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  1. ochadd

    Choosing between several Sub-$50 1TB SSDs as pure game storage

    Sort by price and buy the cheapest thing available. Have good backups :) I wouldn't trust any of them but I still have old SP drives deployed. Same model and same batch of those that failed me. They are chugging along nearly 10 years later but I wouldn't recommend them. They won't all fail.
  2. ochadd

    Choosing between several Sub-$50 1TB SSDs as pure game storage

    I had several old SP SATA drives fail in the 60-120GB range. Bang for your buck I'd go with the Crucial MX500 for $62 all day. I have deployed dozens of these in clients and as small business servers without issue. I can't tell you how many MX100 and M500 newer Crucial drives I've deployed but...
  3. ochadd

    Average read/write speed needed for gaming for the next 5 years

    For gaming I've noticed no difference at all NVME vs SATA. I'd buy a drive from a big name manufacturer that has some dram cache onboard. Something with software that allows for easy firmware updates. If I were [H] and looking for a fast drive I'd wait to see how PCIe 5 drives perform. It would...
  4. ochadd

    EVGA's Farewell & Repair Facility Behind The Scenes

    EVGA treated me ok and I've bought many GPUs and PSUs. Had a couple RMAs that couldn't have been handled any better. Did a step-up that saved me several hundred $. I'm sad to see them stopping GPU sales.
  5. ochadd

    How you know when you're old.....

    I went from 25/5 mbps fixed wireless to 500 mbps fiber ethernet less than a year ago. I can spend an embarrassing amount of time looking at traffic graphs giggling to myself. Regularly get 60 MBps downloads via Steam and Epic. I can buy a game, make breakfast, go play the game. It's super...
  6. ochadd

    Share your pfSense builds

    Dell T20 server, Xeon 1225 v3 cpu, 32 GB Ecc non-registered memory. Running Windows Server 2019 and Hyper-V. Virtualized PFsense with dedicated gigabit NIC for WAN. 2.5 GBps LAN port shared with VMs for file server and NVR/DVR. One server for all my home needs. The important data, virtual...
  7. ochadd

    4TB NVMe Recommendations

    M.2 does allow for a clean build. The problem is the M.2 2280 form factor. When high capacity means they have to put parts between the PCB and the motherboard. It's not hot swap. The little screws are horrible (I've lost two and have a baggy of spares now for that reason). I hate that the...
  8. ochadd

    4TB NVMe Recommendations

    The SN850x, Firecude 530, Kingston Fury Renegade, and Sabrent 4TB Rocket 4 Plus look like options. Last I knew most 4 TB drives had parts on the back side with no airflow. That would concern me on a real fast drive.
  9. ochadd

    4TB NVMe Recommendations

    What are you going to be doing with the drive? High capacity NVME storage I start looking at Ebay enterprise gear. Open box unused U.2 7.68 TB drives were nearly the same price as 4TB M.2. Prices have jumped some since I last looked. I picked up 23 TB of PCIe gen3 for $1,320 + $60 in adapters...
  10. ochadd

    Who else is waiting on Zen 4 x3D before upgrading?

    I'm going to be looking hard at the 7800x3d. The 7900x3d sounds great too. The only thing I do that pushes my PC anymore is gaming. The noise from my cooler to cool this nearly 300 watt 10850 is annoying. Might lose my [H] card but I don't want a 300 watt CPU anymore. I'll set it back to stock...
  11. ochadd

    Who is still using a Sandy Bridge era chip

    8 GB of Ram and an ancient 60 GB SATA SSD running Windows 10. Facebook, bookwork, recipes, and solitaire is their use. She was happy with the monitor.
  12. ochadd

    4070ti 800$ no thanks nvidia! My 3080 is lookin better and better everyday.

    It's all bananas. Bought a 2600k ($330) and 1080 ti ($699). They were respectively the first and only time I bought the top dog CPU and GPU. Before that I was a third tier kind of person. It wasn't that long ago where the top dog parts seemed to deliver a justifiable value to me. If I was...
  13. ochadd

    UPS on generator power

    The double conversion UPS might make sense but the price makes an inverter generator an option. For sure if I need an electrician involved or buy multiple double-conversion units. Not sure what I'm going to do yet. Might just throw caution to the wind and plug equipment into power strips during...
  14. ochadd

    UPS on generator power

    A couple years ago I bought a Westinghouse 9500DF generator as a whole home emergency backup and for portable welding. Works fine other than my battery backups will not charge with the power it provides. Chatted with CyberPower and APC and the recommendation is a double-conversion online UPS...
  15. ochadd

    In your opinion does ultra old hardware have a use?

