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    I was just robbed minutes ago, is there anything I can do about my phone?

    Google "Ruger LC9" and "concealed carry <my state>". /thread ;)
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    6990 Radeon, 700 Watt PSU Enough?

    A good rule of thumb is to always have 30% "reserve" in your power supply, at least on a high end gaming rig. Here are some reasons: 1) You want it to work on the hottest day of the year, where its output could be a lot less than in ideal conditions. 2) Capacitor aging can decrease the output...
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    Refurbished Kindle Fire is $139 @Amazon

    Can these things do Netflix yet?
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    OCZ Agility 3 60GB SSD $50 AC @ Microcenter (possibly $34 AC/AR)

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    OCZ Vertex 240gb SSD - $199

    Two words: Steam drive.
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    7970 now on sale...

    Ain't it the truth. Too bad I don't have a scout chopper to drive to work with. Hehe
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    7970 now on sale...

    OOS. Looks like my car is getting new sways after all. Lol.
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    Samsung S27A750D 27" 120hz 3D LED Monitor $399.99 shipped!

    I actually like a larger DPI for gaming. Call me crazy.
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    Core 2 Duo - E8400 vs Sandy Bridge for lower resolution gaming?

    ^ I'd take a dual-core i3-2100 over a Q6600 any day.
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    Up to $200 off Sager Game-Laptops with HD-6990M GPUs

    LOLright? :P in grad school I carried a Gateway FX 17" everywhere. Although even really strong people have to watch how much they regularly load their lower backs...
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    Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB Kit $35 at Checkout Free Ship @Newegg

    High profile interferes with a Megahalems on a P8P67 Pro. FYI.
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    Acer 23" 1080p Monitor $75 @ Staples

    Where might one acquire this $25 coupon?
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    Patriot 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 Mem PGV38G1333ELK $9.99 + tax AR at MC in store only

    High profile and 1.65V, dang. I have to skip it but don't want to...
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    32" Westinghouse LED TV $200 Ends Today.

    The 4-year protection plan is only $30. Might be worth it.
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    My thoughts on BF3...

    It should have been called Bad Company 3. 'Nuff said. PS: They made the inventory load-out system needlessly deep. 4 clicks to change my scope? Why?
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    Gap in between my Toxic 6950's?

    They will be fine. The top one will likely be a bit loud if you flip the 6970 switch over, but it won't die or anything.
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    WTB ddr2

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    $10 Burger King gift card for $6.99 shipped!

    Aw man, all the good douchey comments are taken. Seriously, people... Looks like the deal is done.
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    Intel i7-2700k spotted!!

    *bumps multi up 1 on 2600k* "OH LOOK 2700k!!!1" ;)
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    MSI 6850 REFURB $109.99 + 10% OFF

    Yeah, retail box in an envelope.
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    MSI 6850 REFURB $109.99 + 10% OFF packages video cards in envelopes. I'm not kidding. Buyer beware.
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    AMD Responds

    Here's to hoping a magic stepping revision will give them 5ghz+. lol. Thoroughred-B anyone? :P
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    Open Box LCD's @ Newegg { 8^D

    I buy open box all the time, but buying an open box monitor seems unwise. Dead pixel city.
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    Mwave 2x4GB DDR3-1600 $38 FS- No Rebates!

    Have some Avexir 1333 that works great in Intel rigs but spd is not detected on my AMD
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    OCZ vertex plus 120gb (Indilinx) $108 after $20 rebate: scorching hot

    Tough call. I'd tentatively take this, since the space would be very nice.
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    Homefront, $15 at Gamersgate (Activates/Requires Steam)

    The single player is worth it for $15. The multiplayer is terrible.
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    The Totally Awesome Directron Drawing!

    I love AMD because my 300 mhz K6-II+ played Half-Life 1 better than a Pentium II.
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    Cant get crossfire outta my mind...

    If you don't think a dual 6870 setup will outperform a single 6950, you must be smoking crack.
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    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    Now with 2x more choke and loss.
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    Can windows 7 do a quadro and a geforce?

    Short answer: No. You cannot install two different nvidia display drivers at the same time. Long answer: Kinda. There are hacks out there to make the driver think that the Quadro is a Geforce or vice versa, but that kind of makes me nervous given that a workstation usually has to be 110%...
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    HP Touchpad 16GB $99, 32GB $149, Active for .edu

    :confused: I had one that I got for free, found it was useless for what I do, and sold it.
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    HP Touchpad 16GB $99, 32GB $149, Active for .edu

    I wouldn't even take a tablet for free. Hate the things and don't understand the appeal. Still a nice markdown, I suppose.
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    Microcenter - Phenom II X4 840 - $49.99

    Nice price! Too bad you still can't find a combo for less than $100, since the i3 2100 beats this in many tasks while using less power. If you can overclock this a bit and unlock the extra cache, it might be a helluva deal.
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    Steam: Civilization V $17.00

    I miss Civ II. :(
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    Corsair H50 Best Buy $46

    I use 2 screws on either side of the thing. Just make sure you use some "regular" fan screws in the remaining two holes of the fan that is actually connected to the case. It works fine.
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    Lian Li Lancool PC-K58W -- $65 Free Shipping, No MIR

    ....this has a window? ;) I hear you though. I've painted cases before. No home job can stand up to how much I change hardware though.
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    Lian Li Lancool PC-K58W -- $65 Free Shipping, No MIR

    Lack of painted interior is total dealbreaker for me. You could paint it yourself, but unless you can powder coat, it will not be as resilient.
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    Lanboy Air (129.99 ARAC)

    I'd take the gaudiest NZXT case over that thing any day...
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    EA-380D enough power?

    Why do you need an X6 for an HTPC?