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    Audeze Mobius Gaming Headset Review @ [H]

    I think it was unfortunate that the rep for Audeze responded the way he/she did. I have been an Audeze customer since 2011 and have been very happy with my LCD2, LCD2 fazor, LCD3 and LCD3 fazor headphones; their customer service has generally been good and consistent. Just like any high...
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    OMG....DXR works on DX12 GPU's!!!!

    Don't you love these tech no-news news?
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    Mimicking RTX Global Illumination with Traditional Graphics Techniques

    Looks like this may be the case of “the more GPUs you buy the more you save” assuming this is your livelihood and has positive IRR.
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    Which 2060?

    cpuboss is pretty useless. Based on my understanding, what hurts 4790k is not the actual processing power; rather it’s the lack of memory bandwidth that truly hampers its gaming performance.
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    GTX 1660Ti reviews out

    I think Nvidia is making more profit with 1660 compete to 1070 given the smaller die size.
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    GTX 1660Ti reviews out

    I would think $399 for Vega 56 in the face of 2060 and 1660ti is overpriced.
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    GTX 1660Ti reviews out

    Why are most Vega 56/64 still overpriced at many of the retailers/e-tailers. If I were a regular consumer, I would go with 1660ti or 2060 as you can always find those at or around the MSRP. Vegas are generally much more expensive, except during sale, but those are time/location specific. I would...
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    Which 2060?

    Buy the cheapest. 2060 may be bottlenecked by your 4790k, so makes little sense to go for the "A" version.
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    Ryzen 7 1700 + 1080 ti low GPU utilization in fortnite @ 144hz

    1080ti is completely bottlenecked by 1700. I have the same combo, but I play at 1800p at 60fps and noticed a number of games are CPU bound even at 1800p with everything maxed.
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    The Slowing Growth of vRam in Games

    Not to worry, just download some NexusMods 8K textures and you will max out your vRAM in no time.
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    Inexpensive card to drive a 4k monitor?

    Literally anything that's currently on the market. Even Intel/AMD integrated graphics will work just fine.
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    Difference between 4K resolution and 4K textures

    You will need to sit uncomfortably close to a 4K TV to tell the difference between 1440p and 4k (assuming your TV has decent up scaling). 4K texture is very useful and can make an item look more detailed.
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    Asus P6T deluxe x58: will RTX 2060/2070 card work ?

    Just remember, you will be completely CPU bound at 1080p (even with 2060).
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    Radeon VII having problems?..

    You should try to run Firestrike Ultra stress test (min 20 runs).
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    Nvidia RTX 2060 for $350 or AMD Vega 64 for $370 on a mid-tier gaming machine?

    I can’t run AC Origin and Odyssey at 100% GPU utilization at 1080p using r7 1700x at 4ghz. Something is still not right with the AMD 2019 driver.
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    Nvidia RTX 2060 for $350 or AMD Vega 64 for $370 on a mid-tier gaming machine?

    What is the rationale? Gaming only or mixed use?
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    Nvidia RTX 2060 for $350 or AMD Vega 64 for $370 on a mid-tier gaming machine?

    Was referencing 1080. Vega is undisputed compute champ among the choices, but suffers in some popular titles. I would pick Vega in general. However it does suffer in some games I play compared to Nvidia, AC, Ff Xv etc
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    Nvidia RTX 2060 for $350 or AMD Vega 64 for $370 on a mid-tier gaming machine?

    2060 would have been better buy. Equivalent performance with RTX/DLSS potential and better compute performance.
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    Nvidia RTX 2060 for $350 or AMD Vega 64 for $370 on a mid-tier gaming machine?

    People make arguments to justify their purchase. Since Nvidia sells more cards than AMD generally, you will hear majority making arguments to justify their Nvidia purchase. I am firmly implanted in both camps. I thought 2060 would be a better fit for what OP is playing now.
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    New Zen 2 Leak

    I would pay 500 for 12/24 configuration with 5Ghz single core and 4.6 all core turbo. Realistically, I probably only need 6/12 with high single core turbo. Of the GPUs I had in the last couple of years, 1060, 1070, 1080, 1080ti, Fury, Vega 56 and Vega 64 (now that I typed this out I realized...
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    5nm what can we expect?

