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  1. DriZzLe

    Iptorrent Invites

    I have 3 ipt invites. Looking for a Torrentday.
  2. DriZzLe

    Perhaps the best headphones at...$50?

    In 4 1. Thanks. For $50, why not.
  3. DriZzLe

    Wolfenstein: The New Order PC $6.09 at CDKeys

    I haven't played the New Colossus yet, but I have started the Old Blood, & I can tell you it is a really fun game. Looks and runs amazing. Old school DOOM style shooter with lots of enemies and guns and bullets. I highly recommend them.
  4. DriZzLe

    Wolfenstein: The New Order PC $6.09 at CDKeys

    Sweet, I picked up both the Old Blood & New Order for under $14
  5. DriZzLe

    [HOT?] Mad Max -- $3.99

    Really? Really? How do you know that the keys were not purchased in bulk?
  6. DriZzLe

    FS- Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 970- SOLD

    Selling some spare parts. Price includes shipping. Lower 48. Paypal Heatware is under dshramek i7 4771 cpu. $old Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 970 4gb. Includes original box. $old...
  7. DriZzLe

    WTB: z87/z97 Micro ATX board

    Came across this on Amazon
  8. DriZzLe


    You can get a free unlock code by asking AT&T. It only takes a minute to request & you usually hear back within 25 hours or less. It will make your phone more valuable to sell. FYI Bump
  9. DriZzLe

    WTB/Trade for - Older iPads at fair prices (Ipad 1,2,3,4, iPad mini 1,2,3)

    I have a cellular ATT ipad 2. Not sure what it is worth.
  10. DriZzLe

    WTB: Nvidia GPU for ~$250 shipped PP

    Have a Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 970. $165 shipped. It is a big card.
  11. DriZzLe

    Looking for a Decent Video Card

    I will be selling my gtx 970 very soon. As soon as my 1070 arrives. Looking to get $150-160 shipped.
  12. DriZzLe

    4x ZOTAC GTX 1080 AMP! Edition cards

    pm'ed earlier, no reply.
  13. DriZzLe


    BUMP reply I was only asking for $185. It has been sitting in my attic and I wanted it gone. I am sure I could have gotten more, but with Ryzen, 6-core setups are dirt cheap right now.
  14. DriZzLe


    Might want to try ebay. Just sold my Classified3 & x5670 for $185 there. Only had it listed 1 day, Buy it now, & it sold in less than 12 hours.
  15. DriZzLe

    F/S- EVGA X58 Classified 3 w/ Xeon x5670- SOLD

    Selling my excellent condition EVGA Classified 3 FTW motherboard. Comes with the Xeon x5670 I ran with it. Includes i/o back plate. SOLD Paypal preferred. Heatware under dshramek
  16. DriZzLe

    WTB: 1150 motherboard with m2

    I've got a new in box ASROCK z97 extreme6 I was going to use for a build that never happened. $150usd
  17. DriZzLe

    Unlocked GSM phones for sale

  18. DriZzLe

    Unlocked GSM phones for sale

    Selling a couple of carrier unlocked Galaxy Notes. First up is a white AT&T Note 3. Phone is unlocked for any gsm carrier. Screen is in good condition with a couple of light scratches, visible only at proper angle. Bezel is good/fair with no major chips. A couple of dings on the corners, nothing...
  19. DriZzLe

    FS: Samsung S7 Edge

    bump for watching
  20. DriZzLe


    Bump, pm sent.
  21. DriZzLe

    James Cameron's Thoughts On Containing Piracy

    If I could stream a new movie on opening day, man, sign me up. I hate going to theaters, especially on opening nights with all the rude talkers and noise & crying kids. Plus, I work all day & into the night. Make it available on my schedule & I would see twice as many movies.
  22. DriZzLe

    Most popular Case of all time Coolermaster Haf series?

    Still rocking a HAF 932. Bought mine when first released.
  23. DriZzLe

    Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Speaker Set - $124.99 @ BB

    Got mine for $99 a few years back & worth every penny. Would pay $125 easily.
  24. DriZzLe

    FS: Rainbow Six Siege Code (PC)

    bump for looking
  25. DriZzLe

    FS: LG34UM65 Mint

    Bump for looking. I have the 29" little brother of this & love it. Wish I could go bigger, too.
  26. DriZzLe

    Verizon implements new Unlimited charge

    Left Verizon last month for Cricket. Great reception on AT&T towers(better than Verizon in my area), Cost is half of what Verizon was charging me, & it includes 10Gb data. On Verizon I never used wifi & routinely used around 15Gb month. Now, with turning wifi on, I never exceed more than 8Gb. I...
  27. DriZzLe

    The Ford GT Has A Gorilla Glass Hybrid Windshield

    Well, you can always get a glass screen protector for it. Use coupon code- GT92 for 92% off 2 @ Xtremeguards. :D
  28. DriZzLe

    Verizon Adds Yet Another Activation Fee For New Customers

    Ditched them last month over the unlimited price hike. Went to Cricket & get 10Gb for $55. Coverage is actually better on the ATT network. My Verizon phone actually gets full LTE.
  29. DriZzLe

    F/S- Unlocked AT&T Note 4 with extras

    Selling my gently used Charcoal Grey Note 4. Screen has light surface scratches, not visible with glass screen protector installed. Metal frame shows no wear. Small chip in s-pen silver, barely noticeable. Running 5.1.1. Comes with Glass screen protector installed, Blue Samsung case, Black...
  30. DriZzLe

    Shadow Warrior (steam) for $1.50

    Such an awesome fun game
  31. DriZzLe

    GTX 670 SLI instead of 970 - dumb decision?

    I had 2-670 sli & went with a single 970. Better frames & honestly more power in almost every game.
  32. DriZzLe

    FS: Samsung Note 3 N900A AT&T

    What version of android is this running?
  33. DriZzLe

    T-Mobile Wants To Stop Network Abusers

    So, what next? TMobile going to start locking down their phones like Verizon & ATT?
  34. DriZzLe

    Need Xeon to replace i7 920. Which one ?

    Another vote for the 5670.