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    Amazon Data Center Electrical Bills Are Secretly Funded by Taxpayers

    This is a law suit waiting to happen, given that someone with deep pockets is interested in litigation. State regulators may be negotiating these deals, but most electric companies are declared monopoly utilities at the local level. There are a lot of regulations with regard to transparency in...
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    Corsair AX1600i 1600W Power Supply Review @ [H]

    Given the power involved, I would assume that the AX1600i has a 20A plug on the AC power cable, but I couldn't find any info on Corsair's site. Can you confirm if that's correct?
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    More than a Million Pro-Repeal Net Neutrality Comments Were Likely Faked

    I don't think there a single utility that is handled at the Federal level, so this is not workable. Many ISP's are already treated as a monopoly utility in a given municipality, but that is something done at the local level, and the presence, or lack, of competition is usually the deciding...
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    Walmart Associate Delivery Pays Employees to Deliver Packages After Shift Work Ends

    If Walmart actually implements this, it'll last until: 1) the 1st lawsuit 2) Driver-less technology is rolled out and someone in the company discovers that they can save more money by delivering by a combination driver-less truck and drone system.
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    72% of Windows 10 Users use Cortana Less than Once a Month

    The EDU version doesn't have Cortana, for which I'm eternally grateful. It's supposed to be part of build 1703, which I'm trying to figure out how to avoid.
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    Munich May Be Dumping Linux for Windows 10

    As I recall from articles back when the move to LiMux was planned, there were a number of open source customized applications being developed for the city's needs. I don't recall what they were. So we're not talking about just moving from Windows/MS Office to Linux/Open Office. There was an...
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    Naked! Intel Core i5-7600K Kaby Lake How To @ [H]

    And the $64K question: How did the temps compare between all of those variations (stock, delid/relid, no lid) with the waterblock?
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    Naked! Intel Core i5-7600K Kaby Lake How To @ [H]

    I think the "along for the ride" version is much better for this type of subject; where you're going fairly in-depth on a technique or a detail. This isn't a product review, so I don't see the value in spending a lot of time editing or producing a polished video. In this particular case, you're...
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    Windows 10 Game Mode: Free FPS Boost Of A Few Percent, With More To Come

    If the photographer had pulled back a bit, we might have seen something interesting going on behind her. Just sayin...
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    Notebooks Make A Comeback As Tablets Tank

    I think that, in many instances, the idea of a tablet ended up being better than the reality. This is particularly true in the business environment. There are a lot of industries where the tablet is very useful. If your institution deals in material logistics to a large degree, like Amazon or...
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    Samsung EV Battery Gets 300+ Miles Of Range From 20-Minute Charge
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    T-Mobile CEO Offers To Pay For Fire Fighters' $73K Verizon Bill

    A couple of things come to mind with this issue: 1) The COMMUNITY is up in arms. Translation: Verizon was asked to perform a billable service, gave the fire department a number of options, and the FD chose the most expensive one. They didn't choose it because it was the most expensive one; they...
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    NHTSA Proposed A Rule That Would Require Vehicles To 'Talk' To Each Other

    I feel ya'. My only vehicle for the last 15 years has been a motorcycle. Last year I started riding the bus to work and only drive on the weekends. The drop in stress is amazing, it saves about 200 miles of wear and tear a week, and I get about 3 miles of walking in a day.
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    NHTSA Proposed A Rule That Would Require Vehicles To 'Talk' To Each Other

    I have a few cheaper options: 1) Require all drivers to undergo real driver's training and licensing, similar to what is required for semi drivers. 2) Aggressively prosecute and strictly enforce sentencing for DUI arrests. 3) Same as above for driving without a valid license or driving with a...
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    Why Can’t Silicon Valley Solve Its Diversity Problem?

    Another factor: Title IX has become an industry, particularly in the public sector and the university systems. There are a large number of people and organizations that have a vested interest in keeping this myth alive.
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    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided DX12 Performance Review @ [H]

    Many of the comments on this thread bring out what concerns me most about DX12. When the burden of wringing the most out of DX was on the GPU companies, I feel as if there was a higher motivation to do so. The premise of brand X being able to exploit new DX features that brand Y could not...
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    Anidees AI Crystal Mid-Tower Case Review @ [H]

    I'm wondering who actually created and makes the case. From all appearances Rosewill is selling the same case as the CULLINAN.
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    ASUS ROG STRIX GeForce GTX 1070 O8G-GAMING Review @ [H]

    Very impressive, particularly when compared to the MSI GeForce GTX 1080 GAMING X 8G reviewed last month. Here's what saving $220 gets you: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided: 20% difference in avg framerate at the same settings Doom Vulkan: 20% difference in avg framerate at the same settings Rise of...
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    Thermaltake Core P100 Pedestal Extension Review @ [H]

    This reminds me of the Asetek Vapochill LS phase change units of the early 2000's.
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    Big AMD Reveal At VRLA?

