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    Left 4 Dead 3 unofficially revealed

    ugh L4d3? really? :/ Never could get into that series. Only one series should be working on part 3... Half Life! :D
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    Retro PC gaming thread, ACTIVATE! Best games from 10+ years ago

    Kipper> I remember Jack Nickalus golf, had the demo of that on my xt at that time, that was a lot of fun, not a golf fan at all back then but had fun playing that game. I dont' know if they were listed, I may have missed them... but... Return to Zork The 7th Guest The 11th Hour or...
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    Did you like Fallout 3 better or NV?

    Sadly I haven't gotten to New Vegas yet... after all these years I just finished Fallout 3 GOTY last week!! lmao.. damn back log of games!! I'm anxious to see how New Vegas is in comparison. Fallout 3 was cool since it takes place in the area I live, so a lot of the locations I can relate...
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    Retro PC gaming thread, ACTIVATE! Best games from 10+ years ago

    were quake & quake 2 modded in anyway? widescreen, source ports or anything? I have both but have been tempted to try the dark places port and some of the texture mods for quake 1. quake 2 was always my favorite of the series... till quake 4, that was a blast too!
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    Metro Last Light (PC) .01

    Hmmm just woke up and nothing sent to me yet. Email says Order in process of being fulfilled. But when I goto to check it says not available. but the .01 has been deducted from my CC. hopefully that's a good sign. some Metro Last Light for 1 cent would be killer!
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    Top 10 Steam games to look for during the summer sale..

    Borderlands 2 Dishonored Xcom Enemy Unkown Civilization V expansions Torchlight 2 Max Payne 3 Mark of the Nina f1 2012 Portal 2 Trine (both)
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    Metro Last Light (PC) .01

    Thanks a lot for the find Aj!!! Just ordered waiting for key :D
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    Metro Last Light (PC) .01

    LMAO thanks dude.. I figured it'd be something like that.
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    Metro Last Light (PC) .01

    do you just enter the key through steam? sorry I just don't like download manager stuff... like the old ea downloader ;) so just a little ocd I guess.. lol
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    Metro Last Light (PC) .01

    Wow... I know it's a steam game.. so they'd email a key so it can be authorized through steam I guess? I've never done any "digital" purchases through bestbuy before
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    Shots fired. EA says PC owners don't upgrade enough.

    And I'm still blown away at the number of people that line up every year for the latest Madden.... which is the same as the previous year's game but with update rosters O.o
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    Titanfall dev: "Hardly anybody bothers with single-player"

    If some developers would really make a decent single player game that'd be a different story :( I still enjoy a nice lengthy involved single player story but at the same time I enjoy multiplayer action. The new Wolfenstein game is the complete opposite of titanfall, they're doing single...
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    Upcoming Games That You're Looking Forward To

    Yeah I guess that's a little better.. 2142 was one of the best multiplayer games I'd played so I'm a bit biased towards it.. haha. I think it comes out next year, but the one I'm most looking forward to is Star Citizen!
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    Upcoming Games That You're Looking Forward To

    I wish EA would have announced Battlefield 2143 (whatever the sequel would be called) rather than Battlefield 4. Not the least bit excited over BF4 :(
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    Upcoming Games That You're Looking Forward To

    I figured it was a ways out, but still looking forward to it. Being CD Projekt I can believe when it does come out it's going to be mindblowing!
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    Upcoming Games That You're Looking Forward To

    Witcher 3 ARMA 3 Wolfenstein: New Order Thief Cyberpunk 2077, wish more would have been said of this game.
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    Mortal Kombat 2011 up on

    I had read somewhere that MK's release date for steam was 7/3/13.. I don't remember where though :/
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    Mortal Kombat 2011 up on

    I'm looking forward to MK!!! Bout time it comes to the PC. I don't care if "nobody good" plays fighters on the PC. There's not many options so it's something to deal with, but who cares it's MK! Hopefully some future MK games follow this up or some Injustice as well!!
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    Valve 3 ?

    If this is in the magazine he has.. how about posting a picture to prove it? lol. I'd love for Half Life 3 to be worked on and to be released. But as most of us have said or bet, it's probably scribbled on a napkin under a pile of empty dunkin' donuts boxes on Gabe's desk :(
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    System Shock 2 now on Steam

    The screenshots posted with the mods look amazing, they are really sharp looking. I'm impressed! Last time I played through it was with only the rebirth pack. I haven't tried any of the other mods listed. But I'm tempted to hunt them down and give it a go again! SS2 was one of my all time...
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    Shots fired. EA says PC owners don't upgrade enough.

    yeah I'm aware of that, just a little wishful thinking ;) I play ice hockey, but still would enjoy some videogame hockey against my younger brother. It's a shame, but like I said I understand what they're saying. I'm not the least bit upset.
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    Shots fired. EA says PC owners don't upgrade enough.

