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    Sapphire Radeon HD 6770 / XFX Radeon HD 6770 135.50 AR
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    Battlefield 3 - Official Thread

    So my last BF was BF2 and BF1942 before that and the first weeks/months were pretty buggy before patches turned them from ugly duckling into gorgeous models whom I spent many a night staring at. Think it'll be like this for BF3? bug-wise? I haven't heard many things about the alpha gameplay...
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    Been out of the Loop... Sonys?

    My bro-in-law is looking at laptops with a strong preference to Vaios. Yes I know you could get more power or cheaper elsewhere but my question is if this Sony is a decent deal (for a Sony)...
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    Halo: Reach CO-OP doesn't work on new 4GB Xbox 360 slim

    And to think I was tempted to get a slim and add a stick lying around. I guess I'll stick to my first gen refurb 360 till it dies out (a time bomb).
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    Samsung Spinpoint F3 or Hitachi H3IK10003272SP?

    Hitachi H3IK10003272SP $50 after 15MIR or Samsung Spinpoint F3 $60 I can't seem to find much about...
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    MSI AMD Motherboard Question

    Not sure, but I was looking at that board. Good luck finding one. Santa Clara MC was sold out and the guy said the last time he had em in stock was early August. I just got an Asus.. not as good of a deal moneywise but it was still $40 off.
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    EFF Slams Apple Patent as Traitorware

    Hmm, looking back, I have misread the article in my foggy Apple-distaste mindset. Ignore above.
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    EFF Slams Apple Patent as Traitorware

    The police could leave some lying on tables in places of business. If someone takes it, the device can be tracked even when "turned off" ala bait cars. It'll save the police $$$ using phones instead of cars. Plus they're apple products, you can't take out a battery!
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    Found 2 chips and a mobo in my room...

    Awesome guys. I'm at and any Socket AM2 fans that you recommend? No overclocking so the cheaper options are preferable.
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    Found 2 chips and a mobo in my room...

    I remember my uncle had them lying around and gave them to me. They collected dust until today when I was cleaning. I would just need to buy a fan that fit the mobo. Chips: AMD Athlon 64 5200+ ADA5200IAA6CS CCBYF 0620MPMW
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    Bought a 9800GT.. unsure if I want to keep it

    Thanks guys. I'll keep it and I guess I'll buy a Corsair psu (or something of the sort) soon. Also, Danny Bui what program did you use to OC your chip? I'm a noob to OC'ing and would like to get some more life out of it once I upgrade the psu.
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    Bought a 9800GT.. unsure if I want to keep it

    I bought a eVGA 9800GT from Fry's today for $80 - $40 MIR + tax = $47. It's sitting in its plastic wrap. Its sole purpose is Starcraft 2 med-high with the system in the sig. I keep seeing deals of better cards for $70-100 but I think the rest of the computer would bottleneck it. And it'd be more...
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    Crayon Physics, pay what you want to pay sale

    Can this be tied to your steam acct?
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    BF2 is kicking my $&%@!!

    Punkbuster A and B are kicking my #$(%*. Either A or B is the problem (forgot) and I've updated punkbuster several times to the current version. Firewall is allowing the program to go through. I gave up.
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    LED Traffic Lights Can’t Melt Snow

    Hey! It can dip all the way down to the 60s by the beach!
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    tf2 update will have crafting. lol

    Not sure what to think of this...
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    Amazon Opening Retail Stores?

    For me, the only appeal of amazon is the no tax on items Buy a $50 item and save over $4 in taxes and it builds up.
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    Comcast Profits Rise, Subscriber Growth Falls

    Sigh, I would switch to DSL but the only available option is the lowest tier service.
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    3G Network Speed Test Show Verizon as Fastest

    Does Sprint still advertise the "fastest 3G network in America" deal? If they saw this they'd probably complain that it wasn't an official sprint test and other factors could have skewed the data =P
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    GPS Shoes Being Developed for Alzheimer’s Wanderers

    Considering all the puddles and impact/wear & tear that shoes go through, I don' think they'd last very long. Then again, the people requiring these shoes probably wouldn't be doing very strenous activity.
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    Xbox 360 has ruined pc gaming forever

    I don't like how influenced L4D pc is by its 360 counterpart. The DLC was delayed so that the 360 version would come out at the same time. Also, the interface is poor... joining a randomly picked server with no server list and no way to filter only low ping servers.
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    mouse: does your palm make contact with your desk?

    I use the "Claw grip" with my wrist resting on a long wrist pad.
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    A Look into the Chinese Cyber-Invasion

    Anyone else think this?
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    The Final Day of The Pirate Bay Trial

    Then the RIAA/MPAA/WTF would be the REAL pirates.
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    Taiwan to Overhaul Memory Chip Industry

    ..but I like it when I can sometimes find 2gb of decent ram for $5 AR...
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    Fox DVD creates Two Classes of Discs

    I can't wait to buy downloadable content (extras) for each one of my dvds!
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    Left 4 Dead - "3000% increase in sales"

    The sale managed to convince my friend to buy it... now I just wait until he plays well enough on expert. Also there should be something against the people who join the game, kill everyone and leave. Like take note of people who kill everyone within first 5 mins of the game in a few seconds.
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    eBay Renames Yellow Star After “Nazi” Complaint

    Lets look at the other options: Red Star communism. Pink, purple, bright colors gay/lesbian. White star white supremists... etc etc. Ebay should really get rid of stars all together.
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    Plantronics .Audio 370 @ $12.99 FS

    Mine should arrive next week. My only concern is comfort for my large ears (current ones are uncomfortable) and I'm not an audiophile. I think I read these were oem on slickdeals and that's why they're in bubble wrap. I don't know for certain.
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    Bill Gates Unleashed a Swarm Of Live Mosquitoes on Crowd

    Bill Gates: Real life troll.
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    Tivo alternative. Non-htpc?

    Her source is cable tv. Sorry I didn't realize this board was so fast. Let me look up used ReplayTVs. === The ones on ebay and amazon seem to be 03 models and i wouldn't be surprised if a hard drive quit. I kind of want to avoid used systems as well, but thanks for the info...
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    Tivo alternative. Non-htpc?

    I figure this is as good a place as any to ask. Is there a simple tivo-like machine that will record and pause tv? This is a gift for my sister so the simpler the better hence non-htpc. I did some searching but could not find anything decent under the $400 mark & no subscription. I'm new...
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    BitTorrent Tracker Admin Jailed for 18 Months

    Question since my googling gives me irrelevant answers: Who pays for home arrest if the guy runs out of money for food, rent/morgage, etc? Tax payers? The guy who pleaded guilty got 5 months H.A. which isn't a long time but what if it were longer..
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    Hummer Drivers Get More Tickets, Survey Finds

    They're amongst the biggest and (usually) shiniest attention grabbing cars on the road. And that's before thinking about fuel economy biases.
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    Breaking Down the Cost to Print and Deliver the NYT

    The only way I see us putting newspapers as the auxiliary source is when we perfect flexible screens and make them cheaply affordable to the masses. And even then businesses and schools will still need to rely on newspaper for paper.
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    Segway Skiing

    Awww, I was like "What? It's only $500?! I'm buying one!" And then I read the 5 grand bit. Got my hopes up.
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    Left 4k Dead

    Gave it a whirl. Not bad for 4k
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    'Sex Chip' Being Developed by Scientists

    I'm assuming this chip is for women only. The chaos there would be with men versions.