    The use case for old hardware is slim. I forget this often myself. In my office at home and work are Core 2 Quads, AMD X4, and quad core Nehalem Xeons combos that I thought... "These would be great machines for someone". I never find a use for them. By the time you tell someone they need to buy...
  16. ochadd

    BIOS update from hell

    Been wrenching on computers for nearly 30 years now and I've had exactly 1 BIOS update problem. My current Gigabyte Z490 board. Tried to use the Windows based BIOS update application. No video signal and no signs of life afterwards. They have a deal where you write a BIOS file to a Fat formatted...
  17. ochadd

    Why are the latest DDR5 motherboards so tiny?

    I don't think you are building a gaming focused build. You want a gaming machine and a large amount of slow storage and large amount of PCIe slots. You have servers but don't want to turn them on or utilize them more. M.2 is an interface that can be used for more than just M.2 NVME drives. Such...
  18. ochadd

    Why are the latest DDR5 motherboards so tiny?

    M.2, NVME, is more expensive per gigabyte because it vastly outperforms and/or outlasts those other options. You're not comparing things properly or trying to do something in a less efficient way than available technology can do it. There's a reason only the slowest maintream Intel CPUs support...
  19. ochadd

    Why are the latest DDR5 motherboards so tiny?

    If you don't like M.2 you can use a M.2 to U.2 converter. You can also get M.2 to SATA converters cheap. I read about a 10 gigabit m.2 NIC being made awhile back.
  20. ochadd

    Why are the latest DDR5 motherboards so tiny?

    I know we want the cake and to eat it too but the several M.2 slots on board eat up PCIe too. Something has to give. My guess is the manufacturers are using the lanes but not in the way you'd prefer. I'd eliminate the need for additional SATA by moving the card to a server if possible or looking...
  21. ochadd

    Why are the latest DDR5 motherboards so tiny?

    I think the demand for significant PCIe is handled by the server market. I would guess that most use cases that demand many PCIe devices also need significant core counts and memory bandwidth that the server CPUs cater to. 128 lanes of PCIe 5 and 460 GBps/12 channel memory bandwidth along with...
  22. ochadd

    Who is still using a Sandy Bridge era chip

    i5-2500 in my moms machine. Thought about replacing her computer for xmas this year but says she's happy with it. Getting her a monitor instead and her computer goes on year 11-12 of use? Initially it was a dual core Pentium G540 sandy bridge and upgraded to an Ebay i5 2500.
  23. ochadd

    Do NVMe's SSD's today provide real-world performance advantages over SATA SSD's?

    For business, it's a massive improvement. Example is our ERP system on the order of 2.5 TB SQL database x 3. I used to have to run a physical server for each one, each server with a RAID 10 of SATA or SAS SSDs for each database. Additional RAID sets for the OS, log, temp, page file. Significant...
  24. ochadd

    Dual 4090 -Dual Xeon-1.5TB ram

    Nice setup.
  25. ochadd

    Use Paragon Backup/Recovery to Migrate Data from SSD to SSD??

    EaseUs Partition Master will do it. Not sure if the demo/trial will. You can avoid a seperate software easy enough if you have a USB hard drive large enough to copy the data drive contents off. Then delete the data partition. Expand the OS partition via disk management. Then create the data...
  26. ochadd

    Testing 25 gbps to 100 gbps networks

    Just to post an update. The problem has been through the installer/integrator company, two Dell senior engineers, and now Microsoft and Qlogic/Intel are involved via Dell. No one has been able to correct the issue yet. I don't feel so bad for not figuring it out. Sounds like we're moving towards...
  27. ochadd

    Enterprise SSDs for home use

    The 7.68TB SN200 is rated for 1 DWPD. The 6.4 TB version is rated for 3 DWPD. Original warranty cover that over a 5 year span. That's 14 to 35 petabytes of total writes. At the current rate I'll exhaust the flash in 1000+ years.
  28. ochadd

