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    Setting up a network for a 41 bedroom "house", tell me if I'm way off

    I hope you know I am insanely jealous, living in a motel/hotel with all my friends has been a long time dream.
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    Acer LCD Monitor

    Snagged two for $111.98 + tax - small discount for using my redcard and I was slightly less than $230 out the door in Richmond, VA. Got the last two I think
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    Work laptop that looks "good"??

    Consider taking a look at the Dell Vostro V13
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    Possible for under $30k?

    Hello guys! Was talking to a friend of mine who's company is on departmentalized Terminal Servers. We got to talking about Hyper-V and Virtualization/Live Migration with Hyper-V R2. The company is building another location (a sub company of sorts) that will be entirely seperate. If you only...
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    Sorry to bother you, but what desk is this?

    Sorry to bother you, but what desk is this? Thanks!
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    ESXi and multiple NICs

    Short answer, yes. I just started working with ESXi yesterday, but essentially you create vswitches, and treat your Physical NICs as uplinks. The physical NIC is just a gateway, it is all about how you assign your vswitches This doesnt illustrate what you are asking but it shows how you apply...
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    How to backup the guest machines using Hyper V Server?

    Hello! I am pricing out hardware so I can begin testing vSphere and Hyper V R2. I have 60 days to test vSphere and I intend to figure it out as much as a I can. That being said, after the 60 days, the cost of it is extremely prohibitive for where I want to use it (eventually at my company), so I...
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    How does a point to point T1 work?

    Hello, I have a client who has multiple offices and currently everything is tied together via IPSec tunnels via ASA5505s main office has 3/3 bonded T1 and the branch offices have T1 or DSL The latency is too high to get good quality with VoIP and I was thinking about the possibility of doing...
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    Where to buy a 24u rack? maybe those? I have seen those recommended a few times on here
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    The remote support on the widespread "managed" level

    Kaseya! But not because of the remote features but its hundreds of other features! If doing any unattended work change it from VNC to RDP (it's a built in option) and speed will not be an issue. However if you are showing a user something I would recommend to just put up with the slowness of...
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    Question: Long distance wireless networking

    We had a similar thing with a client of ours. They have a huge warehouse but outgrew it and the only room for expansion was in another building in the office park. The total distance from network closet to office in the new warehouse was about 1500 feet. We could have done a second VPN or...
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    What's the best low profile/half-height video card to put in a SFF PC?

    SOrry I can't help, but could you please link me to the low profile 8500GT?
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    CeBit 2007 - SFF Style Abit 7025/7050 boards and MSI 7050 board
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    Sister's $29 CompUSA case

    Looks great! Socket 754 FTW :)
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    Black Cube (first project/log)

    omg i need the link to that evangeline pic ;)
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    Absurd: Anand overclocks conroe to 4+ GHZ easily on air

    The WR is 5.3 on ln2, much colder than phase :)
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    Running SLI on X-fire tweak

    You need hacked drivers. They are available at XS in the Xtreme Drivers section
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    What Lian Li case is this? I must have it I was hoping it was mini-itx but looking at the 3rd photo I am not so sure. Anybody have any ideas? Maybe its a drive enclosure? but i doubt it '
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    Any suggestions for a current LGA 775 board for use with future Core 2 chips?

    Rev B of the MSI does support vcore. That is what coolaler has been using recently.
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    Conroe Memory Questions

    The bios shots I have seen make it look like most intel boards can only run with the mem speed greater than the fsb. The lowest option I saw on a couple boards was 1:1, everything else was like 1(fsb):1.25(mem) Anybody care to chime in on this fact? Because I may be wrong
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    New Conroe SuperPI WR!!! >>> 11sec...!!!

    It was 3.65 on a Tuniq Tower 120 cooler
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    FS/FT - Stormlifter's Stuff

    I may take the rdram if i can sell my dfi sli infinity would you consider selling 2x128mb for 35?
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    Operaman's moving to Germany Sale....

    I will take the pvr 150 as soon as I can sell off my DFI SLI infinity.
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    FS: DFI nF4 SLI Infinity Motherboard

    up! I will consider most offers!
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    FS: DFI nF4 SLI Infinity Motherboard

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^to the top^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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    FS: DFI nF4 SLI Infinity Motherboard

    bump a dump bump
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    FS: DFI nF4 SLI Infinity Motherboard

    thanks, it really is a great overclocker. Up for a cheap SLI board!
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    FS: DFI nF4 SLI Infinity Motherboard

    up! I will consider trades and other offers.
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    FS: DFI nF4 SLI Infinity Motherboard

    I have a DFI nF4 SLI Infinity for sale, it was purchased in October (paid $140) and used until around Christmas. It is pretty much exactly the same as the NF4 LanParty series, It reached the same overclock that my NF4 Ultra could. You can see the specs here...
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    Backup Solution....RAID or normal software

    Thanks. I would probably have 2 HDs off site at any given time. (so a 3 disc rotation). Can anybody recommend backup software that would allow me to create an incremental backup while keeping a copy of the old backup for x amount of days?
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    Backup Solution....RAID or normal software

    We are a small heating and air conditioning company running ~ 15 computers connected to a W2K3 server. Most of our files are stored on individual computers but I would like to centralize things on a better server. Many people do not have a set desk, so being able to access their files from...
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    L25 Toshiba 15" Laptop, 2.13 Pentium M, 1gb DDR2 memory, 8 cell batt and more

    Whoah cool stuff. I am very interested in the physical mod if you have the info. You can send it in a PM to avoid the clutter in the thread. Thanks man I really appreciate it. I hope it sells soon!
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    L25 Toshiba 15" Laptop, 2.13 Pentium M, 1gb DDR2 memory, 8 cell batt and more

    bump. I have the same laptop and it is great. I was wondering how you undervolted it? thanks
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    Conroe - once out, how long until "xeon"....

    The 2 releases will be very very close too each other.....maybe together. Google for "Woodcrest" that will have any updated info that you need.
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    NOT just another "should i build now or wait for conroe thread"

    I wouldn't suggest any Intel SLI chipset for a computer requiring robust storage and where you intend to overclock. I think the P5WDG2-WS is your best bet but the Gigabyte GA-G1975X does have a decent layout for what you need: the...