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  1. Elkwood

    GPU prices — is the worst behind us ?

    Guess we know why its in stock !!!
  2. Elkwood

    Amd 5950 in stock at MSRP 799 On the AMD site not sure how long they will last. Elkwood
  3. Elkwood

    Unfinished 6ft Butcher Block countertop/desk top slab $120 (Home Depot, YMMV)

    Aye tks for all the post on this topic! I need to build me a desk as i been unable to find anything i like that is premade. Gives me lots of ideas.
  4. Elkwood

    where to buy and what time for 6800xt (?)

    u gotten further then i have
  5. Elkwood

    where to buy and what time for 6800xt (?)

    ok its up now but it won't let me add to the cart
  6. Elkwood

    where to buy and what time for 6800xt (?)

    Yep be funny if the bots brought all the old gen processors by mistake
  7. Elkwood

    where to buy and what time for 6800xt (?)

    Hope that the links go up and its not already sold out !
  8. Elkwood

    Looking for PC build recommendations to go with RTX 1080 This site can be fun to play with when deciding on a new build. Really comes down to your budget.
  9. Elkwood

    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    Tks for the update. Its nice to see micro center getting some stock. Though it be way nicer if the nearest one wasn't 6 hours away!
  10. Elkwood

    Who's making moves to get ready for the new release of cards?

    I'll be upgrading when i see what's what. My system is WC so ill wait for either a factory WB card or when a decent WB comes out for 3080ti's. I love to pick up a Big Navi but been burned by ATI cards crap driver support over the years when i used them. Amd seems to have carried on that...
  11. Elkwood

    AT&T lowers price for 1 Gbps fiber to $39.99/$49.99 a month for the first year then $59.99/$69.99 after

    I had AT&T if u count my time with Bell south for over 23 years for high speed internet. First with ISDN then with dsl -- Uverse for the last gosh 10 years i think. I am about sick of dealing with them. Its not the service that's the issue with me. Its the unsavory business practices. What ever...
  12. Elkwood

    129.00 for a cyberPower CP1500 ups BH No coupon needed Saving of 70.00 added when u add it to cart
  13. Elkwood

    Do you unplug your liquid cooled PC when it is off?

    I had my setups under water since 2008. Only time i unplug completely is if i am going out of town for an extended period of time or if a really nasty storm is approaching. Otherwise i never worried about it. Which is something i do for say my stereo system.
  14. Elkwood

    EXPIRED: Threaadripper 1920X $279

    Wow !! That's a great price for a kick butt Processor
  15. Elkwood

    Cryptocurrency Exit Scam Robs Investors of $50 Million

    Yea wonder what the Vegas odds be on that !
  16. Elkwood

    Affordable Oversized Table/Desk Tops?

    Wow looking good !!! I will be going this route when i build my new desk later this year !
  17. Elkwood

    What are you mining right now?

    Got my 1080ti on nh and my 2 threadrippers doing etn. Thinking about pulling one system off NH to do RVN
  18. Elkwood

    Anyone playing Uthgard? Classic DAoC freeshard.

    I had a couple of +100m skill point characters back in the day for eve. Every once in a while i think about going back. Its the only game i ever played that was nearly no hold bar. Where if u get scammed they just laugh at u :)
  19. Elkwood

    HEATKILLER IV Pro Threadripper Water Block Review @ [H]

    Very interesting review!! Really goes to show how good of a blk that xspc put out. Having both blks i thought that the HK would edge it out. Tks again for all your hard work !!! Your like the go to place for Threadripper wc !!!!
  20. Elkwood

    Bitmain to release Antminer F3 Ethereum ASIC miner with 72GB DDR3

    Wonder how much its going to cost. Seems with memory prices its going to be a pretty penny.
  21. Elkwood

    Ick nicehash down

    I remember back in the 90's when i have the case side off and a box fan pointed at the system :)
  22. Elkwood

    Heatkiller IV TR4 inbound ?

    Really good. I have had both the Xspc and the heatkiller on my 1920x. The data is not comparable due to different ambient and paste. Currently in a 76f degree room with a mining load on the cpu and my 2 1080ti's i sit around 47 to 49 c. For me it was hard to get a good application of paste...
  23. Elkwood

    Heatkiller IV TR4 inbound ?

