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    Notebook Review and Forums closing 1/31/2022

    Ah crap. That forum was incredibly useful to me when I was in the desktop replacement world. That forum was chock full of useful little tidbits. Here's hoping it gets indexed.
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    BlackBerry not Dead Yet

    I still use the BlackBerry hub on my android devices. Integrates everything I use well. BB10 while critically late to the party was the best mobile OS I've used. It was very fluid and seamless to move around in a day and age where apple was still using a home button. Nowadays you can setup...
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    FBI supposedly finds flaw with Bitcoin wallet encryptions

    Generally when some organisation claims to have defeated key/wallet encryption/generation what they are actually saying is that they found an error in the way private keys were generated and the entropy method that was used. This has happened quite a few times from just my recollection. I...
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    The world’s first 280Hz monitor has been spotted at a retail site in Taiwan

    I wouldn't mind something over 144hz but I'm not sure it will make me any better, it would just be for my own understanding. I'm running one of the early 144hz panels. Definitely noticable between 60hz and 144hz. I have an easier time tracking at 144 but to some extent I find i can "adjust" to a...
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    Intel Core i9-10900: 10C/20T at 5.1GHz coming on 14nm in 2020

    These processors are listed on Intels website as launched. Leak was a while back.
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    Breakthrough Extends the Life of Aluminium-Air Batteries

    We get lots of news but what really improves in batteries is just the chemical makeup. There isn't news to be made in announcing a proprietary formula tweak of .05% however lithium has improved greatly. It's very niche markets where these changes can be first observed. Any high performance...
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    Samsung Unveils the Galaxy Fold to YouTube Influencers

    So instead of making a phat phone with a nice big battery they do a folding phone that isn't built to last... Just give me the same size I have now, with an extra cm thick and 3 days of battery life.
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    9900K Runs HOT!

    The pump should be moving much quicker. Install the h100i software and get it chooching. When the h100i fails you will know. Pump output shaft wears through the bushing and the pump eventually seizes. You get a lot of warning when the pump starts to shine.
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    Now That's a Crypto Crash

    I understand you're negative sentiment. I will validate your one point that askjeeves wasn't the boom from the dotcom bubble however google was. What you are stating is search query's and data indexing "will never work". You're the laughing stock. Also the "great recession" started under Bush...
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    Ripple Surges after Teaming Up with MoneyGram on Cryptocurrency-Enabled Payments

    Ripple, a pre-mined and centrally controlled "cryptocurrency". More or less goes against the whole idea of the BTC whitepaper and in direct conflict with early crypto (pre "I want to get rich and don't care how" shitcoins) mindset. Will it serve a purpose, likely. Is it the purpose that BTC was...
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    Kim Dotcom Announces new Bitcoin Venture for Content Uploaders to Earn Money

    Yeah you have no idea. BTC is available all over via BTC ATM. Some have worse rates than others but this doesn't cost "big money". At this point no one is considering mining just to get bitcoins. You buy BTC and it's only becoming more readily available. Sure you can choose to ignore it but I...
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    Does Anyone Actually Want to Use a Phone as a Desktop?

    If I can take a copy of my desktop (in relatively safety) on my phone and it would auto sync any changes between either environment then I would be interested in the concept for sure.
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    Constellation Tracking Could Be a Long-Term Mistake for Oculus

    Do they use IMU data together with the visual tracking?
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    BlackBerry not Dead Yet

    They've got some life left. They've been moving more to software for a while now. BBM has turned into a pile of advertising garbage but it may do alright in emerging markets along with BB branded phones. Regardless I don't see them going anywhere for another couple years at least.
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    EVE Online Is Now Free To Play

    Interesting. Still can't be interested in going back. Too much of a time sink. Was fun years ago when you didn't have to have capital skills to have fun.
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    [BestBuy@eBay] GTX 1080 FE - $449

    "This item does not ship to Canada" Ugh.
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    Epic Drone Crash of the Day

    This has happened and was filmed by a pilot who was legally operating over the crowd where it happened. The legal pilot caught the whole incident of the Phantom falling out of the sky, hitting a woman on the head and knocking her unconscious. Happened in Quebec earlier this year if I'm not mistaken.
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    Acer's Insane Gaming Laptop Is A Magic Box Of Stupid

    And I thought my W90vp was a monster. Sheesh that this is massive!
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    Judge Dismisses Charges For Man Who Shot Down Drone

    Water wouldn't do it. At least not from a garden hose. If you could get the stream as high as the Drone the other issue would be fighting the propwash which can be substantial on larger rigs. As for foam balls from a paintball gun, the props would chop up something like that with ease. Direct...
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    True Gaming Laptops Are Finally Becoming A Reality