    A doghouse which, unbeknownst to Roy, will be his home for the duration of the event.
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    Yahoo Tool to Spot Trolls

    Of course, people have to use Yahoo in order to take advantage of their algorithm. Therein lies the rub... :LOL:
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    Charles Schwab Goes with Chromebooks

    This is somewhat of a tangent topic, but my main concern is, and has always been, the integrity of the data stored in the 'cloud'. As with all things internet, the bigger the target, the higher the chance of being targeted for exploitation. Whether it's a data breach, ransomware, or just a DDOS...
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    Verizon Offers 'Tech Support Pro' For $10 More a Month

    Given the difficulty that the telecommunications industries seem to have with terms like "Unlimited", I'm not optimistic on the "Tech Support Pro" being any more knowledgeable about your computer and OS issues than the former Foot Locker employees who populate the Geek Squad.
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    Can't address quality, but your choices for mATX X-99 boards are pretty slim: ASRock Fatal1ty X99M Killer ASRock X99M Extreme4 ASRock Fatal1ty X99M Killer/3.1 EVGA X99 Micro2 Gigabyte GA-X99M-GAMING 5 Asus X99-M WS
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    Study: Even Watching TV Can Kill You

    True. Given that such flashing can trigger epileptic seizures, I'm surprised there've been no law suits. That also contributes to the short attention span issues that plague our culture.
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    I find it incredible that so many boards have difficulty reaching the memory speeds they pretend to support. This seems to be true of most, if not all, of the X99 boards. Whatever shortcomings they have, at least the Z170 boards seem to be much more successful in this area. I noted one review...
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    GIGABYTE X99 Designare EX LGA2011-v3 Review @ [H]

    So are these "extreme" processors indeed slower for gaming? Although dated, the basic conclusion of Brent's article on the real world impact of the CPU remains true; within relatively comparable CPU's, it still comes down to clock speed. Introduction - Real World Gameplay CPU Scaling Clock...
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    Elite Dangerous: Arena Free This Weekend

    Just goes to show you; comments on the interwebs are worth their weight in ... Makes you wonder why people feel compelled to waste time and effort to trash a game. It's not like it could change their life...
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    Elite Dangerous: Arena Free This Weekend

    A lot of negative comments at Steam on the needless complexity of the registration process. You need an account at Frontier. One person states that you'll be asked for a credit card number and billing address at Frontier's site, even though the game is free. On the plus side, if you own Elite...
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    A Future Without Windows Is A Dystopian Nightmare

    There's a part of me that says this should happen. Computers were developed as a means to an end; a tool that one used to get answers to your questions. Like so many other possessions, they've become an end unto themselves. I don't care about how I achieve my goal (get information, watch a...
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    890 College Students Sue Google Over Email Scanning

    Free. Gmail, Google docs, Google drive, calendar and a number of other services at no cost. As stated earlier in this discussion, there are a lot of schools that find this very attractive. It's not just universities and colleges, either. Small primary and secondary school districts with little...
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    890 College Students Sue Google Over Email Scanning

    Google is under no obligation to the individual students and school staff. The university is provided with the EULA when they sign up of this. If the university's IT staff were unaware of what Google does with people's information, that's not Google's fault.
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    Gtx 1080 benchmarked

    Hahahahahahahaha!!! You're talkin' to the wrong crowd with that sentence... :LOL:
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    AMD Radeon Pro Duo Announcement @ [H]

    It's been a while since I've seen a company so intent on shooting itself in the foot The reason AMD is not sampling the "World's Fastest Graphics Card" to video card reviewers, is told to us as such. Basically this video card is not for consumers according to AMD but rather only for "VR...
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    DX11 vs DX12 AMD CPU Scaling and Gaming Framerate @ [H]

    This is an idle curiosity question triggered by the article, but not one I expect to have been covered in the article: Is there any intelligence in the DX12 API that recognizes whether or not a DX12-compliant GPU is present? In other words, does DX12 use different sub-routines/program calls...
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    be quiet! Silent Base 800 Full-Tower Chassis Review @ [H]

    If be quiet sells replacement parts, you could get a second 3-drive cage and fit ten 3.5" drives in the case.
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    A Flying Pantograph: Drawing With Drones

    Think of it as a less expensive alternative to a 3-year-old with a box of crayons.
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    Synology Announces Official Release of DiskStation Manager 6.0

    Finally, 64-bit goodness comes to Synology.
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    Rise Of The Tomb Raider Coming To Steam In January

    I wish they'd give up on trying to make the hair look realistic. It never looks natural, which ends up making Laura look like something lives on her head.