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    FS: Parting out: MSI 1156, HD 5850, i5 750, Prolimitech Megahalems, etc.

    Hi all, Parting out my i5 750 my build. XFX HD 5850 (took apart once to fix, clean vibrating fan, works great before and since) $30 MSI P55-GD65 w/ i5 750 (was overclocked to 3.5ghz) 80$ OBO 4gb (2x2gb) Corsair Dominator 1600 DDR3 w/...
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    WTB: Laptop hard drive for external enclosure

    I don't think ill be needing one anymore since I found a usb/sata cable I can use rather than an external enclosure. Thanks for the offers!
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    WTB: Laptop hard drive for external enclosure

    thanks ill let you know Im still considering my moves with this SSD i have
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    WTB: Laptop hard drive for external enclosure

    Hi all, I'm buying an external 2.5" enclosure to transfer OS to SSD and after that I want to put a laptop hard drive in it. PM me with offers. And lets pretend that flooding in Thailand never affected hard drive prices...
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    Fixing prime95 errors on i5 750.

    I have my i5 750 at 4.0 using 21 X 190 and testing it for 5 minutes at certain voltages My first errors were hardware detection errors, so an increase of DRAM voltage from 1.65 to 1.67 and loosening memory timings seems to have fixed that. My second errors were rounding errors, and i put my...
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    Please help me understand MIAHALLEN's oc guide.

    I am using MIAHALLEN's overclocking guide and I have made it through step one which is determining your maximum stable base clock Okay my maximum stable base clock is 206 Now I am on step 2 and getting confused: Okay so...
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    How do my i5 750 overclock specs look?

    Yeah its a real pain. I must have purchased a buggy cpu... I honestly just dont know how with my massive prolimitech megahalem cpu cooler with two push/pull fans on it, that my voltages have to be so high and that 4.0 has been a three year struggle to reach with still no success. I wish...
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    How do my i5 750 overclock specs look?

    thanks guys, well I ran prime95 overnight and it had zero errors! Im happy with this because I was able to keep my memory clocked high too this time around ill be doing some more tinkering but i think I have my specs set for 24/7 now
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    How do my i5 750 overclock specs look?

    Im using an msi gd65 board the i5 is at 3.8 right now vcore: 1.350 (failed intel burn test at 1.325) vtt:1.3 ram voltage: 1.65 (stock) memory: 8 8 8 24 1450mhz I passed 5 runs of intel burn test at these settings and the cpu never went over 80c Im going to run prime95 overnight. Let me know...
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    Two Dirt 3 codes -$18 each

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    [WTB] Intel x-25v 40gb SSD

    As the title reads. I am looking to grab one of these for a raid 0 setup. Looking to spend $50-$60 shipped. PM me Thanks
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    Radeon 5870 prices have gone insane

    now I see why OCN banned talk of bitcoin on their forum :rolleyes: Turns everyone into a bunch of first graders. Anyways, I had a short hype with bitcoins and I was thinking about building a mining rig because my house has solar panels so power costs would be minimal. But, meh, if I really...
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    WTB: A few bitcoins

    Did you know that bitcoins were made to eliminate a third party such as Paypal? Not scrutinizing or anything just sayin... :D
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    [WTB] Cheap AM3 CPU, 600w modular PSU, laptop memory, mini itx mobo

    Getting serious about putting together a mini itx system. Figure I'd give a shout out for some needed components. I want to keep costs minimal. CPU: Going AMD for cost effectiveness, any low end AM3 socket chip will do. I'd like to try and keep it under $50 PSU: Being a mini itx...
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    FS Sapphire 5970 and Sapphire 5870

    tempted with the 5870. You wont have trouble selling these thats for sure. Bitcoins allowed to be discussed on hardforum? Anyhow, bitcoins have opened up a whole new market for AMD it seems
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    FS: Galaxy GTX 580 1.5GB

    bump for a sweet deal on a powerful card. Man I'd buy this if I wasn't packing money away for university! :D
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    Video: Bad Company 2 on Radeon 6770m

    For anyone wondering how good of a gpu the mobile Radeon 6770m is, I made a short video of me running Bad Company 2 at medium settings. The game runs quite well on this gpu, on FRAPS, which didn't display FPS in the video for some reason, I was getting 50 - 70 FPS. I suffered one severe drop...
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    XFX Radeon HD 6990 Drawing!

    I would really enjoy having a powerful card.
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    MSI N560GTX Ti Twin Frozr II OC Give-away!

    All I have to say about MSI is I bought an open box p55 mobo from them for dirt cheap and it runs great!
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    Logitech G930 headphones making clicking noises

    Thanks! Contacting Logitech now...
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    Logitech G930 headphones making clicking noises

    really? no replies lol
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    Logitech G930 headphones making clicking noises

    This is the first pair of headphones I owned and I love them. The 7.1 surround sound works great. These are a wireless pair of headphones for those that don't know. However it seems when I move my head at certain angles I hear clicking sounds. To be honest it sounds almost exactly like a...
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    WTT Asus G50VT-X1

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    No picture on monitor after installing gtx470. (sorta long)

    Hi so heres my problem. I just installed: Asus Crosshair II Formula AMD Phenom II 940 8 gigs corsair dominator Asus DVD drive Galaxy gtx470 gc Coolermaster v10 into my brothers computer and kept his 600 watt silverstone PSU. I upgraded his 9800 gt to a gtx 470. However after...
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    Crazy Black Friday Shopper #1

    human society (or at least american) has turned it values towards materialism and consumerism drain the resources from the rest of the world, manufacuture pointless cheap shit in china and sell it to the american consumer
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    Do You Really Need Antivirus Software?

    spybot search and destroy + safe mode enough said
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    What do i use to clean my screen?

    o yeah reverse osmosis water all the way! worked like a charm thanks guys :D
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    What do i use to clean my screen?

    thanks everybody im gonna try a little RO water then
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    Mega Hurtz Tactical Robot

    I could see this being used during riots Mount a paint ball gun loaded with pepper balls (or a similar less lethal weapon) and the drag hook thingy and go rescue injured victims :eek:
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    What do i use to clean my screen?

    Yes my monitor came with a very fine cloth but that doesnt seem to do the trick Ill see what kind of polish i have thanks
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    What do i use to clean my screen?

    Hi im using a samsung t240 and theres a small spot on the screen that doesnt seem to want to come off Its about 2 mm x 2mm big It looks like a liquid that has dried but im really not sure cuz it doesnt want to come off Any tips on how clean this spot off?
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    Fallout: New Vegas Ships 5 Million

    o man hell yeah about the glitches i had the death claw mother melt out into some sort of huge polygonal puddle woulda made a nice screen shot :p