    Yea that is how i did it also. On the second time i did the block. I been really happy with mine. Its the all copper one.
  24. Elkwood

    Heatkiller IV TR4 inbound ?

    I was really impressed by the machining on the bolts. Looks really nice !! I had a hard time getting the screws started the first time i placed the blk. The dame thing was sliding all over the place. Would have been easier if i had the mb out instead of in the case.
  25. Elkwood


    I think the hits will just keep coming. Bitfinex and the hole Tether scam thing going to come to a head soon. When that happens i expect to see a real sale off. I got a sinking feeling that before this is over we will be back to early 2017 levels for btc.
  26. Elkwood

    Ick nicehash down

    Yea i am a little put out by how they are doing the payouts. It almost seems like they have very limited funds to run on right now. Having to do all sorts of backflips and what not to pay peeps back. Ill stick with them for the time being. At least they are trying to do the right thing.
  27. Elkwood

    Affordable Oversized Table/Desk Tops?

    Yes u are right... its absolutely amazing how much space the large screens of today can eat.! At least it all fits!!! Its surprising how much a difference just 5 inches can make !!
  28. Elkwood

    Affordable Oversized Table/Desk Tops?

    Yea i can imagine. Do u need to stick anything under them to keep from marking up the wood floor ?? I was thinking about buying a sheet of oak plywood finished on one side and install legs like u did. I just need to get someone to cut it down to my dimensions... My inability to even draw a...
  29. Elkwood

    Affordable Oversized Table/Desk Tops?

    wow that really fills the area up !!!. Stuff like that always takes longer then one thinks. Have to show us a pic of the finished product
  30. Elkwood

    Affordable Oversized Table/Desk Tops?

    Tks for the update. I been thinking about getting a new desk. Gives me some ideas !
  31. Elkwood

    Threadripper Pays for Itself Using Cryptocurrency Mining @ [H]

    I have both my threadrippers mining. What is surprising to me how close u can get the 1920x to the 1950x for hash rate. I been doing etn for about a month. My 1920x at 4.125 does around 1050 to 1120ish where as the 1950x at 3.95 gets from 1150 to 1320 h/s on nano pool. Now if i watch a video...
  32. Elkwood

    Antminer A3 : 815GH on Blake(2b)

    Wow Bitmain really screwing everyone other that they can.
  33. Elkwood

    Best quiet/performance 140mm fans for radiator. EK-Vardar EVO?

    Phantek PH-F140XP' what i went with for a second build i did. I got lucky and got them for sale on amazon I used them on a 420 rad. They have been impressively quiet. Also i love the long ass cord. The other comp which also has a 420 in it i went with the Noctus NF-A14. My problem with them...
  34. Elkwood

    Antminer A3 : 815GH on Blake(2b)

    HOpe it holds long enough for u to get your $ out of it !!!!
  35. Elkwood

    Crytocurrency and Taxes in the US

    U nailed it. I had a friend way back that had a small reloading bushiness. He got audited and it was like a lot of folks with cyprto. He had no idea about a lot of the stuff having been trading around with so many for much of his stock. Or in some cases where he had cast bullets himself.With...
  36. Elkwood

    Ick nicehash down

    Very nice ! How much power is it sucking down with the setting like that ?
  37. Elkwood

    Antminer A3 : 815GH on Blake(2b)

    I dealt with this buying motocycle stuff in eu. Some of the carriers will bill u for import tx. While others don't DHL never sent me a bill
  38. Elkwood

    I have 6,000usd help me build a rig

    Now not a good time to build anything it seems. Cards are super expensive and hell finding high end ps not so easy either. If i had my heart set on it i do what Parja suggested for your VC catds. Otherwise what hitched said not bad advice !! The crypto build boom seems to have caught all the...
  39. Elkwood

    Nvidia Titan V

    How do u keep that many gpu's cool ???? U must have the spread out over multi locations!! Wow that is al ot of heat
  40. Elkwood

    GPU Prices Skyrocket, Breaking the Entire DIY PC Market

    Bah all my 1080tis have wb on them. To much trouble to pull apart to sell. Speaking of crazy vc prices. Look at what someone paid for this vega !!!