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    Open letter to Microsoft :D

    Wow, that's actually pretty neat and totally a step in the right direction imo (n.b. I've been an Arch user for almost a decade now). As for MS making money, I'd imagine a lot comes from other endeavours like Azure nowadays, too.
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    Linux as a gaming platform in 2019

    I'm finding many of the Windows games I actually do play (not all) work pretty well with Steam's patched wine on my RX 480, so one can hope.... (but yeah DRM/anticheat seems to be another story) There are a lot of people who run VFIO setups, Linux as base OS and Windows in a VM, passing through...
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    Open letter to Microsoft :D

    Is that like the rolling release model on Linux distributions like Arch/Gentoo, in that you never have to actually "upgrade" to new major releases and just use Windows Update (or whatever) to download software updates/patches regularly?
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    REEVEN OURANOS RC-1401 CPU Air Cooler Review @ [H]

    Weird, I just noticed the same thing as well. They seem to list multiple brand coolers on their website, maybe they're just retail partners or something? (reeven) (jonsbo)...
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    Post your favorite Youtube or Twitch streamer

    Can't say #1 favourite, but definitely a favourite. She's pretty chill.
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    Clean out Firefox

    In dropdowns you can press the Del key in the dropdown to remove specific entries. For passwords → Preferences → Privacy & Security → Saved Logins
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    Slow Internet In America

    It's unfortunate Google cut building out their fiber program. How is there still no residential fiber in much of Silicon Valley?
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    Valve Releases Steam Statistics for 2018

    Yeah, I'm hoping that they'll create all the Vulkan mappings for DX10 (or however it works for DX12, I'm not too familiar but my cursory understanding is that DX11/DX12 APIs are basically translated to Vulkan's API, which makes it usable on Linux) and those games will eventually "just work."...
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    Found my first MP3 player

    That's cute. How different was your taste in music 15 years ago? I don't think I ever could afford an mp3 player before they fell out of fashion...
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    "Server RAM" for Ryzen 2700X?

    Dang schoolslave, any chance I could get in that? I'm getting these sticks too for a workstation build, but the lowest I can find is 175/ea.
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    Who wants fake rams?!?!?!

    Can we get a poll on whether people like RGB or not? Definitely seems like I'm not the only person disgusted by all the RGB hardware on the market.
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    Netflix Raises U.S. Prices

    That seems like a pretty drastic path to take. I didn't know Netflix was hurting for money.
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    Xeon® E-2176G

    It seems unlikely since it's not a consumer oriented processor. You can try buying it through Provantage ( Also, I'm not sure if you've already got the motherboard, but I'm receiving one in a build this week that I won't be using (swapping it with a...
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    I wanna set up my own VPN server. Best way(client & server ideas)??

    I mean... I guess I'll just answer this. Wireguard is pretty easy to learn and setup.
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    God I Hate Cloudflare

    I've found that rolling your own also has a similar issue, though it occurs less commonly (and I can't recall Cloudflare being related whenever it does). It's usually sites that just block entire "cloud" IP ranges.
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    Wifi Card Compatibility

    The card itself will fit and should be usable with your laptop. only lists the card being supported under Windows 10, and I only see driver downloads for Windows 10, so if you're using...
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    Micro-ATX for Virtual Host

    Not sure if you'll find this useful, but the someone is doing an interest check for a group buy of the E300-9D-8CN8TP.
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    I'd love to see more affordable frequency-optimized options for Epyc like the 7371. There still aren't any TR boards with an integrated BMC.
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    Valve Releases Steam Statistics for 2018

    There are a couple of PC ports that have awful keyboard support and really need a controller. I'm surprised at how well it works for Nier:Automata, but there are still a bunch of games in my library that just don't work (I didn't really pry but I think it probably has to do with the games using...
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    Lian Li DK-05 desk...workstation?

    I just ran across this while researching cases on Sunday: Has anyone here actually used one of these? It apparently fits two E-ATX boards.
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    Hosting apache2 server locally

    I'd second goodcooper's suggestion to use Vultr, although the 2.50/mo plan is IPv6 only (the same plan is available with an IPv4 address for an extra dollar). For self-hosting WordPress, take a look at...
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    Looking for a 2.0/2.1 system

    Oh actually, I'm in Chicago. I'm renting this room for real cheap, though, and might not have permission to wall mount anything but I'll check.
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    Looking for a 2.0/2.1 system

    Found a few pictures that better illustrate what my room/desk is like: The desk is about 40"x20". Anyway, it sounds like I'll have to compromise on the front-ported vs rear-ported issue - from reading it seems the...
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    Looking for a 2.0/2.1 system

    I recently built a desktop mainly to appease my needs for gaming (gw2 anyone?), however I haven't yet bought anything for a sound system - I'm literally using a pair of headphones as speakers currently. After having read through several pages of information (this is one of those areas where I...
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    RAID 1 and Z77 onboard RAID/software RAID

    I'm looking to dual boot Windows 7 and Arch Linux on a RAID 1 array and from a precursory glance, I'm finding conflicting information regarding onboard "fakeraid" vs software RAID, although mostly outdated. What are your thoughts on this? The mobo I'm specifically going to be using is an MSI...
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    Asus PA248Q and Dell U2412M

    The PA248Q looks like the 16:10 version of PA238Q - which PRAD reviewed here: Seems like it'll work just fine with gaming. I'm going to bite for the 229USD deal on B&H for it (compared to 340 for the PA248Q :< ), I guess we'll...