    Enterprise SSDs for home use

    Went with Western Digital SN200 7.68TB. PCIe 3 x4 and NVME 1.2 spec. $57 per TB. Just crazy cheap compared to new > 4TB NVME SSDs at $150-$190 per TB for TLC. 100% MLC according to the spec sheet. They might have been initially destined for Cisco OEM servers based on the Western Digial...
  29. ochadd

    Enterprise SSDs for home use

    I've been drooling over Ebay 6-8 TB NVME drives lately. Western Digital SN200, SN640, and Intel P4608 for example. Any reason these wouldn't work or be a bad idea with a PCIe to U.2 adapter in a small server? Seeing them for under $500 occasionally. Cheaper than even a RAID set of SATA SSDs...
  30. ochadd

    pcie 5.0 nic card not working in asus x670e-pro

    I'd reach out to Asus support and see what they say. I had trouble with an Asus P8P67 motherboard that ended up in a mass recall. SSD or SSD RAID problems in the Intel chipset, if I remember correctly. These early adopter problems can consume so many hours and it might not be fixable. I'd loop...
  31. ochadd

    EC2 instance

    They must run 24/7. Not reserved or burstable that I'm aware of. Very low IOPS and storage requirements. Don't know what enterprise licensing or reserved instance means.
  32. ochadd

    It's Dead, Jim.......and by Dead I mean Stadia

    I thought they had already shut it down.
  33. ochadd

    Time for a new router?

    It's worth considering separating routing/NAT/VPN from your WIFI. PFsense router and used Aruba IAP access points. I have dozens of Aruba APs deployed in offices and manufacturing facilities with zero fails over the last seven years. One deployment as a single AP centrally located on the bottom...
  34. ochadd

    GTX 2060 super to what ?

    I just picked up a 3080 ti for 1440 gaming a month ago. Upgraded from a 1080 ti which is probably close to your 2060 Super. I have a 27" Gsync monitor. I have some buyers remorse. Frame rates on the games I compared it to are about 80-90% higher. AC Valhalla, AC Odyssey, Spiderman Remastered...
  35. ochadd

    EVGA will no longer do business with NVIDIA

    I just bought an EVGA 3080 ti specifically because I was going to do their step up. Which I had done once before. This really sucks.
  36. ochadd

    EC2 instance

    EC2 is an Amazon flavor of virtualized server. You pay Amazon money and they will create you a virtual server in their datacenter. Can choose how much CPU, memory, and storage you need and then you pay per hour + a certain amount of bandwidth in and out. You can do just about anything you want...
  37. ochadd

    Team Group 2TB SSD $109

    Buy Micron/Crucial, Samsung, Seagate, SK Hynix, Toshiba/Kioxia, or Western Digital/Hitachi. So many good drives to choose from that are made by companies who know what they're doing. Anything else isn't worth the risk.
  38. ochadd

    32 vs 64 GB of memory for gaming

    A week into living with 64 GB and it wasn't the smartest purchase. If there is a difference in system responsiveness I can't tell. In my screenshot below Windows cached 52 GB after I had benchmarked AC Valhalla, Watchdogs Legion, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider earlier that day. Some web browsing...
  39. ochadd

    Your CPU progression

    Pentium Pro Pentium II 233 AMD Thunderbird @ 800mhz AMD Athlon XP 1600 AMD Athlon XP 2000 AMD Athlon XP 2700 AMD Athlon XP 3200 AMD X2 3800+ @ 2.4 ghz Core2 Duo e6750 @ 3.4 ghz Core2 Duo e7400 @ 4.2 ghz Core2 Quad Q9550 @ 3.75 ghz. Intel i7 2600k @ 4.6 ghz Intel i7 7700k @ 5 ghz Intel i9 10850k...
  40. ochadd

    32 vs 64 GB of memory for gaming

    This was a driving factor for me as well. I think Crucial Ballistix is going away and figured I might as well get a matched set. My bet is that many years from now my 10 core 64 GB system is still serving a useful purpose. An old i7 2600k system of mine is still someone's daily driver. I'm...