    I'm with you on that!! I hate to admit that I understand what EA is saying, but still it does seem like a lame excuse. If they were to move on with the newer engine. Who's to say those same people wouldn't be interested in an upgrade to play that game? I know I upgraded a system or two...
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    Do developers deserve a cut of used games sales?

    I'm primarily a PC gamer, but when I had dreamcast and playstation I never really traded games in. I always had kept what I had bought. So I guess I'm really indifferent. Whatever I buy for PC, digital or physical I couldn't trade in anyway, nor would I really.
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    Sports games... where are they?

    The last one I owned was nhl06. lol.
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    Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade (New MMO)

    A Necron army would be epic!! Always was my favorite on the table top and on Dawn of War Dark Crusade!! Necron Lord leading the way with some pariah's, destroyers following behind with the Monolith behind!!!! But honestly.. an MMO? :/ I dunno about this... never been big on the mmo scene
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    Sports games... where are they?

    there's FiFA and Pro Evolution Soccer. but unfortunately no hockey :(
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    SS2 on GOG

    There is a mod called Rebirth that added higher polygon models/textures if I remember correctly. Haven't used it in several years so we'll see if it works with the GOG version :D Can't wait, I lost my ss2 disc years ago :(
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    Can't connect to GFWL

    I had the same problem last night trying to play Fallout 3.. ugh. Eventually it was back to working properly
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    Asus G73jw powersupply/charger dead...

    Been on my laptop checking emails and what not, battery was getting low so hooked up the charger/powersupply.. and NOTHING. the led power indicator on the powersupply wasn't illuminated. unplugged several times and even tried other outlets to no avail. looks like the powersupply is dead. Can...
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    Microsoft Reportedly Working on Four Gaming Franchises

    Didn't microsoft say something a couple years ago that they were working on a cutting edge PC first person shooter. I remember reading an article about it, but cannot seem to find it anywhere on the net these days. I highly doubt anything they are working on is PC oriented though
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    March 2013 = Killin' it.

    Anxious for Metro Last Light!!! Really liked Metro 2033 so I can't wait for the sequel!! Sim City looks interesting to me, I always liked SIm City 2000. But part of me is unsure about the always online DRM
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    Quake 5 - What would YOU want?

    It was a toss up with me, Loved Quake 2. but really enjoyed Quake 4 just as easily. As long as Quake V would stick with the Strogg story line I'd be happy. I never played the multiplayer for either game, I just played the single player. This time around add some co-op play perhaps and that'd be...
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    What is your primary audio configuration for gaming?

    I run the Logitech z906 5.1 set (had to get something new once my z5500's died). have my rig hooked up through toslink and analog. Have an old logitech headset that i used back when I was in a RTCW clan. Keep wanting to get a nice set of cans but since most retail places don't have anything more...
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    "Computer Habits" Of Gamers

    1) Do you leave your computer on when not gaming? Sometimes, if I plan to use it shortly after I got off it I will, but I never let it sit idle for lengthy periods of time, just don't no definite reason I'm sure the electric company would like me to have it run 24/7!! 2) Do...
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    Really, really late to Metro 2033...

    The game had it's flaws but the atmosphere the game has draws me in... Sitting infront of my computer with the lights off it was very hard to not get sucked in. I for one cannot wait for Metro Last Light!!
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    Bungie's 'Next Universe'

    With Bungie's prior history before the MS purchase I could picture them releasing a PC version... maybe even a mac version (since they did do myth on macs). So I wouldn't doubt a PC version just yet.. it's not like they are Rockstar ;) Right around the time Bungie split from MS's hands...
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    What game is immensely popular that you just can't seem to get into?

    Halo Call of Duty Gears of War WoW GTA
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    been like that all day today :( been wanting to finally get in there to do my pledge.
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    Which game to buy

    Borderlands 2 imo, enjoyed the first one alot. Haven't gotten to the sequel yet but hands down that's my choice. havne't played any of the Assasins Creed games and CoD well... lost interest after CoD 2.
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    And the inclusion of an indepth multiplayer world should make SC a spectacle. Chris has ambitious goals and I hope he meets them all. I'm sure even down the road more single player could be added as well, doesn't seem like it'd be improbable. At least with the multiplayer aspect to this game...