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  1. L Turning To Tech Giants For Help?

    I hope the contractor that won the bid gets sued into oblivion for delivering this piece of shit. Further, I would hope that no one ever does business with them again.
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    girl outfits

    Dude, which side on you on?
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    Google Picks 8,000 Winners Of 'Glass' Contest

    IMO Google wants to gauge developer interest before they sink $10+ million Google bucks into this project. You see Google shutting down side projects even now (Google Reader was just recently in the news) and I think this is pretty indicative that they don't want to be as "wasteful" in projects...
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    First Person Mario

    Yea I know. There is a reason this doesn't exist - it isn't fun!
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    Department of Homeland Security Says Disable Java

    I have the same concern since we use Webex. Apparently Cisco has an ActiveX installer which you can install but it's a convoluted process: Basically, browse to and then click on Support >...
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    2 DSL lines causing login issues?

    We have 2 DSL lines here at work with a load balancer. On the [H] forums I'm frequently logged out (maybe every couple page clicks inside Genmay). Various 'Whats my IP' websites have reported 2 IP's, which represent our 2 DSL lines. I think webhosts are seeing traffic coming from 2 IP's and...
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    FTC Halts Spying By Rent-To-Own Computer Companies

    Holy crap... This sounds like complete horseshit...can anyone back me up here?
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    GaymerCon is a Go!

    I dunno, why can't most people be happy with a convention that includes gay stuff?
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    Morgan Freeman auditions for part as Duke Nukem

    Ok that's either a troll, or, Morgan is starting to lose his mind... :(
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    1 Terabyte of Data Will Be Sent Daily During Conventions

    That's a decent amount of shit flowing through the tubes.
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    Space Elevator Planned for the Moon

    Isn't the distance to the moon variable?
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    Dropbox Enables 2-Step Verification Process System

    Our parent company uses dropbox and I cringed when I saw the CEO log in to show us something during a meeting. I don't think they realize the risk they are taking.
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    Grand Theft Auto V - new screenshots

    You guys are hard to please. The above screenshots look pretty good to me.
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    Chrome Bug Hunters Made Big Money

    Also, think of it like this: google is buying 0-day exploits instead of letting that info get into the hands of black hats and nefarious organizations.
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    Judge Tosses Trio of Samsung Phones From Apple Case

    If the auto industry did this we'd never have new, exciting cars to drive and look at.
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    MIT Develops Autonomous Robotic Earthworm

    I thought of this when I saw this thread over on reddit. If these things can burrow through the dirt, I think it'd open up a huge business running pipe or cable.
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    NASA Engineers Prep for a Software Upgrade on Mars.

    About 2000 engineers and 8 years...
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    Multiple webcams - into 1 location?

    Found this on the web . You might be able to take some of the ideas...but you're probably looking at spending some cash on this solution.
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    Atomic HOT if they honor it

    Since a corporation is a person, a person is a corporation. The bank would have to talk to someone in legal if they want their $900 back. Check out this awesome story (on the worst webpage on the net)...don't forget to the click the ''Part II' link for the rest of the story because the...
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    First Beer in Space

    Thought it said 'First Queer in Space' and wondered what the Canadians were up to. :cool:
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    Guncraft Open Beta

    Damn that CGI looks great.
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    Breaking Language Barriers Online

    I feel like I see language barriers broken each time I'm on the internet...
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    Minecraft on WHS 2011

    I've played a ton of Minecraft, and setup a server once for limited use. The process is pretty painless really, if you want to let your nephew have access through the internet just open port 25565 on your software and hardware firewalls. I have heard the server resource requirements can be...
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    PayPal Bans Major File-Hosting Services

    Time for bitcoins! Wait, are they still popular for this sort of thing?
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    British Airways Will Google Passengers Ahead of Flights

    Welcome aboard Mr. Smith, I see you enjoy LOLCATS and german feces porn and have placed that material on your chair for your enjoyment.
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    Japanese Researchers Transmit Electricity through Concrete

    This doesn't sound very energy-efficient at all.
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    'Exploding' Samsung Galaxy S3 Mystery Solved

    Oh wow, an end-user that is full of shit? I can't stand people who exaggerate claims of product inferiority when in fact the problem is their own brain.
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    Project Glass: Live Demo At Google I/O

    I wanted the same as you, but maybe they are relying on developers for the cool shit.
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    Your E-Book Is Reading You

    Just because you can, doesn't always mean you should. Classic example right here IMO.
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    Another Xbox Music Service Rumor Surfaces

    I still subscribe to Zune Pass, what's going to happen with my account?
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    Project Glass: Live Demo At Google I/O

    What exactly does your eye see when you look at the little screen?
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    Texas College Hacks Government Drone

    Domestic UAV surveillance is basically here. Since it is the right of the people to arm themselves against government, where the hell are the civilian surface -> air weapons?
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    Lawyerbots Replacing Human Lawyers

    Good question. I think we could improve technology but we may not replace live referee on the field just yet. I think a field/football with sensors would be a great idea. Put a touch sensitive strip at the perimeter of the field so you know whether the players feet were on the ground or not...
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    16 Quadrotor Light Show

    no dubstep?
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    Texas College Hacks Government Drone

    No one needs to forget that the UAV's that the military was using during the Iraq War were transmitting unencrypted video which the enemy easily decoded using <$50 hardware and software.
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    Lawyerbots Replacing Human Lawyers

    All a representative does is represent the people that elected them. If a piece of software can accurately represent the intent of the people why not replace them? They do a horribly inefficient job anyway. Basically shitty middle-ware that misconstrues what the people want.
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    Firefox 'New Tab' Feature Exposes Secured Information

    Chrome can show your passwords as well.
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    Ringbow Kickstarter

    I see this product trying to find a space in a very competitive market. As soon as touchscreens with that dynamic raised surface are out on the market there is no need for this. Come to think of it, I don't see a need in the first place for this...hence the Kickstarter.
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    'No Recording' FAIL of the Day

    So instead of stopping the guy or yelling for security, OP decides to pull out his camera phone? Sounds like they are working together.
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    Live Blogging Microsoft's Mystery Event

    I think we all can basically agree that Windows 8 is meant for a tablet, well here is that tablet. This is a flagship device, much like how Google releases their own handheld.