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    I use this and it works flawlessly:
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    Could someone with a kill-a-watt meter test the 42C2 turned off but with wifi on? The tools that allow your computer to sleep/wake/turn off the monitor via your PC use wifi to do so, just wondering what the idle power draw is with that feature on versus off when the 42C2 is turned off.
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    X570 Crosshair VIII Dark Hero

    Got a 5950x, still trying to get an order in for one of these. What’s a good 64 GB option? I’d assume 4x16GB kits.
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    MSI X570 Tomahawk review: possibly the best $200 X570

    What are you looking at as a replacement?
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    Worthing going new Ryzen from my 9700K?

    I don't think it's crazy upgrading that regularly if you use the computer for work. Most of the companies I have worked for do 2-3 year life cycles for machines. Software just gets more complex and demanding over time. Not to mention a lot of the tools people are forced to use for work are...
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    Owners of both 38GL950G and 48" CX

    That's me too. I was using a 55" C9 for a while as a daily driver at a comfortable distance for the size and it felt weird. It felt like I wasn't sitting at a computer so I didn't feel as fluidly productive as I would have been with a more "traditional" monitor. You know, we may just be...
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    Zen 3 Launch Availability

    I don't see how any manufacturer of popular electronics could make it this deep into 2020 and not set up some sort of sane pre-order system. Apple doesn't do everything great, but just compare the rollout of their new iPhone to any other popular electronics released this year and it makes Sony...
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    The 32 inch 4k IPS 144hz's...(Update - this party is started) (wait for it...)

    Same here. I've tried a ton of permutations of monitor sizes, tech, arrangements, etc. I think my ideal setup is two 30-something inch, 4k, 144hz monitors with rich features and advanced display technology (OLED, MicroLED, Nano, whatever underlying tech doesn't matter to me if it looks good and...
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    WAPO Free for 6 Months to Prime Members

    Redcaps out in force in the deals forum.
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    [H]OT DEAL: Acer Recertified Monitors Back In Stock (X34 Predator $730, XR341CK $600 and more)

    I received my Predator XB1. BLB seems fine, no dead pixels, I think I got lucky.
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    [H]OT DEAL: Acer Recertified Monitors Back In Stock (X34 Predator $730, XR341CK $600 and more)

    Mine shipped this morning, and I received an email with a tracking number.
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    [H]OT DEAL: Acer Recertified Monitors Back In Stock (X34 Predator $730, XR341CK $600 and more)

    I jumped on the XB1 lottery. We'll see how it goes. Do they provide tracking numbers with orders, or do they just show up when they do?