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  1. Axdrenalin


    What's the shipped price on one of those Raspberry Pi 4B 4 Gig boards? I'd be interested in one if you still have them available. Drop me a PM with your Payment info and I'll get you some PP today. Raspberry PI 4B 4G Ax
  2. Axdrenalin

    Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

    Congrats man! It’s much easier to drop massive points now compared to back in the day. I used to sort by WUs to get an idea of actual packets contributed when I was checking out the stats, but haven’t looked in a long time.
  3. Axdrenalin

    Mowing over high PPD folders from yesteryear

    He was, custom [H] splash screen on bootup and everything. Team #33 benefited greatly from his custom BIOS and knowledge about pushing the OC on the SM boards.
  4. Axdrenalin

    Mowing over high PPD folders from yesteryear

    I've still got my old Supermicro quad Opteron board, 48 cores and 32 Gigs. Haven't fired it up in a couple of years, but man that thing was a space heater for certain running all 48 cores. Ran with 6180SE CPU's and had it clocked just 200 Mhz over stock at 2.7, If I remember correctly, it pulled...
  5. Axdrenalin Status Quo is No Mo

    I read the entire piece Kyle. It's well written, and I can certainly agree with the observations you've presented. It's sad to see it all come to this, as many of us got our start back in the late 70's / early 80's and have seen a LOT of advancements and growth over the years. I've believed for...
  6. Axdrenalin

    Mowing over high PPD folders from yesteryear

    Looks like I’ll be losing another slot soon based on this image. It’s been three years since I had an active client. Geez, 90 million plus per day? Impressive - Keep folding [H]ard!
  7. Axdrenalin

    The new "died in the line of duty" thread

    16 years goes by way to fast…. Seems like a generation ago, but it’s actually been many generations in the [H]ardFolding world. <salute>
  8. Axdrenalin

    WTB: 24gb DDR3-1600 (3x 8gb)

    Not trying to TC or anything, but I was thinking the max *per slot* on an X58 chipset was 4GB? You can achieve 24 GB total, but I believe you have to use all six slots at 4GB per slot.
  9. Axdrenalin

    [WTB][US] Triple Channel DDR3 (FOUND! THANKS EVERYONE!!!!)

    I checked my memory drawer at the house, and have this set of tri channel Corsair, 12GB kit. If your interested, shoot me a PM and let me know where you're at and such. No idea what they're going for these days so make me an offer and we'll go from there. If you’ve got anything to trade, mention...
  10. Axdrenalin

    [WTB][US] Triple Channel DDR3 (FOUND! THANKS EVERYONE!!!!)

    I'll check when I get back to the house. I've still got an ASUS X58 Sabertooth that I use occasionally with 12 GB, so I may have another set or 3x2GB sticks on the shelf. Ax
  11. Axdrenalin

    FS - Streamer Friendly Stuff - El Gato, Focusrite, Mics, 1080p IPS Laptop and more

    You’ve got a PM inbound on this. Thanks - Ax Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 2nd Gen Studio Kit - $120 shipped
  12. Axdrenalin

    Elite: Dangerous

    I've been playing this since Beta in late 2014, and I'm still in it today hauling goods, exploring and such, with over 20 weeks logged total game time. One of my last screen captures below.
  13. Axdrenalin

    WTB: Elgato HD60 Pro PCI Card

    PM inbound
  14. Axdrenalin

    Cases with Horizontal Motherboard Orientation

    I'm still using a Mountain Mods Case with my Sig PC that was bought about 7 years ago. They have some options for horizontal mounting.
  15. Axdrenalin

    WTB: Nintendo Gameboy Color Games / Tetris

    Anything available in your inventory NobleX13?
  16. Axdrenalin

    WTB: Nintendo Gameboy Color Games / Tetris

    Bump this up, still looking! :D
  17. Axdrenalin

    WTB: Nintendo Gameboy Color Games / Tetris

    Found a wall charger for the DS. :-)
  18. Axdrenalin

    WTB: Nintendo Gameboy Color Games / Tetris

    I know it’s a long shot, but my kid has recently found his old Gameboy Color and wants Tetris for it. Does anyone have it they would be willing to part with, or any other games like Super Mario, etc that would work? He also has an old DS that we need a wall charger for if anyone has that.
  19. Axdrenalin

