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    Facebook Accused of Inflating Ad-Watching Metrics by 900% to Deceive Advertisers

    only advertisers cares, as for the users, we don't care, in fact we try to block ads on everything now days cause we all do not like ads, its annoying and in your face all the time. Ads is a great method to earn money, and great if your business is promoting a website that needs to generate...
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    Amazon PRIME DAY is Upon Us

    high end product needs to go on sale, not the clearance items and or cheap knock-off product. People like me, only want the best, but its always so expensive that it never goes on sale, unless you wait like 10 years and by then new and better products exists.
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    Microsoft Is Seeking Input from Japanese Developers for the Next Xbox

    they just need a console that is disc free (optional). A system that has 4TB+ of disk space where you can download games and or stream games just like having a steam account or GeForce account. That's how games should be played. Just like the PC, people likes having a variety of a huge library...
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    There Is a 40% Chance Apple Will Acquire Netflix, according to Citi

    Netflix, don't do it!!! Also if Apple has that much money, why not give back to the consumers, we buy phones from you, we deserve better, cheaper price tag on your phones please. Companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsumg, etc. is such a monopoly. The universal product never works well...
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    Moviegoing Is Expected to Hit a 22-Year Low

    I love going to the movies, even with the price increase I still go, but I wish they didn't have to raise the price. Just because its seat reserve, IMAX screen and or 3D movie, doesn't mean the price should increased? The idea is to attract more people coming in. About shitty movies, I think...
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    Facebook Fighting Engagement Bait Posts

    in a way, its a good idea, some uses like and share to profit from fame and or spam. Its like the chain emails (for stealing names and emails information), get rid of them.
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    Break the Internet on 12/12

    stop these morons now.
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    New Group of Hackers Targeting Banks Around the World

    when you think about it, the world is a scary place. How do you outsmart hackers to better keep things safe and secured? I prefer good hackers who wants to help the community over bad hackers who just want to either steal or cause trouble.
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    Cyber Monday Hits Record-Breaking $6.59B in US Online Sales

    nice, only in the states, in Canada it was $16.97 still too much.
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    Cyber Monday Hits Record-Breaking $6.59B in US Online Sales

    I didn't see nothing much, most items that goes on sale are cheap products, for once, give us the newest, top quality product to be on sale.
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    Facebook Captcha Test Wants You to Upload a Clear Picture of Your Face

    i agree to certain degree. People using fake photos or anonymous account cause they don't want people to know who they are, those people should be deleted. Although a real account with real photos shouldn't have to use a clear photo of yourself for a profile picture.
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    Microsoft’s Windows 10 Update Strategy Is Showing Strains

    same, my laptop disk run constantly doing some windows maintenance in the background. I don't have an SSD drive on this laptop but the drive runs like none-stop. Windows updates shouldn't be like your PC is scanning the whole drive, should be quick and simply and run only on shutdown or lightly...
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    Hollywood Strikes Back Against Illegal Streaming Kodi Add-Ons

    btw theatre don't suck, they have nice recliner seats now, which is way better. Imax screen, atmos surround sound and recliner seats makes it all worth it to see a movie on the big screen. ;-) (the only thing I don't do is 3D movies, only Avatar was good in 3D, since than not so much.)
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    Hollywood Strikes Back Against Illegal Streaming Kodi Add-Ons

    here is the thing...basically companies are encouraging internet piracy. Piracy offers what people dream of having. If companies can learn from it and smarten up, more and more people would start paying for a product that makes sense. ex. napster/mp3 change the world in how we do digital music...
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    Report: Israel Hack Uncovered Russian Spies’ Use of Kaspersky in 2015

    why spy, why cant we just be one world living in peace. Look how big the Universe is, it seem our planet is the only one that has LIFE. Lets all enjoy life, its government power control and money that turns this world into hate and spies and criminals, etc..
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    Netflix Is Raising Its Prices Again

    Quote: As long as Netflix + Hulu is cheaper than cable, I don't mind price increases. True but these companies don't have live TV, if you get TV + VOD cheaper than cable than great. How many companies offers both movies library and live TV all in one package?
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    Netflix Is Raising Its Prices Again

    owning a business is not easy, raising the price is understandable, but raising the price but not giving that much back is the problem. If you are going to raise your price, you better have a much bigger library with more movies to choose from, the other problem is company like Disney to say...
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    Microsoft Announces Edge for iOS and Android

