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  1. McCartney


    we can lock this. got one pretty much brand new in a beat up box with the daughterboard and everything else for 170 USD. a little high considering it's an "old card", but specs remain class-leading. i now have TWO HDAV1.3 Deluxes and an STX II, all with H6s. i remember being disappointed...
  2. McCartney

    Arctic Unveils the MX-6 High Performance Thermal Compound

    cool. are many of their formulas american? i assume there's no patent protection on stuff like this. it's probably a british company more than canadian, even though that should be the same thing. "back then" the people from the "little islands" would come here and start up, but the money was...
  3. McCartney

    Arctic Unveils the MX-6 High Performance Thermal Compound

    i should add i have to give kyle props for plugging mg chemicals, a canadian brand. it's my go-to for all electronic solvents and solders. unsurprisingly, it was founded in 1955, when we used 'win' under a flag that was known to do only that. it's nice to see people respected our chops in...
  4. McCartney

    Arctic Unveils the MX-6 High Performance Thermal Compound

    i remember that roundup. the days of arctic silver. that was like 15 years ago. sorry *13 years ago: Thermal Paste Shootout - Q209 i thought kyle was going to keep the reviews up. i guess not. things change, i get it.
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    preferably with the daughterboard. need it to further test my ASUS Xonar driver for MAC (that's not a typo. i managed to port the alsa code lol). would appreciate a good deal instead of a gouge. thanks
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    The 16GB of HBM2 on the Radeon VII Is Needed for Real World 4K Video Production

    "fancy transitions" sounds like an increased number of outcomes, or states. if the computations are offloaded to the gpu, in this case to "crunch" the additional possibilities the "fancy transitions" invite, then obviously more memory is needed. where you at, senator GLOBAL ECKANAMY *cue...
  7. McCartney

    PlayStation Classic Has Already Drastically Dropped in Price Following Middling Sales

    i also believe the reviewer stated the *hacked* SNES is running the same emulator with retroarch, which if i understood correctly he said is not available on the classic PSX. "RetroArch has advanced features like shaders, netplay, rewinding, next-frame response times, and more!" keep in mind...
  8. McCartney

    Could Microsoft Release a Desktop Linux?

    while i understand most gamers use windows, please do not call it a 'gaming os' back when i was starting out, i took for granted the organisational superiority of the 95 GUI in comparison to its predecessor (3.1), which was similar to its contemporaries (file menu bar, at least, for both 3.1...
  9. McCartney

    PlayStation Classic Has Already Drastically Dropped in Price Following Middling Sales

    easy: use an ARM processor to emulate a fucking SLOWER MIPS. when are people going to start caring about ISAs and how incredibly crippled ARM's FPU ISA is in comparison to MIPS? ARM is a straight up clusterfuck and it will never have the homogeneity MIPS offers across 32 and 64 bit offerings...
  10. McCartney

    Could Microsoft Release a Desktop Linux?

    well, put it this way: no one has heard of ZDNet in 20 years until this pure-opinion piece, so he's definitely worth hanging on to for a little longer ;)
  11. McCartney

    Nintendo Switch Outsells All Other Current Generation Consoles

    nice post. anyone remember the hype for SquareSoft's "The Bouncer" for PS2? graphics were the big draw, but the length of the game was so disappointing that it got mediocre reviews.
  12. McCartney

    Microsoft Introduces Windows Sandbox

    where the fuck is the legit powershell? shitty NOOBuntu-in-a-black-screen isn't a native *nix shell. how bout you guys focus on that? or is the babyoil+dandruff brigade too busy plugging the holes they fucking created with, what seems like, each fucking winBLOWs 10 update? (10 earned this. i...
  13. McCartney

    How Scammers in China Manipulate Amazon and Its Shoppers

    chinese farmers have to eat, too, guys!
  14. McCartney

    Intel is Inside World's Largest 360-Degree Movie Set

  15. McCartney

    TSMC is Working on Quantum Computers

    you may very well be right; all i was saying is that i am not familiar with quantum entanglement at my self-imposed standards to speak on it, that's all. i know the high-level idea; my familiarity with it starts at Bell's inequality, which i was told is just a reformulation of Boole's...
  16. McCartney

    TSMC is Working on Quantum Computers

    Strictly speaking, a "quantum" is the smallest measurement that can be detected. it's related to the Planck length. probabilistic modeling, if done right, *can* apply to quantum mechanics, but not always. truth is the mathematical basis for probability theory is equipped to deal with infinites...
  17. McCartney

    TSMC is Working on Quantum Computers

    very true. but the way it is considered as a quantum computer, is interesting. Read this essay by dr koch and hepp called "quantum mechanics in the brain". Essentially, brain *function* as taught/learned by a psychiatrist/neurologist is *macroscopic*. Meaning, we can understand the...
  18. McCartney

    TSMC is Working on Quantum Computers

    you've surmised correct. as someone with a mac pro 5,1, which is "old", i'd like a quantum computer for my matrix calculations because the precision would be infinite compared to 64 bit. there are other perks too, of course, but to me it's all about the probabilistic model of the atom and...
  19. McCartney

    TSMC is Working on Quantum Computers

    I just don't think you fully appreciate what a real quantum computer is, but that's okay. it takes time. no news article will articulate the difficulties and how these are realised in the machine. here's a good start to the issue i'm alluding to, which states it is no faster than a high-end...
  20. McCartney

