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    GPU prices — is the worst behind us ?

    down, up, 404 errors, can't login, reference errors... maybe it's on vacay
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    GPU prices — is the worst behind us ?

    :eek: EVGAs website these last few days....
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    Skull Canyon NUC (2016) w/ M.2 eGPU

    For Comparisons, Skiddy and I ordered the same exact systems, with exception of the size of the Samsung 950's I went the 256GB route. You can see... perhaps i should have listened to him..... :shifty: I did some research afterwards because i thought i had done something wrong and found a few...
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    Google Offer "Refund"?

    i got a $60 refund, except i did actually use the rebates, the company i used them with must have never filled them on their side. Glad they didnt because the products were complete chinese POS.
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    Are OCZ Vertex 4 SSDs still bad?

    my Vertex 4 512 GB just crapped out on me, owned it roughly 1 year... hoping i can get it replaced
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    So.... If i wanted to find a PS4... Where would I go?

    I pack heat <3 Texas solid info Fantastic idea, but concerned about being shot @ K-Mart If you do this, I would like to record for Youtube add revenues
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    So.... If i wanted to find a PS4... Where would I go?

    Seems this snuck on me a bit, life has been a bit chaotic. Where can you find them on the shelves? Walmart?
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    PS3 Black Friday 2012 Bundle Deal

    Bundle for $219 w/ GT 5 XL
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    OCZ 512GB Vertex 4 SSD - $299 + FS

    I would like more information on this if you can please find it again that would be much appreciated.
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    Danger Den going out of business sale 75% off everything

    Big bummer, man those guys have been around for a long time
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    FS: Q9650,*New* i3-530, *New*x3 720

    I hate to say it man, we know you're not getting any weekend bump.. just sayin
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    FS: Q9650,*New* i3-530, *New*x3 720

    Man I wish i had some extra cash laying around good stuff. I've been here longer than you too
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    5850/5870 deals at super biiz

    FYI CA residents a 5850 from newegg will run you $290 after everythings all said and done
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    Pre-order Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 + get $15 Amazon video game credit $59.99

    No Dedicated Servers, No Purchase
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    Hanns-G HG-281DPB $280

    black stand vs silver stand and a few letters
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    *HOT* 9 Hours of Classical Music $5.99! - 100 Greatest Classical Masterpieces Vol. 2

    I'd rather 9 hours of elevator music :0
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    Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 PC: $49.82 with $10 egift card @ Walmart

    No dedicated server support. No business
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    i7-920 $199.99 at Microcenter - In-Store Only

    All the i7's at microcenter are D0's
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    Looks like steam is hiding another deal - 55.8% off All Half-Life

    More like days at a time for me...
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    XFX 5850 In Stock at TigerDirect, $253.73 shipped after CB

    This is a smoking hot deal for Californians... i paid 290 out the door with the egg
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    Intel SSD Shell Shocker 80GB $239 Today Only

    You can pick up the Element S case alone at Micro Center for $99 before rebate and $79 after FYI
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    Toys R Us Buy 2 get 1 Free Week

    Very sweet indeed
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    5850's available anywhere?

    Got my 5850 LOVE IT!!!! Make sure you spend the money to upgrade your PSU otherwise you wont know the full potential of the beast.
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    Warm? 3-Pack ViewSonic VX2433wm 24" 1080p LCD $500

    1080P when will they have a 1200 deal =(
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    [NEWEGG] Western Digital Caviar Green WD15EADS 1.5TB SATA

    That's what you don't get... No more Hot Deals postings. Kyle was probably single handily responsible for a large part of their growth over the last 10 years. It's only right they help support him. But now that their going IPO it seems they are cutting back. They also did not say why they...
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    3870 to 5850. Worthwhile?

    5850 is plenty quiet. I'd say my PSU is the loudest thing in my case... mind you my CPU cooler is a corsair h50 kit (very happy with it)
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    How big of a jump...

    Well.... I went from this AM2 Abit Board 7950GT 4GB Geil Ram DDR2 1066 1 640 Gb WD Blu HD Antec Trio PSU 430w to... Core i7 920 DFI x58 board 6G Crucial Ballistix 1600 DDR3 Radeon 5850 Raid 0 2x 640 GB WD Blu's Corsair 750HX PSU It completely changed the way i played games and moved around...
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    What is nVidia's short term plan?

    It involves Pounding Sand
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    [NEWEGG] Western Digital Caviar Green WD15EADS 1.5TB SATA

    Nice deal on the drive!! But... since Newegg Dropped [H]ardOCP flat last week Im going to try and do the same. My last purchase for $290 was processed at a snails pace and sent via shitty UPS ground which doesn't deliver on Saturdays unless you pay a little extra (which newegg doesn't even give...
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    Gateway Core i7 Refurbished PC $699

    Depends what your doing... a lot of folks still see the e8500 as the best gaming CPU... Personally owning a i7 and taking it to 3.8 ghz in a breeze makes me content.
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    24" lg lcd 1900x1200 recert $169 + sh

    anyone have experience with LG's refurb? I hate California Total Items: 1 Subtotal: $169.00 Shipping & Handling Fee: $21.99 CA State Recycling Fee $16.00 Estimated Sales Tax: $16.48 Grand Total: $223.47
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    Eyefinity - incredible evolution, marred by bezel!

    Zero Bezel LCD's exist they are just wicked expensive
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    BFG - NVIDIA GeForce GTX285 OC 1GB GDDR3 PCI Express Graphics Card - 249.99 BB Outlet

    Im very happy with my 5850.. id wait it out
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    430W will it support the 5850

    it works fine, games look amazing. I reset the CPU to default speeds and im not running any stress tests till i get a new psu
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    430W will it support the 5850

    hrm... Kinda lazy, MNF is on, and I don't want to get up and go buy a new PSU however my 5850 just arrived arrived... The question is Can the 430W PSU support it and my i7 920 rig... Also running Corsair H50 water cooling kit and two 640 GB Blu's. Running an Antec True Power Trio 430w...
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    5870 finally arrived!! Stoked

    Gah i want the blackbird case
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    8800GT upgrade to an HD 4890

    Should be an improvement for sure... Im going from a 7950GT to a 5850... ya i know
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    Triplemon GRiD with 5870 please

    How does Ultima Online look? or Tribes?
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    Single 58xx/six displays??

    That card looks Nasteh
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    to bad ati didnt keep somthn back to b enabled later --> 5870,5850

    I'm actually upset that this card doesn't double as a tap, i mean just think about it a video card that serve you ice cold beer... mmmm