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  1. drklu

    Case connector header, e.g. ASUS - timewasting lunacy in 2022

    I've seen small headers that you attach to the cables first then install onto the board enabling you to plug them all in at the same time.
  2. drklu

    EVGA will no longer do business with NVIDIA

    Dam that sucks, always had good CS and products from EVGA
  3. drklu

    Over-ear headphones that are comfortable for long periods?

    I wear my HD650 Sennheiser's all day at work. Really comfortable.
  4. drklu

    Bill Being Pushed to Outlaw Bots From Snatching Up Online Goods

    Your probably right but I hope as the fight against it gains more momentum it will persuade retailers to do something. Probably a pipe dream but there has to be a line somewhere. It's pretty ridiculous these days..
  5. drklu

    Bill Being Pushed to Outlaw Bots From Snatching Up Online Goods

    Change should come from the retailers selling the products not the gov't. They just want to intrude into more aspects of our lives every day. We have already seen companies implement bot protection on their websites. Although it isn't perfect I would imagine if the pushback of customers grows...
  6. drklu

    clean my video card help

    I take mine out to the garage and use the leaf blower.
  7. drklu

    How bad is this blem?

    I assume you have used the card and it operates normally ? If temps look good I wouldn't worry about it. You could always lap the heatsink if you really wanted but I would run it personally.
  8. drklu

    NCASE M1: a crowdfunded Mini-ITX case (updates in first post)

    Sad to see this project come to an end. I ended up with three of these cases. Now I just need to get parts for the two I have yet to build. Thank you Dan for all your work!
  9. drklu

    Copper Foil Shortage

    I have been kind of hoping for this. Although living through it can be rough, my hope is that it spurs more domestic production. I can already see the shift with new FAB's being built but I am hoping it effects more then just computer chips.
  10. drklu

    How long do keyboards last?

    I have a G15 membrane KB that is still going strong from 2009. Probably depends how much you use it.
  11. drklu

    Will power consumption concern you? (future CPUs)

    I enjoy ITX builds so power consumption and heat are always a factor. A full tower rig on the other hand not so much.
  12. drklu

    TSMC Production Costs Set To Rise

    Probably to fund that huge fab they are building in Arizona, or did that get mothballed ?
  13. drklu

    Scalping Question

    No that is not considered scalping. That is selling it at your cost. Post the gpu with your receipt and you should be good to go.
  14. drklu

    what is your best gpu that is just colecting dust

    My 1080ti and a 2070. after I got a laptop I don't even use my desktops anymore.
  15. drklu

    How long do keyboards last?

    My logitec G15 is at least 10 years old and still going strong.
  16. drklu

    At Last, First Light for the James Webb Space Telescope

    Very exciting, I hope they can hit the date. It will be amazing seeing the photos this can produce with the mirrors it's packing.
  17. drklu

    New to Mining, looking for Tips/Advise

    Not sure if that thread is the best example. He simply was not going to the new coinbase pro website so his coins were not "hacked and drained". I get your point and agree keeping a large amount of coins on any trading platform is a risk.
  18. drklu

    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    Thank you for posting this. Been looking for one at retail for months now. Just snagged it.
  19. drklu

    Cyberpunk 2077 - needs more polish for a AAA title

    No game lives up to the hype when it builds for so long. It has exceeded my expectations although I am finding more bugs the longer I play. It is still a good game, I am having a blast. Been a long time since I have been drawn to play a game so much. Probably the last time was Skyrim.
  20. drklu

    Monitor mounting

    Found another one.
  21. drklu

    Monitor mounting I don't see very many options but this one popped up when I searched.
  22. drklu

    Cyberpunk 2077 Official Gameplay Trailer Released

    I played 20 hours this weekend and ran into very few glitches. Everyone's experience is different but I am not seeing anything game breaking.
  23. drklu

    Old and Uninformed: I need to replace an 8-year old GTX 680. What's the best $200-300 card?

    Check for the EVGA B stock cards. I just snagged a 2070 for $342.
  24. drklu

    Comfortable chair that improves posture?

    I've ran that Ergohuman chair for over 5 years at my current job. It has held up really well and I do think it helps posture. Very comfortable and well built.
  25. drklu

    Are you upgrading your quad core in 2020?

    Same, my last cpu upgrade was a Phenom II X6 to a 4790k.
  26. drklu

    What is the best thermal paste under 10 dollars

    I like Diamond 7. You can snag a tube for $10 here . Be sure to warm it up before applying, its thick af.
  27. drklu

    EVGA Bstock deals: GTX 1070, $180 shipped, GTX 1080 $240 shipped, 1 year warranty

    Tried several time to get one for my backup PC but it fails to process the transaction at checkout.
  28. drklu

    **buyers only** Were you able to secure a 3080?

    Been like this all morning on my end.
  29. drklu

    What is Official 3080 Sales Time For Thursday?

    Nvidia never showed in stock, just notify me. Nice one lol
  30. drklu

    After Ampere Launch Survey

    after hearing about NV attempting to simplify their product stack I am just going to go for a 3080 tomorrow. Figured if I can get one at launch and pair that with the new Ryzen down the road it will make for an awesome upgrade from a 4970k/1080ti. Prepare your F5's!
  31. drklu

    So buy Ampere or wait for AMD response?

    My guess is they will drop these cards, wait for amd, then drop the 3080ti version. i will just wait for the Ti version. I have always had good luck with those cards, EVGA 1080ti being the latest.
  32. drklu

    Cleaning of the FANs

    I too use the leaf blower method. Just be sure not to overspin the fans.
  33. drklu

    I actually have a 10900k on the way!

    where did you guys buy them ?
  34. drklu

    WTB - Corsair SF750

    Looking for a Corsair SF750 if anyone has one. Everywhere is out of stock and I need to finish a new Ryzen SFF build. Heat - Payment - whatever you prefer
  35. drklu

    What was your least favorite graphics card?

    +1 for the gtx 480. I ended up putting a huge heatsink on it which helped a lot but dam that card ran hot Hard to tell but I had the side 200mm fan feeding it as well as another 120mm fan on the other side.
  36. drklu

    Bad Trade: beheo2019 with RTX 2080TI

    "Good seller. Dont know how to remove feedback. " :banghead:
  37. drklu

    Post Your Workstations 2020

    Just finished my new 10' desk, built the legs out of 3"x3" steel tube and painted it with some hammerite. Flat plate with threaded inserts to mount the top to the frame and mcmaster carr levelers for the feet. Used a Baltic birch counter top from Lowe's with 2 coats of stain and 4 coats of...
  38. drklu

    Stand up desk reccomendations

    Check out Uplift V2 with the commercial leg option. Should be around your budget depending on which model you go with. The largest is around $1500 L shape This is the one I was going to order for work. May be a bit small for a desk...
  39. drklu

    Holster or pocket?

    pocket if I'm out and about, if I'm working outside at the house it stays in the truck. If I'm at work (desk job) its on my desk.