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    FS: intel i7 7700k + Gigabyte Z270x Gaming 7 Mobo + 16gb dd4 corsair 2800mhz ram,

    TTT - Added free heat sink. Added PSU for sale
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    FS: intel i7 7700k + Gigabyte Z270x Gaming 7 Mobo + 16gb dd4 corsair 2800mhz ram,

    not interested in parting out at this time: 1) Intel i7 7700K CPU 1) gigabyte z270x gaming 7 motherboard (Link to GB site for specs) 1) 2x8 16gb kit of Corsair ddr4 2800mhz I'll also throw in a Macho HR-02 thermalright cooler+fan $350 + shipping And I have a brand new EVGA SuperNOVA 750 GT...
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    Stadia not so good after all?

    unlike star citizen you know this will shut down and the monthly fee will end.
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    Star Citizen's single player game delayed again

    your assuming they actually spent the money on product. probably spent most of it on H&B, with just enough on spaceships to get stupid people to donate more money.
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    Twitch Relents And Allows Breastfeeding On Stream Amid Controversy

    you post online... its for attention.
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    Twitch Relents And Allows Breastfeeding On Stream Amid Controversy

    twitch is a private business. The only rights you have are those they allow.
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    Twitch Relents And Allows Breastfeeding On Stream Amid Controversy

    Live streaming by definition is drawing attention to it. Hold on kid, I know your hungry, but I just need to logon to Twitch, turn the cam on, and start streaming.
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    Intel Internal Document Details How It Will Counter the AMD Threat

    and pubg @ 11 sucks. haven't tired apex but tick rate of 20? this sounds like we are going backwards.
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    Intel Notifies Partners of Upcoming Price Cuts

    the only planning your a build 18 months out is saving money. no one really knows what cpu will be best 18 months from now
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    Google created an iMessage like messaging system called "Chat".

    fast forward to april 2020... google 'said to announce that iChat will be shut down next month'
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    The Privacy Phone.

    you didn't read the story did you.
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    Sony Laptop, Alienware Laptop, ECC Ram, Tivo Bolt, Harmony Remote

    1) Sony SVS151A11L Laptop, 300? hard to find a value for it. 6gb ram, 500gb harddrive, dvd drive, i5-3210m, nvidia gt 640m le, battery life per windows = good. (down from excellent). This laptop had an issue where it would not turn on/stay on. I opened it up, and made sure every...
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    Uber reveals IPO plans.

    But that online bookstore was actually selling product, and a lot of those 'losses' were due to them investing in expanding their business, you know, the business of selling things, which meant they needed to invest in real estate, product, their online infrastructure, etc etc. Whats uber? its...
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    Uber reveals IPO plans.

    how do you lose this much money when you have no physical product to manufacture.
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    The End of Blu-ray

    except unlike vinyl, blu-rays tend to actually provided a higher quality AV product.
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    New Study Claims Piracy is Driven by Availability and Price

    people don't want to pay for shit. This requires studies?
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    YouTube Stars Panic as Site Pulls Ads over "Inappropriate Comments"

    The way to fix this is to start putting bannable comments on liberal/lefty channels.
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    How China's Social Credit System Affects Its Citizens and Businesses

    they have free health care, and high speed rail. Its a utopia.
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    16,000 Cheaters Have Been Banned from Apex Legends

    meanwhile in BF land EA says they don't have a cheater problem.
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    EA's Head Blames Marketing, Development Delay for Low "Battlefield V" Sales

    I've played many hundreds of hours of BF games. they are all hated at launch because BF X-1 was always better. That's what people do. I think this game had the fewest actual bugs that I remember for a BF game. However imho it has some of the weakest maps. I wouldn't call them COD maps, but...
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    The 16GB of HBM2 on the Radeon VII Is Needed for Real World 4K Video Production

    So if they added videos and effects would AMD crash at all?
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    The Polestar 2 Will Come With Google Integration

    good reason to not get the car.
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    YouTube Altering Recommendations to Show Less Flat Earth Conspiracies

    They will only promote crackpot (liberal) theories they agree with. You are leaving it to google to determine what is crackpot.
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    Does Adjusting Graphics Settings Lower Than the Game Allows Constitute Cheating?

    watch the video, its not what it does at all. There are some small tweaks in bfv settings that make the game more competitive. One of them does reduces render distance for grass, so you might think your hiding, but your really not. But that's an in game setting. Heres a guy that does a lot of...
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    First-Ever 2020 Toyota Supra Sells for a Whopping $2.1 Million

    People talking about tax write offs, don't know what write offs are. Guy writing the check is still out a shit ton of money,.
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    Ubisoft Apologizes for "Controversial" Relationship in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey DLC

    How are babies made? You are trying to deny reality.
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    Ubisoft Apologizes for "Controversial" Relationship in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey DLC

    the problem with all the LGBQT is that at some point it runs into reality. IE 2 gay man cant make a baby.
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    Twitch Streamer Ninja Made Close to $10 Million Last Year

    These same people bitch about how expensive cable is, but are willing to shell out big money for a single channel, (and if they pay for one, they pay for more). Yes its a little different in that you re paying exactly for what you want. But its a shit ton of money, for very little.
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    Microsoft Edge Is Still More Power Efficient than Chrome and Firefox

    Yup, lets just use the google unstandardized chrome bowser.
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    Battlefield V Microtransactions Coming January 2019

    you hired a bunch of diversity mangers because that's what the #Metoo movement wants, and you want to look good to #metoo.
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    Battlefield V Microtransactions Coming January 2019

    shit I don't care about. if its stuff that wont change the game play. Whatever, let fools pay for digital t-shirts.