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    ASUS is downgrading me to a GTX 780 on a GTX 780Ti RMA

    Seems very strange that the only asus rep to comment on this lengthy thread is you. If they are as great as you think, they wouldn't need you to have their back. Continue the glorious struggle to prove people should be given the runaround at best and out and out trying to straight screw...
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    Human Head Transplant Just 2 Years Away, Surgeon Claims

    Non sentient? So when I lost my dad and his dog grieved itself to death within 5 months it was just some walking turnip faking it? Or perhaps you are referring to the ones paired with our soldiers. Pacific theatre of ops. WW2 The ones who refused to abandon their handlers even in...
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    Facing The Challenge Of Online Harassment

    Coming from a culture where to be male and be called a woman are fighting words to many im afraid that dog doesn't hunt I wonder what term female DI's use in the military to be insulting. Now how about the males. Oh yeah they just call them ladies all the time. When the definition of what...
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    AMD 14.12 Drivers are up.

    holy shit people need to get over themselves take up space yelling about people taking space ive seen obvious trolls here go by without any consequences but a redundant thread is the fucking end of all joy that's just strange and backward and always will be fucking self appointed...
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    Comcast Settles Antitrust Lawsuit For $50 Million

    our job creating heroes at work!
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    Can Virtual Reality Help Treat Pedophiles?

    I believe 100% they cant control themselves. I mean they know they are the lowest form of life even in a prison and can expect a pretty short life span if in genpop. They keep right on committing. One of the few situations in life that makes me side with summary execution. Get em the fuck out...
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    25 Invisible Benefits of Gaming While Male

    just saying means you got nothing that isn't vile and/or stupid if your stance was as solid as you pretend you wouldn't need ridicule and to cherry pick articles or lack thereof no problems like this exist at all cause they failed to take on some specific subject when theres a thousand to...
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    LEPA Lucky Draw

    that psu would be great for my crossfire x4 never tried one of their products, this would be a good recommendation lol
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    Gaming Journalism Is Over

    The worst ever for "buying" reviews So if that's true, then why not one word of condemnation for the males who happily traded away their intergrity for pussy?? That doesn't seem odd at all!!! :rolleyes: Held to a standard, suddenly standard disappears. Excuse in every pocket for "our team"
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    Vizio Recalls 245K HDTVs for Tip Over Safety Concerns

    omg this old saw again, and you have never ever spilled anything ever that is just beyond full of shit boil the flesh off peeps aok, shit ass top heavy design lls something runs into something, and suddenly you don't have an excuse in every pocket anymore so heres mine. we are all a...
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    MSNBC: CoD Just As Reprehensible As Ex-Dictator

    I don't remember her consulting me about carrying around a fork and bucket and whether that's ok or not. Then wants the shit she cant say no to outlawed (just another form of junkie) Therefore she can stfu or go out on a date with her like minded friend Jack. If anyone can find him that is...
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    NSA Recruiting College Students

    I asked if I could send em a resume, but they said not necessary. We already know whats in there. :D
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    Are people who buy AMD cards losing on a smooth gameplay experience?

    In a word, no! Had some probs with skyrim a couple revisions back, occasional water flicker is as bad as it gets now. This subject has always been embellished on. And my favorite all time card is bfg 6800 ultra oc, was a fricken champ. If I had an agp mobo to hook it to, I bet it would...
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    2x 7970+280x

    I run 2 280x's with a 7990 for quad Several weeks in and never once a problem
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    Galaxy Final Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    lmao count me in
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    Question about ps3

    I travel alot for my job, was thinkin about pickin up a ps3 for boring hotel room downtime. My question is Is it durable enough to go through flights, and driving all over hell's half acre?
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    Toshiba To Make Announcement Tomorrow

    You actually have the gall to call someone else a fanboy? That is just epic fail hypocrisy
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    The Duke Nukem Release Date Debacle

    lol, we have a winner, the truth is, the lan was great, but otherwise it was just a shooter whos only claim to fame was some pixel boobs and churlish one liners, funny back in the day when i was teenager, now just tired and played out, which is of course why they can't seem to squeeze a new...
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    SIIA Suing Crooked eBay Sellers

    it should be amended to say, doing little to nothing to help the siia, or anyone else no matter how legitimate their claims
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    Benchmarking the Benchmarks @ [H]

