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    $78 16 GB Crucial Ballistix Tactical CAS 8 DDR3 1600 1.35v

    depending on game/application. For Windows 7/Chrome users, I wouldn't recommend anything below 8GB (to cover people with multiple windows + 15 tabs open on multiple windows). ARK was using around 5GB of RAM there for a bit on its own.
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    Newegg: $15 off $50...Android only

    decent deal on a 4TB hard drive turning into a great deal? yes plz :D
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    75% off COD4: Modern Warfare ($4.99)

    lololol even if they were more referring to the CoD that made the series mainstream, that started with CoD2. still though, fun as hell playing this game, and you can still find servers (
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    Hot Deals at Microcenter. 25% off open box!

    shiiiiii. Mayfield Ohio has a 680 for about $262. If only I didn't just pay a decent amount more for a 7970 -_-;. Apparently only one left.
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    Tt eSPORTS Challenger Keyboard $40 AR

    QFT. as for it having a fan, just fyi, even with your hand 2 inches away, you don't really feel it.
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    [Hot] Sapphire Radeon 7870 GHz Ed. 2GB - $195 AR

    Ehhh, I never seem to have luck with the Sapphire cards I get.....gonna pass this time :(
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    MS Office 2013 Professional Plus for $9.95!

    just got it myself, now to install, thanks OP :D
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    Snap! D-Link Wireless N150 USB Adapter $9.99 FS

    I can vouch for that TP-LINK adapter so far. Kinda big, and ugly as hell with the antenna attached, but through 2 floors of separation, my connection never seems to drop below 95% (measured with Network Meter Windows 7 widget, or never below 5 out of 5 bars).
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    Spec Ops The Line $7.49, Activates on Steam

    already bought/beat it. Truthfully, the price is worth it. WARNING: gameplay wise, it doesn't even compare to COD nor BF (nor most other AAA shooters both first person nor third person. although it does have a couple gems that you may/may not notice on your first playthrough), and the...
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    Borderlands 2 - $24.99

    QFT. saw that it was back on sale, bought, and at first thought I got a bad key because of this.
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    Borderlands 2 - $24.99

    grrr, saw 6 left, and ran out during checkout ;-(
  12. C Deals 8/16 come down at least 30-40 more, and I have a good replacement for my 5870 :D
  13. C Deals 8/16

    delete me
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    Newegg G.Skill Ripjaws 4x4gb = 16gb DDR3 2133 $95

    I dont mean to bother but: (G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 2x8GB $90 Free S/H) any reason to go with 4GB modules over 8GB?
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    Greenman Gaming - 25% off all games

    After playing DNF, I would disagree :P
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    Serious SAM 3 BFE - $11.99

    Just the sale I was waiting for FINALLY. please site, load for me....
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    Woot-Off (If anyone actually cares anymore, LOL)

    QFT, although I hate it when people compare the sale price to the original retail price when the item was first released. Gamestop needs to adopt this model to make their used game stock sell faster. OMG, a GC game for only $2, its a 96% DISCOUNT...
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    Section 8: Prejudice looks to be picking up a bit depending on when you look. I remember seeing this list at 10am in the morning, literally only 24 players were on.
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    [Super Hot!] Free Vibe Earbuds FS

    got my pair today. same as everyone else on quality.....practically better off just getting a dollar pair, would be alot better than these.
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    Warm: Section 8 - Prejudice $7.50 MS Marketplace

    lmao, didnt think it was that dead. considering the game gets a featured story on joystiq every once in awhile still.
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    X-Fi Titanium Fatality Pro $39.99 AR @ Frys

    can never find the good deals on time. BTW: GGz to them for using an "Official Card of" for a league that has been dead for years.
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    Refurb - Acer GD245HZ 23.6" 120hz 3D LCD - $189.99

