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  1. radgoos

    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    I'd like Fantasy Blacksmith
  2. radgoos

    A New DAW Laptop For ~1000$ or more. Recommendations?A New Music Producing DAW Laptop For ~1000$ or

    Thinkpad P51 Ticks all your boxes, including multiple drives:
  3. radgoos

    Come take my stuff, I'm moving!

    If I wasn't so far away I'd be all over that!
  4. radgoos

    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    I'll take Grim Fandango Remastered
  5. radgoos

    keyboard test program ??

    In windows use On-Screen Keyboard. osk.exe
  6. radgoos

    Sound Blaster E-Series Control Panel won't load.

    Is it selected as the default audio device in windows control panel?
  7. radgoos

    WTB: Phenom II X4 820

    How about core unlocking that X3? What X3 do you have and what motherboard?
  8. radgoos

    Kali linux on ARM

    You'd have better luck with tools that run on android. Just try to find equilivent to kali tools. Since you have a nexus device a lot of tools are supported. Some faves to get you started: bcmon reaver zanti
  9. radgoos

    Monitor resource usage on 5-10 servers

    I use Pulseway.
  10. radgoos

    Moving Sale!

    Bump for more stuff added!
  11. radgoos

    Moving Sale!

    Moving out of state and I realize I have too much stuff. All items used. Pics made available upon request/interest. Payments by Paypal. Prices do not include shipping, but are negotiable unless otherwise stated. eBay Heat CPU's: Athlon 64 3200+ Socket 939. Processor Only. Never overclocked...
  12. radgoos

    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    i'll take blazblue
  13. radgoos

    How do you programatically send a text message?

    For most carriers you can send a text as an email: AT&T - Verizon: Sprint: Tmobile:
  14. radgoos

    Network Patch Panel Help

    Other than the purple cable, looks perfectly fine.
  15. radgoos

    500 Million ASUS Motherboards. The Celebration Starts at [H]. - Lucky Draw

    My first: PVI-486SP3 with a 486 Overdrive processor Current: F2A55-M/CSM in my media centre with many in between and many more to come!
  16. radgoos

    USB 3 hard drives very sensitive to cable disturbance

    I've had this problem with some Seagate externals using the micro USB 3.0 connector.
  17. radgoos

    Remotely reboot computer use it all the time
  18. radgoos

    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    Anyone got Sonic & Allstars racing transformed?
  19. radgoos

    Free Cisco Meraki AP

    I have one, hardware and features are nice, but unit is dumb without the cloud service subscription.
  20. radgoos

    desperate need for a motherboard and processor Am or Intel Plz help.

    Please answer these questions so that we can better serve you:
  21. radgoos

    I have a Cisco 3600 Series router

    Could be choking depending on which features/services are being used. Usually 20-35Mbps without any.
  22. radgoos

    A8N-SLI Deluxe calamity after CPU upgrade

    Boot into safe mode or try re-installing windows? update: found this:
  23. radgoos

    Are there SSD holders for 5 1/4" slots?

    You might also want to pickup some canned air or a vacuum...
  24. radgoos

    F/S: Lots of video cards (280x)

    What kind of PCI-E risers?
  25. radgoos

    Network pics thread

    Wouldn't mind grabbing a couple of those and a rack to play with!
  26. radgoos

    Whats a Good 8 Port Gigabit Switch around $50?

    This: D-Link 8-Port Gigabit Switch (DGS-1008G) Works so well I forget its there.
  27. radgoos

    Spank your iPad...

    Sounds like a connector has come loose on the inside.
  28. radgoos

    cheap way to test ethernet cables

    multimeter with continuity check?
  29. radgoos

    $100 Paypal Gift to Anyone Who Can Solve This Problem

    try it with router firewall disabled. Also is there any equipment like a modem that might be interfering?
  30. radgoos

    $100 Paypal Gift to Anyone Who Can Solve This Problem

    locally from the server: turn-off upnp flush dns release ip set different static ip register dns disable re-enable network adapter check to see if it works also try rebooting with network adapter disabled I use my remote web access with a RT-N66U so i'd image your router would be similar. The...
  31. radgoos

    Oc'd processor giving up? bugcheck 0124

    Check for updated drivers and run memtest.
  32. radgoos

    Google Adds Streetview Tour of Angkor Wat Temples

    Wat? Seriously though, this is cool.
  33. radgoos

    Noritake 4x3 touch panel Free Samples (Only 50)

    got mine yesterday
  34. radgoos

    Freeware Alternative to Acronis

    I use DD and Clonezilla
  35. radgoos

    XP snappy as hell..?

    Wait until you install all the updates....
  36. radgoos

    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    I'm interested in just about any racing game.