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  1. carnageX

    WTB GameBoy / GameBoy Color

  2. carnageX

    WTB GameBoy / GameBoy Color

    Wondering if anybody here has an old GameBoy or GameBoy color lying around? Doesn't have to work (preferable that it doesn't work, but still looks decent condition). I'm wanting to do an "exploded" shadow box for my office to hang up, and wanting either (or both). eBay and local markets are...
  3. carnageX

    Free Battlefield 4 Standard Origin Key for Amazon Prime Members

    I also already own it, so if somebody else wants a key PM me.
  4. carnageX

    Little Nightmares 1 free on Steam till the 30th

    Dang I missed this!
  5. carnageX

    [Epic Store] 15 Days Of Free Games 2020 / Day 15 / Jurassic World Evolution (Free Till [DEAD])

    It shows what's free next, now that the holiday freebies are over.
  6. carnageX

    A lazy fix 20 years ago means the Y2K bug is taking down computers now

    99 little bugs in the code, 99 little bugs, Take one down, patch it around, 127 little bugs in the code!
  7. carnageX

    [Epic Store] Steep (Free till [DEAD])

    FTL: Advanced Edition is today's freebie.
  8. carnageX

    Steam Controller $5

    Nov 27 @ 11:30 am Shipping status: Shipping Soon Haven't gotten an email about shipping or cancelling we'll see I guess?
  9. carnageX

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (needs Rockstar Games Launcher)

    Rockstar has had one since they launched GTAV. Even the Steam version of GTAV requires the R* Launcher and a Social Club account. It just launches it silently in the background.
  10. carnageX

    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    Got the Humble Spooky 2019 bundle $1 tier, but it looks like I already have BUTCHER. First to PM gets the Steam code. Edit: Taken by oMek
  11. carnageX

    Grid 2 FREE at Humble Bundle

    Grabbed it, thanks!
  12. carnageX

    No Mans Sky "Beyond" Update Will Feature Multiplayer

    This + fully controllable flight ship mod were the big ones I used. A couple other quality-of-life improvements (instant button feedback instead of having to press/hold helped too) and it was better (on PC).
  13. carnageX

    Microsoft Announces the Open Sourcing of Windows Calculator

    It's using Azure Pipelines, which is Microsoft's automated build/release mechanisms. "Azure DevOps" is their rebranding of both Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server (on-premises local server). It's just their code building / executable deployment mechanism - it offers a bunch...
  14. carnageX

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey free if you test Google's game streaming service (US only)

    Got the email as well. I'm at work and can't login to uPlay, but I assume it's also there for me then lol.
  15. carnageX

    Apex Legends Performance Tested

    Yup both Titanfall games were also based off the Source Engine.
  16. carnageX

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey free if you test Google's game streaming service (US only)

    Haven't gotten anything yet. I had a heck of a time trying to get it running; kept getting blocked by the ping requirement (avg around 50ms instead of the required 40ms). I managed to get about 1h 10m playtime put in tho (according to UbisoftClub), so hopefully I get back with something.
  17. carnageX

    New Ace Combat Trailer Shows Off "Battle Royale" and Team Deathmatch

    I'm sure it'll be modded in since it's an Unreal Engine game.
  18. carnageX

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Gets a Battle Royale Mode

    The PC Gamer article I read mentioned bows & throwing knives. Also, is it really a shock to anyone that they added a BR mode? They already had a BR mode in GTA Online, so it's the same mode with just different assets.
  19. carnageX

    DOOM (2016) PC version for $ 6.60 cheapest

    I paid full price at release and don't regret it one bit. Was my favorite game of 2016 and got my money's worth for sure.
  20. carnageX

    Deep Dive into the AI Behind DOOM

    Yes, demons can/will fight each other if you can get them to turn on each other. There's a few scripted areas where they're already fighting, as well. Tho there's not much "sneaking" around in Doom 2016.
  21. carnageX

    Venom Trailer #2 Is Out

    Please jesus yes - I want Carnage in a movie. My favorite villian (if my handle didn't give that away).
  22. carnageX

    Elder Scrolls 6 is in Pre-Production

    I could see ES6 coming out in 2021, so they can do "10 years later" marketing from Skyrim's release date.
  23. carnageX

    Desktop Chrome Now Sports Autoplay Muting

    Script blockers.
  24. carnageX

    Harley-Davidson’s First Electric Motorcycle on Track for 2019 Release

    Pretty sure he was being sarcastic, hence the 2nd part of his post. The "loud pipes save lives" is a mantra for bikers, particularly HD riders. My FZ6R is pretty quiet, sounds about like a car.
  25. carnageX

    Tesla Model Y Production Starts November 2019

    Model S Model 3 Model X Model Y iseewhatudidthere.jpg
  26. carnageX

    PUBG Adding New Cheater Reporting Feature

    400 hours into the game with friends, and we've run into maybe a few cheaters...either we're lucky and don't run into them or they're not affecting us to cause us to not play anymore.
  27. carnageX

    Scientists Save Child’s Life by Growing Him New Skin

    From what it sounded like in the article, no. From the article: So basically since they took healthy skin from the boy, they grew skin in the lab and grafted it onto him, and then the lab-grown healthy skin attached to the lower layers successfully, and is able to make its own stem cells...
  28. carnageX

    Soylent Banned in Canada

    Guy that I worked with drank Soylent all the time. He somehow convinced a bunch of us to try it because we always gave him crap about it. It was...alright. Not something I'd drink regularly. It tasted like stale cereal milk to me.
  29. carnageX

    Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee Free on GOG

    It's also free on HumbleBundle.
  30. carnageX

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has Sold Over 10 Million Copies

    Like DocFaustus said, it completely changes. More focus on suppression and/or flanking when you're with multiple people. That, and it's just WAY more fun IMO rolling with 1 or more friends and getting into some really interesting situations based on all the decisions you've made up to that...
  31. carnageX

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has Sold Over 10 Million Copies

    I think it depends on your skill level though, too. You can drop in one of the "hot zones" (mili base, school, Georgopol crates, etc.) and if you can survive the onslaught of people (either by hiding or getting rid of players yourself) - you can easily get pretty looted by killing the other...
  32. carnageX

    Developer for Shadows of War Immortalized in Game

    So something a lot of people missed that's been reporting on this: To summarize, if you're outside of the US and you purchase the DLC, no proceeds from the purchase goes to the family. The percentage also doesn't go to the family if you live in one of the following states: AL, HI, IL, MA...
  33. carnageX

    The Daily Stormer May Lose Its Domain

    It's in their ToS (you know, the thing nobody reads) that they can terminate a user's service.
  34. carnageX

    College Students Are Flocking to Computer Science Majors

    At your school maybe :p. Sounds like your CE degree is the same as my CS degree in regards to classes, since they're both ABET accredited.
  35. carnageX

    College Students Are Flocking to Computer Science Majors Yep, looks like Computer Engineering is ABET, but their Computer Science degree isn't.
  36. carnageX

    College Students Are Flocking to Computer Science Majors

    The the CS course at your school probably wasn't ABET accredited or anything like that. Probably just rebranding of Software Engineering to Computer Science.
  37. carnageX

    Introducing 306 Million Freely Downloadable Pwned Passwords

    Troy Hunt even says not to use it for checking your current passwords. More for showing people "do you really want to use that password you planned on using?" to show them how weak passwords have already been breached. He didn't even want to make this website really, but ended up doing it anyway.