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    Do YOU have Problems with YOUR RTX card?

    Registered a new account because this is relevant. (Have an old account, but young me was stupid and I can't recover it). Kyle is a cool dood. TL;DR: Purchased two 2080TI FEs. Had to RMA one. Currently using the replacement card by itself and I've experienced one BSOD so far. 0323 serial...
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    upgrade my i7 975 to a 980X?

    For what it's worth, I've been seriously considering selling my 980x lately (among other parts). Ever since I started my career, I don't have the time to deal with this crazy impossible-to-move-anywhere desktop of mine, nor do I do any of the stuff I originally needed it for .. *on a laptop*
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    XFX Radeon HD 6990 Drawing!

    I, like many others, like XFX's warranties. And the 6990 is a beast!
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    i7 2600K Cinebench R11.5 - orly?

    980x at just a hair under 4.2 gets 10.38
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    This much CPU horsepower for a freaking website????

    Yeah, that site is real CPU hog. Usage got up to 12%, and that's on a 980x @ 4.2ghz and the whole 12 logical cores thing. Yeouch. Still, Flash doesn't suck THAT badly. They must be doing something like realtime 3D on those phones instead of a bunch of pre-rendered sprites. Or it's just coded...
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    480 To 580: Who Has Made/Is Making The Move?

    Sticking with my dual 480s. Like a couple others, I already have them water cooled and heavily OC'd. Messing with my water loop would be a huge pain in the ass right now too.
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    Cheap 4GB DDR3 - where to get?

    Hm, that would be a nice deal, but the T&C on the rebate form says "Only one rebate per qualifying purchase and limit one rebate per household.". I won't pretend to be an expert on fine print semantics, but only getting one $40 rebate would put it at the same price as the GSkill
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    Cheap 4GB DDR3 - where to get?

    24GB DDR3 1333 (3 x (2 x 4GB)) for $480 shipped It's what I have and it works great. Been running it slightly overclocked too (Around 1410MHz). Hell it's even $100 less than when I bought it two months ago. I wasn't keeping track or anything, but at some point, high density memory modules...
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    SSD RAID 0, anyone?

    3 x Intel x25-M on an ICH10R. Upgraded from a 640gb WD Caviar Blue and not looking back. Now every time I use a computer that doesn't have an SSD, it's unsavory. Some games hardly benefit from it for some reason, while others will load instantaneously. I do plenty of 3D rendering with...
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    RAM Issues on X58 Boards

    EVGA X58 Tri-SLI, 24GB installed, Usually 16GB detected but sometimes even 8GB or 22.5GB. Some software would say I was only running dual channel. This happened on two different sets of memory (G.Skill and a generic brand. Have two threads here and here detailing the problems). Dicked around...
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    I want the straight story: how hot and loud is SLi GTX 480?

    Loud enough to push me in to water cooling. I could hear them through my Logitech G35s while gaming (The headphones cover your whole ear and do a good job of blocking noise). I took off my headphones in the middle of some gaming and came to the realization that it sounded like a freaking vacuum...
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    Good Card for CS5

    I can vouch for this. After Effects CS5 is 64bit now, so you can really eat up as much memory as you want. It's one big reason why I jumped to 24gb. Spoil yourself with that RAM preview, man ... :p
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    AX1200 just destroyed 3 SSDs, 1 HDD, life?

    Just a quick update. I haven't been able to make time to work with the Corsair reps with my problem and have a couple emails that have been awaiting my response. I'm also yet to make any attempt to recover the data from my HDD (The SSDs are long gone, but might make neat business card holders)...
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    Anyone regretting their 980x purchase?

    Obviously it's going to depend on what you're using it for, but I don't regret it at all! This baby does rendering significantly faster than what I upgraded from (i7 920 @ 3.6ghz) and gives me a huge return on time. I didn't do any comparisons before selling off my 920 but it's easily 50+%...
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    One of the many reasons I love EVGA

    Just got two codes for my two 480s. Thanks again for the heads up! Now: To get enough time to actually play it
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    One of the many reasons I love EVGA

    Nice! Just submitted the request. Hope I'm not too late. Keeping my fingers crossed!
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    24GB, 16GB in post/windows

    Yes. It sucked a whole lot of ass. But 4 or 5 weeks of troubleshooting had nothing on dicking around with my RAM sticks for an hour. :D
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    24GB, 16GB in post/windows

    I sort of had the exact same problem on an EVGA x58 Tri-SLI Had 12GB with an i7 920, decided I needed more, upgraded to 24GB. Worked great. Upgraded to a 980x, only 16GB would show up. Sometimes even 8 or 22.5. Did all the troubleshooting steps you did so many times that I lost count. The bug...
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    AX1200 just destroyed 3 SSDs, 1 HDD, life?

    I haven't had a lot of time to troubleshoot lately, which is why I haven't been following up in this thread yet, but I was able to. I connected the PSU to a couple older computers (Ones that I wouldn't care if they were to explode, they're gathering dust), tried all the connections, and the...
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    Sandy Bridge Performance Preview

    Looks awesome! Although, at the same time, it looks like I might be able to comfortably skip that generation with my 980x. Hopefully, maybe. Probably.
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    6GB Installed (3.99GB usable) (pulling out hair!)

