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    FS: Local (Raleigh, NC) Items

    PMs replied Bump
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    FS: Local (Raleigh, NC) Items

    bump price drop
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    FS: Local (Raleigh, NC) Items

    $499.99+tax = $535 bump
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    FS: Local (Raleigh, NC) Items

    bump, items updated
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    FS: Local (Raleigh, NC) Items

    Youre right, half assed the post on my phone, will correct. Raleigh/durham/cary of NC. Will fix post.
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    FS: Local (Raleigh, NC) Items

    $Sold - NIB ZOTAC 2070 Super Mini. ( Raleigh/Durham/Cary, NC pickup. $40 - S340 Elite - Black. No fans but I think I may have them in a box somewhere $55 - h200i - White. $50 - Samsung 4k uhd player. Used...
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    WTB b450i mobo w/ Ryzen 3 support

    Getting a r5 3600 soon and don't feel like dropping $200+ on x570i mobo. Also don't feel like breaking down another computer to update the BIOS if I get unlucky with the BIOS revision on a b450i board. Looking for a b450i with a BIOS updated to support Ryzen 3000 series. I would entertain...
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    WTB: Power Supply

    I have a new EVGA 1200 plat thats sat on the shelf since i got it. I opened the box to inspect parts and used the power cable for testing but never touched the actual psu.
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    2070 Super Zotac Mini $439.50 -expires 11/30 2:59 AM ET

    $439.50 completed. Was looking at 5700 xt stuff but for $40 more i'll take a bargain bin 2070 super especially with it going in a SFF case. Link: Gaming GeForce RTX 2070 Super Mini 8GB GDDR6 256-Bit 14Gbps Gaming...
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    Windows 10 / Atmos Problem / 4k HDR Output

    4:2:2 would give me intermittent picture 4:2:0 would work ok but audio issue still existed Ive changed my tv setting so many times i cant remember anymore. I did end up moving the shield upstairs. The wife having to use the Roku should help justify me buying one of the new Shields lol. But I...
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    WTB: a few minutes of an AMD user's time! :)

    Ive got a 2700x. PM what i need to do and will try to take a look tonight.
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    CPU Choice for HTPC/Plex Server

    "I personally would just create a 4k movies library and a regular library and just have a version of each, so the user could play what works." This is what I do as well. Ill reencode the 1080p version to h265 to get the file size down and keep the 4k version as is.
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    Outdoor projector?

    I have a PowerLite Home Cinema 2030 (2000 lumens). I've painted a screen on a garage wall and will bring out the projector for football games every now and then. For 1pm games its not the greatest. I have the wall painted furthest from the garage door. With the garage door open all the way and...
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    CPU Choice for HTPC/Plex Server

    4k transcoding is brutal. If your clients can Direct Play the 3570 is fine. I would expect all the devices except the TV can direct play your content. The xboxs will transcode the audio to a new container i believe but that isnt cpu intensive. I use something called Tautulli to monitor my...
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    Windows 10 / Atmos Problem / 4k HDR Output

    I'm hoping one of you that is smarter than me can help me out with this issue because this is frustrating the shit out of me. I recent bought a Nakamichi Shockwafe 7.2. I have it hooked up to one of my PCs via my 2080. TV is a Samsung KS8000. Here are my main issues... - I can't set 10b...
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    WTB: HDhomerun Prime

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    FS: EVGA 1660ti black

    Was the seller. Has lots of warranty left!
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    Those with Fiber what is your speed tier and what is the fastest you downloaded from steam?

    1gbps att fiber 8700k system usually gets 95-100 MBPS 2700x system has seen 116MBPS
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    WTB Control Code $20 - FOUND

    Looking for a Control code. I have a rtx 2080 so i believe i should be good to activate. I dont know the mechanics of activating so please be familiar with how to activate. Have paypal f&f. Heat - schlitzbull
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    This mod ports Duke Nukem 3D into the Serious Sam 3 engine

    Dumb luck? I didnt have any issues enabling it.
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    This mod ports Duke Nukem 3D into the Serious Sam 3 engine

    Played through it, a lot of fun. I was able to get Vulkan working but it performed worse than DX11. Definitely worth the download.
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    FS: Raspberry Pi Freebies

    2nd in line hopefully
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    ISP or the Modem Failing?

    I may have a spare Spectrum combo box. They shipped it to my father in law in error and he gave it to me for some reason. Wife is sleeping so I can't check now. If I don't respond over the weekend just shoot me a PM to help remind me. Edit: Is there a log in the router you can check?
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    Win 10 Packet Loss Over WIFI - fixed

    I'll be opening a ticket with TT. Im sure i'll get "have you checked with your ISP?". Beautiful fans, as far as I can tell solid performance, but kills your wifi. *golf clap*. Edit: Bought the ThermalTake Trio 3 pk with hub.
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    Win 10 Packet Loss Over WIFI - fixed

    It was ThermalTakes software. ===== POST THERMAL TAKE UNINSTALL C:\Users\hltca>ping -t -l size 1400 Bad parameter 1400. C:\Users\hltca>ping -t -l 1400 Pinging [] with 1400 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=68 (sent 1400)...
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    Win 10 Packet Loss Over WIFI - fixed

    I ran this within the first 30 seconds of Windows first boot... C:\Users\hltca>ping -t -l 1400 Pinging [] with 1400 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=68 (sent 1400) time=21ms TTL=53 Reply from bytes=68 (sent 1400)...
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    Win 10 Packet Loss Over WIFI - fixed

    I disabled the searching for networks, disabled signal updating, disabled IPv6. I seemed to get in more good pings before the spikes. Spikes still sitting 30-50ms. I'm going to go ahead with the reformat vs recovery and see if its any better. I will be more systematic about my testing after the...
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    Win 10 Packet Loss Over WIFI - fixed

    Ive checked the channel and only one other device is using it. I did try two other channels for fun last night, no change. I forgot to put in my OP i disabled the windows update from other PC option because i do that on every install. The latter part of that link ive done which was what i meant...
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    Win 10 Packet Loss Over WIFI - fixed

    Having some packet loss on my wifes office PC. Its a week old Win 10 installation with a r5 2600 (specs in sig). I'm using the ASUS Wifi antenna that came with the mobo. I'm using a ASUS RT-AC88U. The router is located in the room above my wife's office. Her previous machine had no issues over...