    I just gamed on my Asus last week when I was away from home. Still does the job :rolleyes:
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    Nitro Engine Powered Pencil Sharpener

    Hmm now the question is an old Savage motor or just jump straight to a lipo brushless setup.... Hmmm Cool to see, I cringe for the clutch.
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    Cool Video of the Day

    No. These are smaller sized quadrotors in the 250mm sized class (give or take 100mm). They are designed for speed and racing exclusively. Some will carry an HD recording cam for youtube and whatnot. 250mm is 25cm from motor to motor on an angle. Weights with a battery are around 500g for a...
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    Cool Video of the Day

    They are stupidly loud, suffer from poor battery life and can't take any abuse. They are a blast to fly though and Charpu is a grade A pilot :D
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    Everything Apple Introduced This Year Kinda Sucked

    I wonder where BB would be if they had BB10 out then with that phone instead of the abysmal java based pile of crap it came with. It worked fine on phones with a primarily physical interface but it just dumped itself when they tried to integrate it with touch devices. If they had the foresight...
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    Do People Care About Physical Keyboards On Phones Anymore?

    I have the passport and love it. The wide screen is great for what I do on my phone, lots of forums and reading. The new silver edition is a pretty slick too. Having all those physical shortcuts is a huge time saver as well. People can hard on blackberry all they want, they are still the king of...
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    Do People Care About Physical Keyboards On Phones Anymore?

    Still like my physical. Used plenty of touch keyboards and while I don't have any issue using them I find I like physical more. Loving my passport. The slider is nice to have the choice between android and BB10, I expect I will stick with BB10 as I don't use a phone for apps, I use it to...
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    Eagle 1 - Drone 0

    There is nothing to show this drone pilot is piloting in an unsafe manner. It's likely he had no knowledge of the eagle and possible nest in the area. Wild animals will be wild animals. Are airline pilots stupid for suffering a bird strike? There are lots of unlicensed pilots who do stupid...
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    Eagle 1 - Drone 0

    The bird knocked off the camera that was filming (gopro or mobius most likely). You would have heard the quad attempting to right itself or at least stalled motors when it was on the ground. As for injuring the bird, yes its possible. You don't often see carbon props on smaller gopro sized...
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    Uber Hires New Legal Counsel From Apple

    Woah Woah Woah, details?
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    Apple Watch Costs Under $85 To Make

    I'd be surprised if it added another 20 dollars to the cost. Gold plating isn't as expensive as people think.
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    Want To Find Your Android Phone? Just Google It

    Had this for a few years on my blackberry, even has options to display a message on the lock screen.
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    Jivr, the Chainless e-Bike, Wants to Revolutionize City Cycling

    The price is a tad high but not excessive. The frame really turns me off. The most expensive part of ebikes (home built or turnkey) is generally the batteries and controller/charger. To build one yourself it's going to cost you at least a couple thousand. 1k for the bike (don't cheap out...
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    Apple’s Trick for Using “As Little Gold As Possible” In Its $17k Watch

    Looks like apple is mad blackberry released a limited run gold plated phone.
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    Hyperloop Startup Has a Dream Team and $8.5 Million in Funding

    Nice to see this moving forward. Sure 8.5 million won't get you a hyperloop but I'm sure lots of people said Elons investment into SpaceX was too small to get to orbit. 8.5 gets the ball rolling.
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    Most female children were abandoned as infants. Generally they would die or if they were lucky they would be found and put up for adoption. Families saw them as an expense as opposed to a male who could work and help support the family.
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    I find this quite sad but it also highlights what a one child birth policy will do to a country. Many young men with a huge lack of women. The women around in their demographic generally come from wealthy families who aren't so much interested in the workforce men.
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    UPS with easily repalceable battery

    Thanks for your input. A shame that Belkin isn't made anymore, second hand isn't an option for my uses (or volumes).
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    UPS with easily repalceable battery

    I am looking for a battery backup that has an easily replaceable battery. I'm running small form factor PCs off of the battery backup but I'm finding that after a few years the battery backup dies. My issue is that most aren't an easy swap out. You have to unscrew the housing and connections...
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    Raid with an old SSD?

    Good points, I hadn't though about firmware or chip differences over this length of time. Perhaps I will just keep waiting until the current gen of SSDs gets this cheap.
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    Raid with an old SSD?

    Hey all, I picked up an M500 about a year ago for a new build. Seeing some nice deals on the M500 now I am thinking about going the raid route. Is this a bad idea with a drive that already has some wear and tear on it?