    TSMC is Working on Quantum Computers

    i know you're joking, but: we are a looooooong way away from that. it's either we keep beefing up the registers of the CPU, or make a serious effort at quantum computing. i haven't seen appetite for either, especially in the post 2008 landscape. will be interesting now that TSMC is involved...
  21. McCartney

    TSMC is Working on Quantum Computers

    for all intents and purposes: the D-Wave offerings are not "real" quantum computers. i believe TSMC is implying that a temperature of 0 (Lord) Kelvins is necessary to "slow down" the subatomic particles such that the states can be read/written (presumably using the more-powerful theory of the...
  22. McCartney

    Apple Turns Its Back on Customers and NVIDIA with macOS Mojave

    yeah for my application, having the larger pool would be beneficial even though, as you stated, there would be an added lookup penalty due to the increased size. wondering if the brains at tsmc who engineered this board had a way to turn on NUMA. my application can't use clusters, as it needs...
  23. McCartney

    Apple Turns Its Back on Customers and NVIDIA with macOS Mojave

    i appreciate you being so gracious when you've pointed out the issue to me, but you needn't be. what i found interesting about the article is that it seems apple made a choice to run in "interleaved" mode as opposed to whatever mode allows 2-CPU NUMA. i use the term "2-CPU NUMA" to acknowledge...
  24. McCartney

    Apple Turns Its Back on Customers and NVIDIA with macOS Mojave

    it would make a lot of sense. i really appreciated the design of the mid 2010. the x58 with two sockets was going to have some drawbacks, i guess. in many use cases, i could saturate memory and CPU without issue, but i think for the eigensolver it's a bit more strict for its working memory...
  25. McCartney

    California Considers Plan to Tax Text Messages

    falling into an ocean, LA being close to SF... pot-eh-toe, pot-ah-toe amirite? ;)
  26. McCartney

    Apple Turns Its Back on Customers and NVIDIA with macOS Mojave

    can't agree more. really happy i bought the mid 2012 with 128gb from owc. put in x5690s earlier this year, and i couldn't be happier. only thing that sucks about the dual lga1366 system is that the intel math kernel library (MKL) has a cutting-edge eigensolver that cannot split across...
  27. McCartney

    "Buster" Is a Browser Extension That Can Solve Captchas Automatically

    i get multiple dynamic captchas (i assume the dynamic term is referencing the puzzles where the grid items change after clicking, whereas the static ones show the checkbox and remain there until you click 'done' or whatever) and i'm not on google fibre! i apologise if you're suggesting that...
  28. McCartney

    Microsoft Pulls Another Windows 10 Update Following BSOD Reports

    tbh im surprised no one has made any memes of some dips with their trademark baby oil hair with the dandruff flakes on top. seems like there'd be oodles of captions. just sayin' ;)
  29. McCartney

    Mobile Apps Track Your Movements and Its All for Sale

    pretty sure the masses are going to react like I did when they aired those documentaries killing the kayfabe aspect of wrestling: NO! NO! IT CAN'T BE TRUE. "IT'S STILL REAL ["not selling my data" or whatever the desired equivalent is] TO ME, DAMMNIT" lol edit: i used to deride the ol' "point...
  30. McCartney

    Don't be a [ |Lidman](ngo), be my...

    Don't be a [ |Lidman](ngo), be my [ |Lüdman](nga)
  31. McCartney

    Huawei is in Trouble

    i know this board has its supporters of mr "IT'S THE GLOBAL ECKANAMY", aka mitt romney, but where are the questions about his true involvement with huawei, especially in light of the failed 3com deal 10 years ago? it seems it was mitt who wanted to indiscriminantly sell off america, and yet his...
  32. McCartney

    Australia Passes World's First Anti Encryption Law

    this was *ALWAYS* the case. it may not have been coded in the constitution(s) of the Realms, but the Crown has, and always will "own" you. whether that "ownership" is of value in most cases is another discussion entirely. most of us are boring, useless, and/or uninteresting, and thus our data...
  33. McCartney

    Chinese Hackers Are Expected to be Charged with Breaking into U.S. Service Providers

    you can count on the NSA to spin hacking/espionage stories like they're sports. "For Western business environments, I think APT 10 is probably the most significant Chinese threat group that's out there," Mr. Nish said. where's Troy (Aikman), Mr. Nish? we need some colour commentary to fill...
  34. McCartney

    Microsoft Edge Development Will Be Based on the Chromium Open Source Project

    the entire industry is paralysed. moving to ARM devices from x86 when the leader of x86 (intel) has shit the bed and failed to make a proper embedded solution. this is just not good. they can keep churning out "new and shiny", but underneath it's "old and shitty". there's money for 'gains'...
  35. McCartney

    Tom Cruise Thinks You Should Turn Off Motion Interpolation

    an aside: tom cruise is teh FUCKING MAN. i never thought he'd recover after the whole katie holmes oprah thing, but man some of the roles he took 18 years ago were unreal. minority report, anyone? top gun? vanilla sky? eyes wide shut? jeez the list goes on, but i'd say those are some (of his)...
  36. McCartney

    Tom Cruise Thinks You Should Turn Off Motion Interpolation

    thank you tom!! i hate this feature. before my aquos lc45gd5u's logic board died, i thought i'd never have to worry about this. now im always looking to disable "motionflow" or whatever. when i saw my buddy watch stuff with it on, i asked him how he found it tolerable. he didn't even know what...
  37. McCartney

    Google and Facebook Cross "The Creepy Line"

    *metRe stick swat* animal. bad!
  38. McCartney

    Microsoft is Working on Dual-Screen Surface PC

    ARM device. no thx. go fuck yourselves.