    This confirms what I already believed to be true. At least in my eyes anyway. Still it won't take long for the criers to do what they do best. Operate on the "don't trouble me with the facts" approach. Nevertheless thanks for the article, interesting read and validation of my own long held...
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    count me in
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    Apple Plunges Most in 5 Years

    The subprime lending madness will not just affect the us, many of those "investments" were sold internationally to foreign investors when highly reputable companies like wells fargo and jp morgan backed them and pushed them. There is plenty of blame to go around. Greedy lenders who damn well...
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    Proposed Law Would Tax Video Games

    Omg, omfg. I have to run these fuckin people from my front door on a weekly basis after they ignore the no soliciting religious or otherwise sign on my door. Last time it was guy standing there with a six year old kid saying right in front of him. "We could go out today and get hit and...
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    Privacy Delays Ad Targeting on Phones

    For me its not about the savings or any of that crap. For me it is about not giving any more ground. We already face a ludicrous barrage from these money grubbing freaks. They have tried to insinuate themselves into pretty much everything that we see. Have had to be chased from our...
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    Chuck Norris Sues Over Internet Fact Book

    btw, I dont need the book, I play wow! :D
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    Chuck Norris Sues Over Internet Fact Book

    From what I was reading in other reports of this, the book does more than just rehash some facts, but paints him as a sometimes racist and all around a hole. Dunno, but thats what I am hearing
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    Netflix Stock, Website Both Go Down

    I've had netflix for several months now. On the 3 at once plan, and I dont leave them lying around. Quick turnaround for me watch and send em back. No noticable throttling. Guess i'm just lucky or something. Ill continue to use the service.
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    Poll: Government Should Censor Games

    People flip out and kill their whole families and lay bible's all around them. We sure as hell havent had any studies or surveys into how often the bible makes people kill. I wonder why they never seem to get around to that one? Pull a Benoit and you were "a troubled man, with mental...
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    MTV announces plans to release previous South Park episodes online

    TPB's is an awesome show. This is a good move. Gotta take the boogeyman out of the online thing and show how things really work.
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    Reverend Against Microsoft’s “Homosexual Agenda”

    Bah! I guess the "good" reverend also feels that gays should be segregated from our children and society as well, maybe sent to the back of the bus perhaps? (concentration camp, forced indoctrination center) Not allowed to rub elbows with normal better (whiter) people. I dont believe in...
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    MySpace Still Denies Security Holes

    lol, I love people who have never even used something whining about the whiners that use it :D I recommend cheese with that whine :D Seriously they need to clean up their act with the spammers, thats out of control. Otherwise its a great place for me to keep in touch with people. Ran into...
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    Newegg / [H]ardOCP AMD Athlon X2 5000+ Black Edition Drawing

    1. Finally force me to abandon this ancient 478 and build a new system around it. lol 2. Phenom
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    Confessions Of A GameStop Shift Supervisor

    This was alot of crying imo. They can make all the guides they want, rude uninformed people are that way for a reason. They arent going to read your guide. They dont care, and in all honesty, I cant say I do either. Suck it up, and do your job without whining. Almost all jobs suck, I know mine...
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    Comcast Admits Delaying Some Traffic

    Hmmm..... I must have fallen asleep and missed the part where the 0.5% of their customer base held down the ceo, fingered him in the anus and made him lie (repeatedly, even after they were busted they still lied like a child) about their glorious unlimitedness while they roll in million after...
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    Intel Opening New Chip Plant in Arizona

    My thoughts exactly, hooray intel.
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    California Law Bans Forced Human RFID Tagging

    What in the world kind of job would you need to be "chipped" for? This is just weird. An infrequent occasion where I actually agree with cali law
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    Commodore Rocks...Because I Said So

    I have said it on here before and now find myself saying it again. It is sad, yet somewhat amusing how many people stomp in and trenchantly defend their right to be told pretty much whatever horseshit. The fact that other companies have stretched the truth in the past or present does not...
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    MySpace Worm Uses Fast-Flux to Dodge Detection

    Because myspace enabled me to find some old friends that I had lost contact with and had no way to track down.