showed up today. If you didn't get your email, check the woot site under orders and it might be there.
  19. carlbme

    Not only google... your car MFR also knows everything about you...

    Actually NOT quite true. The 2010 Toyota Carolla has the Toyota EDR in it. EDR=Event Data Recorder. And a sample of what it contains...
  20. carlbme

    Google Pixel 3 or 3XL $300 off code

    Sadly I was too slow. Code already used.
  21. carlbme

    Thousands of IoT Refrigerators Worldwide Are Using Default Passwords

    To be fair it isn't always entirely clear that it is. For example I just recently purchased a new refrigerator for our home. No where on the model pamplet on the showroom floor did it state that it had Internet connectivity. No WiFi button on the fridge or anything. On the models in the same...
  22. carlbme

    Harley Davidson Reveals the Pricing and Specs of Its "Livewire" Electric Motorcycles

    I've been excited since they first announced it. greatest fear about this has come true. Pricing. Just too far out of my price range. No way can I afford to toss down 30K for a motorcycle.
  23. carlbme

    The best PC case I ever owned was a...

    For me the best (and still rocking it in my work build) is the Lian Li PC-T60 Workbench
  24. carlbme

    Hackers Use Smart TVs to Promote PewDiePie

    OK, I'm confused. I'm assuming that the page was forced offline since it wouldn't make sense for them to take it offline themselves after putting that much work into doing this to educate people (which is how I read the ultimate goal to be). That said, why would someone try to take down the...
  25. carlbme

    The Next Version of HTTP Won't Be Using TCP

    Is it weird that I read "developed by Google" and have come to wonder what sort of way's they'll implant to track things in that? I know highly unlikely for technical reasons alone. But to me, that's all Google has become.
  26. carlbme

    C&C Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert are Getting Remasters

    I haven't bought an EA game or taken them up on any of the free games either since the whole SimCity disappointment. Flat out removed Origin and SimCity, stated I'd never buy another EA game. I've stuck to my guns on that. BUT.....I think I might just give up on that for this. Sadly I'm sure...
  27. carlbme

    Gearbox CEO Has Millions Embezzled by Personal Assistant

    I worked as the IT guy for a small company before. The owner had several different companies and quite a bit of wealth. As such he had an AmEx for the business. He literally gave me a scanned copy of the card and told me to use it for the companies IT needs. Other than payroll all the IT...
  28. carlbme

    Google Can Now Turn Off Teens' Phones

    Depending upon what grade they are in and things of that nature, some of the classes and after school programs actually require the usage of a cell phone. Teachers, groups of students use it to comunicate on tasks. Used to track time spent working on projects. Some coursework has to be done...
  29. carlbme

    Class Action Do Not Track Google Lawsuit

    I fully support this actually. The whole thing just screams of loophole BS by Google. I'll admit, I was one of the fools that thought when I turned off the Location and Location History that I was no longer being tracked.
  30. carlbme

    Judge Jails Defendant for Failing to Unlock Phones

    I'm in Tampa and I'm surprised that this is just now hitting the national news. Sadly it's being downplayed quite a bit here and the news isn't talking about it much. The thing is, he was leaving a driveway when he "failed to yield properly". When the small amount of weed was discovered, he...
  31. carlbme

    Pentagon Cracks Down on Cell Phones

    As travisty stated, it's always been a thing. There was always lockers outside the secure areas. Those who worked in there had their own lockers assigned to them. Anyone else who entered had to go through security, be verified, signed in, and made sure that they didn't have anything on them of...
  32. carlbme

    520 Error on Main page

    Well good to know it isn't just me.
  33. carlbme

    Hackers and Your Medical Information

    Nope, it's lack of knowledge and wasting money where it isn't needed in IT. They invest a TON. But most of it is for stuff that is to solve problems that don't exist, and in the end create problems. Or to try to solve a problem by bringing in an outside vendor and their product, spending...
  34. carlbme

    Hackers and Your Medical Information

    As someone who works in IT for a healthcare company, I'm not sure it's due to lack of IT investment. The company throws money at IT like mad. However, the problem is that they let the business side run things. They force us to setup machines a certain way, to allow certain connections, password...
  35. carlbme

    The Steam Machine is Dead

    You can easily install the Steam client on many different flavors of Linux. A good bit of them come with it pre-installed. And all of them can run in Big Picture Mode. As far as their own custom version of SteamOS goes; I'd be surprised if it continued to be developed and supported for much longer.
  36. carlbme

    Google Further Pushes HTTPS by Marking Websites as "Not Secure"

    There are a lot that don't care. I've mentioned this to a few of my clients and they were like "Ehh, the site will still work." "We really don't care what it will say in Chrome." "We do most of our stuff via Twitter and Facebook, so we don't really care about our website." "Not worth the...
  37. carlbme

    Apple Delays New iOS Features to Focus On Stability

    I applaud this decision. I wish others would do that (thinking specifically about Microsoft here).
  38. carlbme

    Toyota Adding Alexa to Select Cars in 2018

    Others are already doing it. I know Ford is (see my post above where I have it in my F150).
  39. carlbme

    Toyota Adding Alexa to Select Cars in 2018

    I have this in my truck via my phone. With Ford's Sync 3 system it will run the Sync Apps from the phone over Bluetooth. So install the Ford+Alexa app on the phone, and now all of the sudden my truck has Alexa. It's pretty interesting actually. I like being able to tell it I'm headed home and...
  40. carlbme

    Best-Selling Product on Amazon This Holiday Season: Echo Dot

    This is exactly why I got it. And after finding out just how useful this thing is, and verifying that traffic only happens AFTER the keyword, I went ahead and got a second one to go into the bedroom. There has been many times that I forgot to charge my phone, or numerous other things that...