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  1. tporter

    Help me decide on a new server this tax season!

    R730 all the way. One of the quietest, power efficient servers and now is just about the time companies are replacing them to pick up cheap :)
  2. tporter

    Asus Strix Z390i 9900k compatibility

    I believe you, but how is that possible? 390 chipset was FOR that generation cpu. Wasn't the 9900k part of the "first released" batch of cpus? If it was... that's bad planning on manufacturers part.
  3. tporter

    My modem and router dated?

    Maybe I missed something... how are you using both the modem and modem/router combo device!?
  4. tporter

    Can i put 2 severs/websites on 1 static ip?

    With only one public IP and needing to serve both websites on the same http port, essentially there needs to be 1 server that outside clients connect to that can redirect the traffic based on the website name they type in called "host header". Either: A) both websites are on the same server and...
  5. tporter

    Help me understand the difference between Mesh and normal routers please

    With normal APs, it is up to the client to decide when the signal strength is weak enough to connect to a stronger signal AP. Any network the client has connected to before should be saved as a profile and the OS monitors the signal strength of all APs in reach. You can find a "roaming...
  6. tporter

    [Debian 10 / Nextcloud] probably an easy problem...

    Running as root is bad practice but I find sometimes when chaining or piping commands together it's easier to run as root by using "sudo su" and the pasting the command. Make sure you've tested the script as regular user first and made any necessary changes for root user before pasting.
  7. tporter

    How to use Net User syntax properly when the login ID is an email address?

    Net user will change local users but you could use powershell to change microsoft "online" users password:
  8. tporter

    How do you configure Windows to start/stop a service when opening/closing an application?

    For the stop service section of batch, I would suggest running a while loop (with a sleep time) to check the connected status of the virtual NIC the software creates. When it sees the nic disconnected (from stopping the vpn) it would stop the service.
  9. tporter

    Windows firewall: allow communication within subnet only

    Yes, just create a rule with just the local subnet in scope BUUUUT why do that when you can just remove the gateway (if the ip is set static)
  10. tporter

    2tb+ os/hw support

    I thinking more towards the device/NAS limitation. If a NAS claims support for a 3tb drive, it should have the correct support for ANY large drive
  11. tporter

    2tb+ os/hw support

    Am I right in thinking the only limitation for 2tb drives were: A) bios limitation - solved by uefi B) mbr format - solved by gpt So If any device claims support for 3tb+ drives, it should be compatible with ANY large drive for the forseeable future right? Is there some limitation other than...
  12. tporter

    RT-AC68U: No internet, suspect sys log, and persistent unauthorized client

    Eth1/2 should be the wireless 2.4/5ghz radios and those entries are wireless clients constantly connecting and disconnecting... either they have poor signal strength or it's the recent Asus firmware bug where wireless clients can somehow connect enough to get dhcp. Not sure the details on the...
  13. tporter

    What do people use for 2FA on RDP for Workstations?

    I manage duo for 100+ users at work and we've had no duo issues with direct rdp or rdweb to many win 10 VMs
  14. tporter

    Networking problem

    How is the firewall plugged into the att modem? Via wan port?
  15. tporter

    Expanding my IT knowledge (not for professional purposes)

    I would start a free trial at it is very well laid out and has all up to date material for people at all skill levels. $35 a month for personal is nothing if you're really serious about it. Luckily I get it free through work :)
  16. tporter

    How many Backup USB drives do you have for Windows 10?

    For backups I use acronis true image via ftp to my nas and limiting access to backup subfolders (multiple PCs) ONLY to the ftp user acronis uses. I've come not to trust shared folder backups as virus's can scan the network for any available network folders but I haven't heard of this for ftp yet.
  17. tporter

    Hit by Rapid V1 Ransomware

    This reinforces the idea of never using admin accounts for regular work, using service account whenever possible, never using regular mapped drives, and restricting access to prod servers to only the pcs that need access
  18. tporter

    Boot Win 7 from external USB drive

    2 thoughts: Why not just buy win 10 enterprise to go built in? I would recommend the corsair gt/gtx flash drives for this. I've tried MANY through work and lifespan has been weak and heat frequently an issue. These are the BEST between speed, heat dissapation and ruggedness...
  19. tporter

    I have a very simple at-home issue I can't solve. Cost effective way to extend at-home wireless.

    Sounds like you already have a cable ran from 1st router to second. If you dont mind not having seamless roaming (1 or 2 second disconnect) then log into second router and: 1 set its ip address to something different then 1st 2 disable dhcp on 2nd 3 set wireless settings the same as first 4 plug...
  20. tporter

    Network help or recommendation

    almost definitely heat issues. Maybe not necessarily overheating, but heating/cooling repeatedly weakening the solder points. I would only trust Asus on tomato firmware or Ubiquiti nowadays for good and stable wireless. If its an option, I would try a custom firmware that supports lowering the...
  21. tporter

    What are the best bang buck budget wireless headphones for the money?

