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    Ridge Wallet 15% off

    Having a wallet in my back pocket never bothered me. My wallet is not very thick.
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    Ridge Wallet 15% off

    I don't understand the attraction of a ridge wallet. $100 for two pieces of metal and see trap. My wallet holds everything fine including change and not as stupid bulky that it bothers me in my back pocket.
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    DirectStorage Causes 10% Performance Hit On RTX 4090 In Forspoken

    SE has no shame lol. All they care about is the bottom dollar. Remember SE president said in his yearly letter to inverters that people don't play games to have fun.
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    How you know when you're old.....

    It really is ridiculous that they still have data caps on home internet. Verizon been great since I changed from comcrap 5 or so years ago. I pay $70 for a 1 GB connections. It really is unnecessary for me since I live alone but damn can't complain when 50+ GB download are done in a blink.
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    Official PS5 Thread

    The only nice one I seen are the Dbrand one. All the other Chinese made are really cheap plastics. The Dbrand 2.0 are redesigned with better airflow then the stock plates. I don't think they are worth the $50+ tho.
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    Wow. You people still talking about this turd?
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    4TB teamgroup nvme $259

    It was the
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    4TB teamgroup nvme $259

    That drive doesn't have dram on it. I brought the P3 plus thinking it did to use as a system. Drive but it is is horrible. I was getting constant hitches on the desktop and would total freeze my system if I hit it too hard. Replaced it with the SN850x and everything was nice a smooth.
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    Nvidia releases DLSS 2.5.1

    I can't tell the difference on and off when in motion. Standing still? Maybe if I stare at it hard enough 3" from the screen. The FPS increase is always a improvement.
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    As long as they are snappy like the PS5 I am happy. We don't need to start benchmarking .1 of a second.
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    HardForum official app

    I get a pop up on my phone once in awhile to install the app. I never tapped it.
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    Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition $2.99 on Steam

    Why the hell not. In for one. Heard grat things about the campaign.
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    Alphacool releases new reservoir, looks like a winner.

    If you want the distro plate for aesthetics it doesn't matter. Before these you removed the fans and the case. At least with these you get some air going around. Probably would be a good idea to have some past through hole also.
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    Best SSD for Gaming

    Crucial MX500 is hard to beat for $61 tb. $130 for 2tb also on Amazon. You also have the Samsung Evo 870 which is more expensive. There will be no discernment in the performance between the two.
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    Best IOS RPGs

    That is lame. There is Chrono trigger and the dragon quest games on iOS I believe.
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    Best IOS RPGs

    Fantasian suppose to be good. It is from the creator of FF.
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    That seems a little disingenuous. Where are you finding the game for $50? Buying from key resellers doesn't count. The official price is still $70. No doubt this will get a price cut but not for at least a month.
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    Seems typical of SE open world games when it comes to huge empty open worlds.
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    Did I just fry my Corsair AX 850 PSU?

    Can't go wrong with Seasonic, Corsair, super flower or EVGA
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    Did I just fry my Corsair AX 850 PSU?

    Worth contacting Corsair. They might go of date of manufacture if you can't produce a receipt. Nothing to lose.
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    I rather quit gaming period then play either. With the embargo lifting tomorrow and most don't even have review copies yet is a bad sign. Those that actually did get copies will be nothing but shills.
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    No new Switch this year as Nintendo plans to ramp up production post pandemic induced shortage

    Nintendo never officially announced or even hinted at a pro. That was a fan made up name.
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    Microsoft will stop selling Windows 10 licenses in a few days

    No reason to still be in 11 if you have supported hardware. I am perfectly happy with it.
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    No one posted PC specs yet? Pretty beef for how crappy it looks. Storage space is stupid.
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    The Last of Us Part I

    We do have a thread about the show people!
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    Crucial MX500 1TB SSD SATA = $62

    It be living in a drawer forever.
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    Crucial MX500 1TB SSD SATA = $62

    I brought the 2tb version and tossing my last spinning rust drive.
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    Arctic Unveils the MX-6 High Performance Thermal Compound

    I order a tube of mx-6 for the hell of it. Cleaning my system this weekend.
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    Samsung 990 Pro 10% off ($261 for 2TB)

    Idk I used a Crucial P3 plus for a system drive and it cause a lot of hickups in day to day use. I though it had Dram but I was wrong. I replaced it with a SN850x and the hickups stopped.
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    NVME Cooler Install advice

    Yes you do need a heatsink for the faster NVMe drives. They will throttle hard with out one. Even the cheap thin slabs of alum that a lot of mb come with help.
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    What is "Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. - Firmware -" in Windows optional updates?

    I only seen them for pre build laptops and desktops from Dell at work. I just had one on my work laptop this morning.
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    Listening mp3 songs/albums in the car

    Ask for a iptorrent invite.
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    EVGA's Farewell & Repair Facility Behind The Scenes

    Probably not much better on AMD side I would imagine.
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    GPU Warranty Moral Support (Appreciate suggestions / thoughts)

    Then again they can see the customer opened up the card and damaged one cap in the process. Irrelevant that those other caps solder doesn't "look" up to snuff.
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    Iptorrent Invites

    You need at least 100 post before you can PM I believe.
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    GPU Warranty Moral Support (Appreciate suggestions / thoughts)

    They should refund you if it is defective if they don't have the same card in stock at the time. What store btw?
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    GPU Warranty Moral Support (Appreciate suggestions / thoughts)

    Return it to the store so you don't get stuck with a $1600+ paper weight.
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    How you know when you're old.....

    I was happy getting 400mb for the price of 200mb from FiOS internet for $40. I don't why I upgraded to 1gb for $ I remember in the mid 90s when I got Comcast cable for the first time. I was so blown away from the 1mb service.