    WTB Cheap Ryzen

    With a zip code like that, you can’t be too far away from me. Johnson City huh...? I’ve got a Ryzen 1300X thats done nothing but sit since I got it several months ago in a combo deal. Think I’ve even got the original HSF with it too. Shoot me an offer via PM, I’m just around Watauga lake from...
  20. Axdrenalin

    Switch From Windows to Linux

    Of course there is always *someone* out there that has to ask... :-) I just set up Linux Mint on a spare Ryzen 2700x / x470 /32Gb with an AMD 5700 XT for video, and haven't encountered any issues yet. Of course I'm not doing VR, but since you mentioned the Navi card I'm wondering what caveats...
  21. Axdrenalin

    FS: Dell 2k u2711 Monitor

    PM inbound on the Dell u2711.
  22. Axdrenalin

    1080 TI or 5700 XT?

    I ordered this 5700XT Gaming OC by Gigabyte the other day, three year warranty. Supposed to arrive on Monday, so I'll pull my existing 1080Ti and see which I like better on my 55" Sony 4k.
  23. Axdrenalin

    FS: Prototype case frames

    I’m still rocking a Spotswood 4P Test Bench / frame I’ve had for several years. Quality stuff here, and a great guy to deal with!
  24. Axdrenalin

    WTB: Ryzen first gen. 1300X, etc.

    I've got a 1300X with HSF if you're interested. Don't use it, don't need it, got it with another deal and other than initially firing it up and testing the MB I've not used it since. Send me an offer via PM and when you're located and we'll go from there. I've got perfect Heatware under my...
  25. Axdrenalin

    10TB WD Easystore and Elements External Hard Drives $159

    I approve of this message. Moved from FreeNAS to UnRaid a couple years ago and never looked back. UnRaid is well worth the meager cost.
  26. Axdrenalin

    WTB Intel 1150 CPU

    As in a 4790K? Just upgraded my son’s MB and CPU to a 7700K, so I don’t really need this one anymore. If you’re interested send me a pm with your heatware refs and location, and we can figure out a price from there. My heatware is under my username “Axdrenalin”, all 100% positive. EDIT: Did you...
  27. Axdrenalin

    AMD RX 5700 XT GPUs reaching 110°C “expected and within spec” for gaming

    Well, I'm in East Tennessee so go figure. Not exactly a metropolis around here...:unsure:
  28. Axdrenalin

    AMD RX 5700 XT GPUs reaching 110°C “expected and within spec” for gaming

    This is no longer true. My nearest BB has one in stock and ready to buy today.
  29. Axdrenalin

    Paper Launch for AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

    Picked my 3900x up online through Best Buy a week and a half ago, and got my ASUS Crossfire VIII Hero from Amazon last week.
  30. Axdrenalin

    Radeon 5700XT Warranty Breakdown?

    Does anyone have a breakdown on the manufacture warranty lengths for the various 5700 cards out there? I'm sure I've seen reference to which manufacturers offered 1, 2 and 3 year warranties on the 5700 cards out there, but I can't seem to find it anymore. I started to pull the trigger on a...
  31. Axdrenalin

    3900x issue

    Watching this thread for reference. I just got my 3900x ordered today, and it’ll be going in my sig rig.
  32. Axdrenalin

    Begun the GPU pricing wars have? AMD to lower Navi prices

    Ehhh, 7/7/2019 would be July, not August.
  33. Axdrenalin

    Apollo computer

    I was there primarily for the Bytex autoswitch installation, implementation and support, but received a bit of cross training on the 9000 series AMME hardware they had in the lab. Looks like most that of that stuff was installed starting in 1974 in several military comm centers, and the SDL at...
  34. Axdrenalin

    Apollo computer

    When I worked at Ft. Huachuca in the early 90’s, we actually still had some Sperry Univac hardware in the software development lab that used 8” floppies. Of course, we also had the archaic removable hard drive cabinets and platters as well and 9 track tapes to content with too, so I guess it...