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    What was your first true computer -- Give specs!

    The first PC in our house was an IBM 4.7Mhz with a 5MB HDD. I think it had 64k of RAM, but I know it was an 8086 CPU. I remember when we got a 10MB HDD ans was told we would never fill it! HA. Even had a 9600 baud rate modem. Ran on PC-DOS, not MS-DOS. At least until the first upgrade. I added...
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    Got a MK802 Android 4.0 Mini-PC today

    International Definition of Computers (just kidding)
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    Who's still using an SSD from 2009 or 2010?

    My desktop is using a WD 256gb SSD. Its going to be transferred to my laptop. Not sure of age since I got it used. Still works fantastic (at least I assume so. Havent been home in a few months!)
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    Nvidia to demonstrate Kepler at PDXLAN this Friday

    A lot of ifs. More than likely all will come to pass with the time restriction being possible holdout
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    New Noctua Low Profile Cooler

    Looks interesting
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    Lian Li PC- Q7 itx case.

    removal of the HDD bracket is easy. I used a couple of aluminum angle pieces and double sided tape to mount the HDDs on the interior front. I am using 2.5 HDDs, but same technique shgould work for a single 3.5 HDD. I am not sure if yo will have the space to mount the fan between the GPU and the...
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    Lets get real, Giada?

    looking forward to hearing your results. Good luck!
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    Cheap laptop cooling pads

    Best thing is just lifting the rear of the case about an inch. I have a DV2000 that when I installed the long life battery lifted up the rear about an inch and the temps dropped almost 10C. So a small peice of wood would work best for $/perf ratio. You probably have something laying around that...
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    Anybody seen a 7970 for sale in US yet?

    Judging from the way he worded it, playing either over 1080p would max out GTX 580s in SLI
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    The "Sandia Cooler" - fanless spinning heatsink

    I find the idea fascinating. Since I do not know enough about fluid dynamics I will stay away from that discussion. I could ask my engineer brother, but he gets way too technical sometimes. (he was a nuclear technician in the Navy-he would know something about heat transfer) But the idea of a...
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    Lian Li PC- Q08 itx case : Specification & Feature

    going to claim ignorance on this one. No experience with a case that has fans. Might be best in this case to turn the PSU to draw it air from outside and not fight with CPU cooler.
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    fastest PC I can assemble for no more than $400?

    might also be helpful to know what GPU you are using.
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    On board graphics question

    I havent tried HDMI with DVI, so not sure. Since OP asked about VGA and DVI, I know that works. When I first built mine, thats what I used. The drivers installed automatically for the graphics and 1 monitor needed an update driver that installed online. I never had any problem using multi...
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    On board graphics question

    It should default to integrated graphics. Use whichever port you have a monitor for. You can even use both for dual monitors. Basically, just plug the monitor(s) in-no set up instructions required.
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    Amd-A Dual core? Laptops

    acording to the Best Buy site, that is a quad core.
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    Taking a hammer to a laptop.....How to fix it.

    I agree that its probably not the GPU. its a monitor problem. I had to replace the screen on my old HP lappy and the invertor on an old alienware. both were cheap fixes.
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    New Lian Li PC- Q11 itx case : Specification & Feature

    That looks very clean. Nice job
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    VW Enine PC for Make A Wish Foundation

    I will say that its very different
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    Official release date of Bulldozer

    So glad I decided to get SB. I was on the fence thinking about waiting and couldnt do it any longer. Result-PC will have been built and running for almost a year before BD comes out. I wish it luck, but I couldnt keep waiting.
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    New SFX PSUs on the market: FSP 400W & 450W

    Deep breath and step back from the keyboard. :p I saw the "fail" and thought why, but decided it wasnt worth making a comment on. Just means he wont buy it. So what. Lots of stuff I see here on the forum isnt what I would do. Then again, a lot of things I would like to do. Neat thing about...
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    esata cable over 10ft?

    an ethernet patch cable for direct pc to pc connections, or use a router/hub, If both PCs have a gigabit LAN, then you are good. Cat 5 is good to 100m (or ft, I always forget)
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    The Search Function Fails Me, So...

    or you can void your GPU warranty and cut it down in length. Either one is kinda expensive. Cutting the riser would be easier.
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    A Box for Mom

    The Brown Box, Mom's Box (agreeing with above), The Box, and Cardboard Computer (or CiCi for short)
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    gripe: molex connectors

    My current build has no need for molex connectors. Wire cutters saved the day! (that and a lot of hiding the cut wires)
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    Why do people buy a single GTX 580?

    Because it simpler and simpler fails less often
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    Alienware M770I question

    Ok, then how about if this thing is even worth fixing? How can I expect it to perform?
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    Need a gaming laptop, BADLY!!! thx in advance Couple of ideas
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    Alienware M770I question

    I just picked up an Alienware M7700I for the bargain price of free. Now, it is missing the hard drives and the screen is dark. After some quick checking I either have a bad invertor, bad backlight, or the switch is stuck in the closed position. Seeing as I picked it up in Iraq, dust is a big...
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    [faulty?] zotac z68 itx wifi won't boot

    For us non UK people, he means a cigarette, not a gay guy.
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    HP Pavilion dm1z

    Followup. After OCing to 1.8Ghz I ran PCMark07 and compared the results. Total scores 1022@1.8Ghz 1045@1.6Ghz The individual scores were so close as to make no difference. Some a little faster, some a little slower. Probably was hitting some thermal throttling while OC'd. I returned to...
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    HP Pavilion dm1z

    If anyone is interested in over/under clocking or under volting their fusion E350 laptop, try this I got my DM1z to 1.844Ghz! You can under volt by changing the VID or change the clock speed. To...
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    New Lian Li PC- Q11 itx case : Specification & Feature

    I agree with reseating your cooler. I have a Q07 with a 2500K and it stays cool. Another trick is to block the part of the PSU fan right above the CPU. That helped mine be quieter and cooler till I put in a Samuel 17.(assuming your PSU has the fan facing in)
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    Cooking an egg on a laptop

    One option might be in the near future with the next gen of nVidia and AMD mobile GPUs. If they are anything like the desktop versions they are going to use A LOT less power and be faster. Less power draw-cooler laptop.
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    Any E-350 Users

    +1 ( I wonder if its as powerful than the E-350/D525 Ion stuff)
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    Are there any external closure for internal video cards for laptops?

    Depends on if you already have a PSU and graphics card laying around. Also depends if your laptop had and express card or open mini PCIe slot. Somewhere in this forum is a guy that attached an HD 5850 to his laptop for much cheaper than a ViDock
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    Extended warranty for computer parts, worth it?

    +1 Reputable companies will replace at same tier level if product is no longer manufactured and product is under warranty. Considering the abuse I have put my stuff under (heat, dust, sand-Iraq is rough on stuff) I think if parts are gonna fail due to defects, they do it early in life.
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    Very odd problem with 480 losing signal but regaining it.

    I assume you wiped the 280 drivers.
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    Interim video card recommendation?

    Or a GTX 460 (not 768MB or SE)
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    Must Buy New System Within 24 Hours Help Please?

    Any of the packages in your second link would be fine. For simple PC usage I would go with this one Compaq Presario CQ5814 Modern graphics ability, current technology and low cost. Feel free to decide otherwise :)
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    Dumb Question

    Then my suggestion is invalid. :( didnt read your sig