    Best bang is here: These are comparible to those common LG earbuds. You cant beat this sound for less than $20
  22. tporter

    Do i need a seperate router and best way to do it.

    1. Bridge mode is here: 2. ALWAYS use you own router rather the ISPs! The ISPs are needing to buy units in bulk for use with customers and because of this they always skimp on hardware to save a buck. Using the asus as the router should boost...
  23. tporter

    Anyone here a guru with Spacewalk?

    I'm having an issue with Spacewalk (CentOS7) where I cannot delete a system profile. Google returns many results with this issue but none give a valid solution. It appears that most say its an issue related to cobblerd but and I am gettin the typical python errors in /var/log/cobbler/cobbler.log...
  24. tporter

    Veeam backup

    We have ~200 vms with 5/6 being an avg of 5tb backing up to a NetApp San and working great. The only issue sometimes is the occasional handling of snapshots (not properly removing and needing manual consolidation after the backup)
  25. tporter

    shared folder/file permissions issue

    When you say permission are you talking share or ntfs? Share permissions may be read/write so you could create new files and edit them since created by that user but existing files may be restricted by the ntfs permissions
  26. tporter

    Can someone help me fix my Windows network

    Iphone and iPad are of course wireless and the other PCs I'm guessing are a mix or all wired so my first question would be - have you verified all devices are on the same network or is the ipad/iphone/main pc connected straight to the modem and the other devices behind another router or visa...
  27. tporter

    Question on Imaging machines

    My boss made huge deal of this before and honestly I don't see the huge issue. When cloning to another machine just unjoin and rejoin the doman imediately after clone. It recreates the sid and I haven't had an issue yet after about 10 clones. Just make sure you do it right away or you'll get the...
  28. tporter

    ESXi Datastore and Virtual Disk Questions

    You would essentially be striping 2 raid5s together. striping is nit usually recommended in business environments although each half of the stripe would still have redundancy from raid5... honestly, you best option would be to back up the current data on the used raid 5 and then reconfigure all...
  29. tporter

    Recommend me a punch down tool

    I've been doing networking for over 10 years and have had MANY of my punchdown stolen/lost and therefore iv'e tried almost all of them. The fluke d914s is hands down the best in comfort and ease of use when doing a ton of Jacks / panels!!!!!
  30. tporter

    No HDD detected in Win 8.1 install?

    1. Is tpm enabled? 2. What are the csm and uefi boot settings? 3. Are you booting from usb as bios or uefi?
  31. tporter

    Firewalls, Servers, and Ports?

    I will usually do a: netstat -an|find "LISTEN"|find "192.168" (or whatever your ip octet begins with) This will filter only the listening ports bound to the IP address (no looback connections)
  32. tporter

    Guest went missing - ESX 5.5u1

    I'm not too familiar with netapp. Is there a way to view the NFS logs on the netapp to see if anything else besides the ESX host accessed the NFS mount?
  33. tporter

    VMware P2V Help.

    minuderstood first post. I see the reformat details... I should read slower
  34. tporter

    VMware P2V Help.

    Cant you just convert straight to the esx machine?? If your installing the converter directly ON the box you want to virtualize. I swear I've done it before. On the destination you just select the ESX box IP and login.... update: I have mine open (VMWare Convertor Standalone v5.5.2) and I see...
  35. tporter

    Problem booting Win XP after restored image

    I just did a restore the other day where it only restored the main partition and not the 100mb at the biginning (apparently didnt back up. I tried using all fixboot, fixmbr crap as well until... BAM it hit me. I started up diskpart (fdisk on XP) and marked the partition active. Booted fine...
  36. tporter

    Heads up on Paypal Policy update effective Nov. 18th 2014

    Please direct all payment now to my bank account. For a modest 100% fee of total item cost, I will moderate all transactions
  37. tporter

    Heads up on Paypal Policy update effective Nov. 18th 2014

    Please direct all payment now to my bank account. For a modest 100% fee of total item cost, I will moderate all transactions :)
  38. tporter

    ESXi Guest not getting DHCP from cable modem

    ouch.. no vt-d may mean out of luck. I have never tried cable modem directly to vm so I will defer to other members at this point.
  39. tporter

    Adapter issue

    I think we would need a few more details... can you explain what the issue was? Was the NIC not seen by the PC or was it not getting DHCP, etc..... whats your network setup?
  40. tporter

    Trouble accessing new Windows 7 pc across my LAN

    If you DONT turn off password protected sharing then you must have the same user/pw from the XP/other machines from your network ALSO setup on the Win7 PC and manage those permissions on the shared folder manually :/