    Very common issue on EVGA x58 boards. You might want to start here if you haven't seen it already. If I remember correctly, many (if not most that I've seen) people have fixed this problem simply by loosening up their heat sink a little. That is -- those who were ABLE to fix the problem.
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    Assassin's Creed II on PC 14.99

    I really want this game, but add me to the crowd that won't buy it because of DRM. The principle of the whole thing is enough without the fact that my wireless acts spotty sometimes. I might cave in eventually, but not for $15, even though I do think that's a good deal.
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    AX1200 just destroyed 3 SSDs, 1 HDD, life?

    You know what? I'm really starting to doubt myself. I was never 100% aware of the problems that could happen from this sort of thing. I always thought that the cables had the same pinout/standards, but you'd want to use the cables that came with the PSU in case there were minor cosmetic/physical...
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    AX1200 just destroyed 3 SSDs, 1 HDD, life?

    I went ahead and e-mailed Intel to see what my prospects of functionality/data recovery are. I'll post any updates I have here. Thanks for looking out for me! I may be interested in purchasing one of your drives. I'll take a look at my HDD's specific specs and may contact you shortly. Thank...
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    AX1200 just destroyed 3 SSDs, 1 HDD, life?

    I used the cables that came with the AX1200. Since the HX1000 was only semi-modular, I had to disconnect most of the cables anyway, so I just did them all. Thanks for offering your support. I'll shoot you an email.
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    AX1200 just destroyed 3 SSDs, 1 HDD, life?

    BIOS doesn't see any drives (The Intel RAID controller and the JMicron controller that the HDD was connected to don't see anything), so of course I can't boot in to Windows. Guess I'll have to start looking for another WD Caviar Blue. Maybe I can gut one of the X25-Ms ... maybe it can at...
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    AX1200 just destroyed 3 SSDs, 1 HDD, life?

    Maybe this should go in data storage. I don't know. I can't see straight right now. I was swapping out my HX1000 for an AX1200. I connected the basic essentials (mobo, cpu, gpu) to make sure everything was good so far. Check. I then hook up everything else, flip the switch, and turn the...
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    i7 990X build , sli 480 gtx or??

    +1 for the 930, I wouldn't bother with the 980/990x for pure gaming. You'd see no difference.
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    990X coming out

    Pretty much this. To answer OP's question, I'm definitely not going upgrading from a 980x. If I didn't have either and had to choose between the two, the 980x would make more sense to buy if it was meaningfully cheaper anyway.
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    First time EVGA RMA really going downhill. What's going on?

    Just thought I'd post a follow-up to say that this saga is over. I received my replacement GTX 480 yesterday and am running SLI once again. I'm actually quite pleased with the replacement, as it runs a stupid 30c cooler than my previous card was. Looking back, something was definitely wrong...
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    Video Card thats awesome

    Everyone is on a budget :p What's yours?
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    New 980x doesn't want to work with 24gb RAM?

    Sorry for the late response. It's been holding up great! :D Been running all 24gb with my 980x @ 4.23GHz and memory overclocked slightly @ 1410MHz, 9-9-9-24. I tested the crap out of this and it's very solid. I labeled which slot each stick is going in to, just in case...
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    First time EVGA RMA really going downhill. What's going on?

    An EVGA rep said they don't have any record of refusing the package or otherwise receiving it until today. Given the messed-up nature of my package tracking, I guess I'll have to side with them. I only chose to ship USPS because they're the closest to me. I guess I'll be going slightly out of...
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    First time EVGA RMA really going downhill. What's going on?

    This just took a turn for the stupid. Now, all of a sudden, it seems that they have accepted it after refusing it twice. What a waste of priority mail, and of my time ... So three questions are coming to mind 1) Why were they refusing it 2) Why was the USPS attempting to redeliver it...
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    First time EVGA RMA really going downhill. What's going on?

    Update: It appears that the USPS is to blame here, details below Just over a couple weeks ago on the 15th, one of my GTX 480s inexplicably died. I submitted a support ticket, explained all the troubleshooting that I've done to come to that conclusion, and was given an RMA number which was...
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    New 980x doesn't want to work with 24gb RAM?

    I have all 24gb working at the moment. All I did was mix and match the RAM sticks and re-seat them, and re-seat the CPU. I've rebooted five times and it's gone in to 24gb each time. I've probably done this about fourty times during the course of my troubleshooting with multiple sets of RAM. I...
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    New 980x doesn't want to work with 24gb RAM?

    Agh! I woke up like five minutes ago. Don't blame me :D Physical Memory Range: 0000000000001000 to 0000000000096000 (149 pages, 596 KB) Physical Memory Range: 0000000000100000 to 000000009F790000 (652944 pages, 26117 76 KB) Physical Memory Range: 0000000100000000 to 0000000460000000...
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    New 980x doesn't want to work with 24gb RAM?

    16gb. The Win7 resource monitor categorizes the remaining 8gb as hardware reserved.
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    New 980x doesn't want to work with 24gb RAM?

    I think this is what you wanted to see. Let me know if it's not.