    MOTHER F^%$ER. i just ordered a 120hz monitor 2 days ago.
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    Newegg Sapphire 5870 for 199.99 AR

    its been hovering around $200 lately on newegg. I got the same card for $209 AR a couple months back. still a REALLY good deal for anyone looking to upgrade.
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    Black Ops PC ~$49 @ direct2drive

    bit, thanks op. was looking for just this kind of deal so I didn't have to pay $60+ (after missing the other deals -_-; )
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    BFG branded RatPadzGS for $2.50

    it is definitely larger than the normal ones you would find at your mom's comp or school/work, but sadly is still a decent amount smaller than the bigger gaming mousepads.
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    BFG branded RatPadzGS for $2.50

    had a ratpadz xt i think, but was just too small for me. I need the extra movement because of not too high DPI and medium sensitivity (and for some reason, can't really get used to playing with any other settings). To give you an idea, my MX518 only had about 2 inches of space in front and...
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    CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Plus $19.99

    pretty good cooler if you are not messing with voltages too much. I tried going beyond a point with voltage and the temps skyrocketed.
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    Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus - Intel & AMD heatsink/120mm Fan $24.99 shipped

    got this for my i5 750. really awesome cooler. keeps my CPU below 60C while I OC to 3.71Ghz. Tried going higher, but the extra voltage caused that temp to rise way too high before the HS could even dissipate it. Only complaint is that putting on the fan with the clips took me a bit to figure...
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    COD4 for $14.99 on Steam

    fixed although promod servers are on the rise it seems. SP is definitely more fun then MW2's. MW2 felt too Michael Bay-esque and seems shallow. Length wise, again longer than MW2. Playing on hardened, MW1 took me a couple days, alot of pinch points where it seemed impossible. On MW2...
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    Problem with 5870 stock HS, looking for new one?

    my room is in the attic, summer temps can get quite high. Granted, my case can be organized better for some better airflow, it wouldnt be much and temps would still see 90C easily.
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    Problem with 5870 stock HS, looking for new one?

    I know this is normally not the place for this request, but does anyone have a stock 5870 heatsink lying around? I am willing to pay for it. I have tried posting this in the FS forum but no responses. I thought I might get a better chance if I posted here. My current one rattles while it is...
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    WTB 5870 heatsink/fan

    bump cant RMA. got it cheap from someone else. works like a dream though oil did not work. would need to oil the pole the fan sits on, which in turn would require me to rip the fan off, completely disabling then anyways. Tried spraying some inwards towards the base of the fan, did not...
  33. C Deals 4/14

    heh, good thing I got this for $150 when it was the normal price at MC. another good thing to see newegg not want direct competition with MC and their $189.99 price tag (saw they took the MIR down to $5 :P)
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    WTB 5870 heatsink/fan

    bump, need heatsink
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    WTB 5870 heatsink/fan

    Have a dead 5870 but still looking to make a couple bucks off it? You are in luck. I need a stock operating 5870 fan (or get both the heatsink + fan at a good price) My current fan rattles (when upside down) and drives me crazy. I hoping to find one that doesnt rattle and save myself the...
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    22" Viewsonic VA2232wm LCD Monitor - $135 shipped

    Going off a slickdeals post: Monitor: $196 - $56 Code...
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    i7 920 - $180 @ Micro Center

    same :D it is nice though they finally put up an actual 920 deal instead of passing their normal price off as a deal for the past months.
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    Battlefield Bad Company 2 for PC $20 EA Store

    awwww, and my one friend just paid full price yesterday -_-;
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    Micro Center Presidents' Day Savings 2/15 - 2/19

    Did this deal end at any time to be a presidents day sale?
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    Warm? MS SideWinder x6 Keyboard - $40 Shipped from Amazon

    well, will wait for a deal on the X4. The whole ghosting issue is the same for 95% of keyboards out there unless made to not ghost (like the X4). I need that 4th key for stepmania :P. cant find any good comfortable key combo that would register all 4 inputs.