    I can't believe we are already at 7nm. I remember the excitement around my then office when the number before "nm" went from 3 digits to 2 digits...
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    Best Logic Boards??

    I assume you mean motherboard, as that's where the logic chip (i.e., CPU) resides. Top of the line means AMD's HEDT platform. What are you planning to do with the computer?
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    1700x vs 2600

    I added a second gaming/media machine using Ryzen 1700x. My main machine still runs a 4790k OC to 4.8Ghz. On single threaded application and in PC Mark 10, 4790k machine is still quite a bit faster than the Ryzen, but for some reason when I tested Lightroom, which I normally run on 4790k, I feel...
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    Terrible gaming experience with Ryzen 1700

    I use 4790k for work and productivity (photo editing) and Ryzen 1700x for gaming. Between the numerous launchers out there (good god there are way too many) and the various "gaming" software for keybaord, mouse and other things, my system tray is filled with icons and CPU cycle eating crap...
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    Such thing as budget 4k 60fps?

    Use 3200 x 1800 and get a 1080ti. You won't be able to tell the difference sittng a couple feet from the TV and you should be able to get 60fps on high detail in almost all games. Don't bother with 8GB VRAM or less (such as 2060) cards as I am seeing >8GB usage in actual gameplay with 1080ti at...
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    Should have bought a 1080 Ti

    8800 GTX was a beast, as is my 1080ti clocked close to 2100 Mhz - it's truly overpowered for 1440p.
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    Will the new Radeons on 7nm compete with Nvidia?

    RT for PC gaming is pretty much DOA without consol support, at which point you might as well buy a PS5/XBOX2. I suspect if RT is supported in the next gen consol, it will likely be implemented using compute as opposed to the Nvidia RT core. In other words, tensor core is a waste of die space and...
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    Apple Allegedly Throttles Older iPhones with Degraded Batteries

    This is what I did just now and my CPU benchmark went up over 50% in Geekbench. I have iPhone 6 and ran the bench at 60% battery before and after the battery replacement.
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    Apple Let Suppliers Reduce Face ID Accuracy to Speed Up Production

    Put the finger ID on the back of the phone like other manufacturers do.
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    Ebay returns

    I have had buyers invoking PayPal's buyer protection under "unauthorized transaction" because they apparently "don't recognize what they bought on eBay". What a bunch of scammers.
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    RX Vega Owners Thread

    duplicative advice as above.
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    Vega and 1080 in the same rig?

    I doubt it. 1080ti is bad value for mining ether. Coins at which 1080i does well typically require good clock.
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    Vega and 1080 in the same rig?

    All 10 GPUs in one machine? You must have 3+ monster PSUs powering that rig and on a 20 amp circuit. Are you basing off nicehash figures?
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    Vega and 1080 in the same rig?

    No driver conflict. Works fine under w10. I have 1080ti, vega 64 and intel graphics all active at the same time. No problem.
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    Vega and 1080 in the same rig?

    Yes. This is possible. You will need to do a bit of per game tweaking so it uses the right graphics card. Might be easier to disconnect gsync monitor when you game on the freesync
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    Schiit Magni 2 Headphone Amplifier Is $59 or $79 at Amazon and Made in the USA

    Just buy a used Asgard for class A goodness.
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    RX Vega Owners Thread

    You are power limited. Either further decrease voltage (including voltage floor), increase power limit or decrease clock.
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    RX Vega Owners Thread

    x.9.2 so far is much more stable than x.9.1, which would BSOD crash from time to time. Been using the card nonstop since x.9.2 came out and so far all stable <knock on wood>
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    RX Vega Owners Thread

    Don't let your HBM overheat then. I keep mine below 85 (as indicated in GPUZ), actually around 81ish in steady state compute work. I think the max temp on HBM2 is 90 something.