    I find safari doesn't always load the pages, its like I need to switch wifi from 2.4 to 5ghz or vice versa to make the page loads, maybe IE browser will be better? will see how it compares with google chrome.
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    Toys ‘R’ Us Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

    every time I see a company going bankruptcy, all I think about is why are these stores doing nothing to help increase sales!!! When I visit toys r us, the place is usually always empty, unless its boxing week or black Friday. If you can lower the cost of toys, parents would be able to afford...
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    Mayweather vs. McGregor Pirated Streams Reach Nearly 3 Million Viewers

    might as well be at the actual event for that price. Cable/Satellite companies are just a rip off. If ever they go broke, well duh, its called lower you god'em prices.
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    Apple Is Fighting Movie Studios to Keep 4K Films Priced at $20 on iTunes

    buying digital copy only is a rip off. Why don't they allow the user to choose if they want the blu ray disk has well at no additional charge. If you can go to the store and buy the blu ray copy that includes the digital copy, might as well do the same on the apple store? Either sell the digital...
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    Gates Makes Largest Donation since 2000 with $4.6 Billion Pledge

    very generous Bill, but for once, how about giving 4 billion people $1M each. you will satisfied a lot of people. You just need to create a form, and 4Billions lucky randomly people would be picked :)
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    MoviePass Is Dropping Subscription Fees to $10 a Month

    if only Canada had such deals? of course these amazing deals is never worldwide.
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    Razer Atheris Boasts 350 Hours of Battery Life

    i guess if you use it for gaming. I use wired mouse for gaming. My wireless mouse is for production/tasks with the laptop and after 3 years, I didn't change the battery, yet still works. Just keep turning it off after each use too, that helps.
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    Target Buys Same-Day Delivery Company to Battle Amazon

    Target should have compete more in Canada with lower prices, that is the only reason they failed, the products was not as competitive as Walmart was.
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    DMCA Used to Remove Ad Server URL from Blocklist

    ads is a pain in the butt anyway, I like to see a clean page, like google search page. A page fill of animated gifs and ads, ruins it, its a wasteland. Plus why would people spend that much money on a phone and then see a bunch of ads banner for each apps, that's annoying, thank goodness there...
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    Barclays: Nobody Wants to Buy a $1,000 iPhone

    the prices just for a phone these days is ridiculous. In my book, $1,200 is meant for buying a full desktop computer, and $400 approx. for a smart phone. Apple is charging way too much for their phones. I love my Iphone5S, but I have to wait for the newer iphone price to drop. ugh. BTW, if the...
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    Microsoft Claims 71% Of Windows 10 Users Are Happy With Telemetry

    if windows doesn't want to have their hands full with lawsuits, then they should not spy on people without their consent. By agreeing to the software license, it is to install and use the software, not to spy on you, people privacy should be kept private.
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    Disney Ditching Netflix Keeps Piracy Relevant

    Legal paid services will never give us what we truly want. A one stop place, where the streaming service has all the movies in the world in one large database. We don't want to pay multiple streaming services, we want to pay one time fee and access everything. Too many services, competition and...
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    FCC Wants Mobile Data to Count as Broadband Internet

    I totally agree with FCC. If I pay like $99 a month for unlimited broadband internet, why pay more for my mobile internet data, it should be included for both. Most providers are just a bunch of greedy people who wants to make a shit load of profits.
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    Blizzard Shuts Down Legacy WoW Fan Server Hours After It Goes Up

    some games allows modding maps, so whats so different with this game, oh yea maybe cause of the stupid paid subscription, c'mon blizzard, let people play games for free, if you buy the game, you can play anytime you want online and offline.
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    Christopher Nolan Calls Netflix's Film Strategy "Pointless"

    I still prefer 2D movies. 3D movies is darker picture, hard on the eyes sometimes and some 3D movies, doesn't have enough 3D in it!!! they need to improve the technology.
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    Christopher Nolan Calls Netflix's Film Strategy "Pointless"

    I love theatres and they should remain for many many more years to come (as long they keep giving us good comfortable seats and imax theatres as the standard theatres with atmos sound. For Netflix movies, they should promote new films like same process as to being release in theatres, except...
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    Cox Argues That Pirates Shouldn't Lose Internet Access

    we all have fear of internet security and fear of bad people in our neighborhoods, doesn't mean ISP should have the right to share personal information. ISP should never be involved, if we pay to get a service, than we should have the right to use it. The only rights ISP should share is those...
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    Man Arrested for Flying Drone over Wildfire, Delaying Firefighters

    why would the aircraft delayed, drones are smaller, who cares, keep dumping water, if the drones gets wreck, well that is the person fault. Who is the chielf of fire department, just keep doing your job, nothing should stand in your way, my goodness.
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    The Mummy Official Trailer

    I like the old mummy movies and this is certainly different, not sure about the storyline but the trailer looks Kick Ass!!! I love movies and Tom Cruise is a awesome actor for action movies! those who doesn't think so, too bad for you, but in my book, he's really good.
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    “Super” Wi-Fi May Finally Be Coming Your Way

    did they stupid what it does to human when these signals travel thru our body? I invested in a good router and still get dead spots/weak signal in the house, just wish, there would be no dead spot and its fast signal anywhere in the house.
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    Would You Consider a Disc-Free Console?

    what about the PS4 none pro version?
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    Not Warning Kid About Piracy Makes Father Liable, Court Rules

    all of this is none-sense. Its simple, if it exist on the web then so be it, just go after the people that makes it available, not the people that finds the stuff and downloads it. We don't have time to parent this shit, there so much we can do with our children, they will continue doing...
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    Facebook Tests Dislike Button on Messages

    kinda agree with this dislike button, too many negative comments on the web, some people dislikes things personally and others just does it for laugh. They should also allowed to post anonymously, I hate when I want to say something but keep my identity private but I cant, so I don't comment. If...